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Designed for those who favor simplicity in their living spaces Eco Carpet Noa series allows you to keep up with the times by adding an aesthetic touch to your decoration. These carpets, which host today's designs, are appreciated by different tastes. You can easily find the color and model you want in these carpets, where you can find the most beautiful form of geometric patterns. It attracts the attention of users with its unique patterns and colors. To the Eco Carpet Noa series You can have the carpet of your dreams by contacting Halıcızade immediately.

Modern Design Eco Carpet Noa Series

It can easily adapt to home and office decoration. Eco Carpet Noa The series appeals to different styles. Designed to keep you up to date with changing trends Eco Carpet Noa rug models, It helps you to always be one step ahead with updated designs.

Noa Rug one of the most striking pieces in its category. frame patterned machine woven rugprovides long-term elegance in your decoration with its design lines. And also geometric patterned machine woven rug models are also very useful in terms of adding mobility to simple decorations and feeling modernity. 

What are the Features of Eco Carpet Noa? 

machine carpet These carpets are made of cotton and synthetic yarns and are soft-structured pieces. The general features of the carpets in the Eko Halı Noa series can be listed as follows: 

  • It can be washed in the washing machine.
  • It is produced with cotton and synthetic yarn types.
  • The place of production is Turkey.
  • Weaving type is machine.
  • It is produced in different sizes.

How Much Are Eco Carpet Noa Prices?

Eco Carpet Noa price range varies primarily according to the dimensions in which the carpet model is produced. Larger models are more expensive than smaller ones. In addition, the type of yarn is one of the most important factors affecting the price. Carpets using synthetic and cotton yarns, which are easy in terms of accessibility, are more affordable than silk and wool carpet models. One of the remarkable representatives of modern designs Eco Carpet Noa You can examine the carpets in the series through Halıcızade and buy the carpet suitable for your decoration whenever you want.