What Are These Very Cheap Carpets?

Is there a carpet for the price of 5 liters of olive oil? Carpet for the price of a dinner with 4 people eating hamburgers? Well, the carpets were expensive, is there such a cheap carpet? Carpet under 250 TL? The answer to all of these questions is yes. We have prepared this pile of the most affordable carpets in the Halıcızade collection for those who want to shop without tiring their budget. We are waiting for those who want to buy affordable carpets and rugs under 1000 TL in 2022. Check out the affordable carpet models and make a touch to your home without tiring your pocket. Moreover, if you don't like it, your return shipping is free, so it's free to try :)


What Models and Types Are Available in Very Cheap Carpets?

There is a modern, light, thin and easy-to-clean Border series produced specifically for Halıcızade. There are colorful carpets especially for young people, easy-to-clean thin machine carpets and some shaggy carpets for kitchens that you won't be upset about when you get a new stain. There are modern patterns as well as classical motifs. There are synthetic threads as well as natural materials, in short, there are many types. If you are quick, you can have carpets or rugs at advantageous prices :)