Eco Carpet Majesty It is a special series produced with wool, viscose and tensel. In addition to different size alternatives, it reflects the calmness brought by plain patterns to your living spaces with its soft texture and elegant appearance. With the Majesty series, you can experience the fascinating magnificence of simplicity by adding a touch of luxury to your living spaces. With these carpet models that help you reflect your aesthetic taste, you can turn your home from being a living space into a work of art that tells your story. Majesty series and different Eco Carpet Get your products now with Halıcızade! 

The Glory of Simplicity: Eco Carpet Majesty Series 

Allowing you to catch the magnificence of simplicity Eco Carpet Majesty products are suitable for use at any point of your living spaces with their color alternatives. Eco Carpet models You can feel completely free at the point of size with this series, which has the feature of rolled carpet between the two. Thus, you can create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or study.

Because it is woven on old-fashioned machine looms with quality materials machine carpet Although it is not hand-woven, this series carries the traces of handicraft. Being easily compatible with many decoration types makes Majesty products a candidate to be indispensable. You can create a perfect meeting point for your loved ones with these products that transform your home into a warm and inviting living space.

What are Eco Carpet Majesty Features?

Custom bench carpet that comes to mind Eco Carpet Majesty series It meets the user with different measurement possibilities. The general features of the Eko Carpet Majesty series can be listed as follows:

  • It is produced with wool, viscose and tencel.
  • Professional washing is required.
  • It is woven on old-fashioned machine looms.
  • It has the possibility of special size.

How Much Are Eco Carpet Majesty Prices?

Additional Carpet Majesty price from the point of view custom bench rugs It is expensive compared to normal machine carpets because it is considered as In addition, yarns such as wool and viscose used in production are less accessible than synthetic yarns. In this case, it causes an increase in price. Another factor that affects the price is the size of the carpet you will buy. As the sizes of the carpets increase, their prices increase at the right rate. You can easily make a difference in your home with the plain patterns of Eko Carpet Majesty series. It is now very easy to achieve the decoration you dream of with Halıcızade!