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Pure Silk Hand Woven Classical Azerbaijan Carpet

In different corners of your home, in your living room or in your study, step into a remarkable work of art where countless knots are skillfully put together. Pure Silk Hand-Woven Classical Azerbaijani Carpet is not just a simple decoration, it is an expression of a unique way of life. With its distinctive aesthetics, high level of craftsmanship and striking colours, it will impress every visitor to your home. Whether you highlight a modern space or place it in a classical environment with Pure Silk Hand Knitted Classical Azerbaijan Carpet, it will radiate a distinctive atmosphere in any environment.

Decoration Ideas

  • It plays the leading role in the halls with its width and splendor.

  • It also exhibits a unique atmosphere in areas such as office or study room.

  • It provides a high level of harmony with modern armchairs or spaces, in terms of color and pattern. 

  • It creates a very harmonious image with white leather or light-colored fabrics and patina, worn avant-garde furniture.

  • It is especially suitable for brass, iron parts and gold, copper and silver colors. Marginal colors support black phosphorus fabric tones and colors.

  • When the colors inside are supported with curtain background, throw pillows, shawls on the sofa, trinkets and accessories, color hardness is not collected in a single region, but becomes more evident by spreading over the whole.

  • Foggy glass chandeliers create a harmonious look with stone detailed pendant type chandeliers.

  • It has a style that combines different styles by combining with classical, modern or avant-garde furniture, so it can adapt to any design style.

  • The colors it is compatible with in home decoration are mostly matte and pastel tones. 

  • Combining bright tones with balancing tones such as white and cream creates a visually pleasing balance.

Pattern/Design: Iran Heriz - Classic

  • The Iranian Heriz patterned silk carpet brings the classic lines that have been filtered for centuries to your home. 

  • The size and splendor of the patterns make themselves felt in every part of the carpet.

  • It brings the rich and glamorous magnificence of the Middle East to your living spaces as it contains the power and nobility of Heriz patterns.

  • The inspirations of the Uşak patterns on the carpet find a unique place in the general arrangement of the motifs and add richness to the design.

  • The perfect harmony of Heriz and Uşak patterns brings a classic touch to your living spaces beyond being just a carpet.

Color: Vivid and Bright Red

  • The color palette is highlighted by the vibrancy of the bright cream in the center and the radiance of the energetic red that adorns the edges.

  • For those who want to add a natural vitality to the environment, it adds visuality to your living space with the high energy given by its colors.

  • The cream color on the floor of the carpet is the symbol of purity and simplicity. 

  • While the yellow color in it adds warmth and energy to the environment, the green color represents naturalness and health.

  • The color scale, which is enriched with green and gray tones on the edges, is completed with the perfect harmony of golden yellow, burgundy and cream. The combination of these colors offers both vitality and nobility together.

Thread Type: Pure Silk

  • It is produced using 100% pure silk as the yarn type. 

  • With this feature, it has a fine and shiny texture.

  • It is woven with rare Azeri silk. Therefore, it has an unusual quality. 

  • There is a special phrase on the underside of the carpet stating that it is woven with Azeri silk.

  • Silk quality is similar to Iranian sand silk, due to its proximity to Iran and its commercial ties, as well as its Azeri origin.

Weaving Technique: Hand Woven

  • It is produced entirely by hand weaving technique.

  • The weaving structure is created using silk wefts over silk warps. It has an excellent workmanship with the single knot technique.

  • Thanks to delicate silk threads and skillfully tied knots, these intricate and detailed patterns stand out like a work of art.

  • It has a sparse weave structure compared to most of the silk carpets. 

  • Since it is sparsely woven, it has a softer and more comfortable texture.

  • The weaving frequency is 6x6. 

  • There are 36 loops in each square centimeter.

  • The manufacturing process takes between 8 and 14 months. During this time, each knot is carefully tied by skillful hands.

  • It is a rare and valuable piece because it is woven using Azerbaijani silk. It is a unique and valuable option when it is difficult to find hand-woven carpets made of pure silk in Turkey and around the world.

Production Place: Made in Azerbaijan

You are examining a carpet woven in Sheki, in the north of Azerbaijan. Sheki has been known for centuries as the center of silk production, as the core of this city is devoted to traditional carpet weaving. A journey that started with the local cultivation of silkworms made Sheki the most important silk production center of the entire Caucasus, starting from the 16th century. In 1829, the first silk factory was built here, and since then silk carpets, shawls and scarves have been produced using natural dyes.

Cleaning and Maintenance Information

  • A damp cloth can be used for surface cleaning. 

  • Products made with high quality silk require a delicate care process.

  • It is recommended to get a professional carpet cleaning service for general and detailed cleaning. This preserves its value by extending the life of the carpet.

  • It is important that you leave this type of valuable carpet to the professionals, rather than attempting a wash at home on your own.

  • Personal washing attempts can cause damage to the carpet.

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