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It takes its elegance from its delicacy, its diversity from its patterns and colors. Eco Carpet Smart Series, It is a model used in the most enjoyable points of living spaces. smart as his name Eco Carpet Smart models are the wild elements of the houses with their harmonious structure. Products that keep up with every environment are often preferred due to their budget-friendly feature.

Savior of Homes Eco Carpet Smart Series

With its useful structure and various models Eco Carpet Smart It is a series that adapts to any environment. Smart models, which are a balanced combination of colors, are produced on machines with acrylic chenille, polyester and cotton threads. The machine-woven smart carpet is as light as it is thin, so it can be easily moved in living spaces.

Patterns that look like they came from an artist can turn your home into an art gallery. Thanks to the variety of patterns, it is possible to capture a classic line, a timeless vintage design or an ethnic touch. You can also bring home decoration to the fore in a modern way with geometric patterns.

What are the Eco Carpet Smart Features?

The combination of the yarns used and the matching colors is what makes the smart series special. In addition to its artistic appearance, it has many extra features. Eco Carpet Smart designs are highly functional. There are some features that make it functional and these features can be listed as follows;

  • Acrylic chenille is woven by machines with polyester and cotton threads.
  • It is thin and light. Therefore, it can be easily moved or repositioned.
  • It can be used comfortably in all living spaces with its various colors, patterns and sizes.
  • Thanks to the properties of the yarns used, it has dust and pile-free properties.
  • It can be preferred in all areas, especially in winter gardens, kitchens, youth rooms, corridors and entrances.
  • It is a series suitable for every budget.

How Much Are Eco Carpet Smart Prices?

Attracting attention with its appearance eco carpet smart series It is an indispensable part of home decoration. eco carpet smart price levels may differ according to the quality and dimensions of the yarn used in production.

A combination of functional and artistic Eco Carpet If you want to have one of our products, you can add the product you like to your basket and complete your order and enjoy safe shopping with the privilege of Halıcızade.