Vintage Design Machine Woven Carpet

9.530 TL
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SKU: YUNMAN000001.01

1-Let us introduce you to a beauty that is rooted and new, vintage and modern, that blows its character into the spaces where it is laid.

2-You can enjoy the warmth of all natural wool and the feeling of nature wherever you touch.

3-It's like hand-woven, but not all of its operations are done by hand, except for the knots, because it is woven on old-fashioned machine looms, and the fringes are knitted one by one by skillful hands.

4-You can choose this piece with characters, which is compatible with both old, modern and classical decoration pieces in the living room and living area.

5-It is perfect for revealing the space by creating a focal point in light-colored furniture and completing the harmony in dark decorations.

Desen: Vintage

Design : Classic

Cleaning : Professional Washing Required

Yarn Types: Cotton, Bamboo, Wool

Weaving : Machine Woven Carpet

Production Place : Türkiye