Caché Istanbul Haircut Rug Bag Red Rug Bag

1.620 TL


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Hidden Istanbul carefully produced by Cache Istanbul Fringe Rug Bag Red Rug Bagis the companion of your special moments with its bright and eye-catching colors. In addition to easily adapting to almost any combination, it is also very advantageous with its wide structure and easy portability. This stylish bag model, which comes out with the combination of red and blue, brings you to the fore in every field. 

Fringe Rug Bag Red Rug Bag Features

  • It is 25x25 cm in size. 
  • hand woven rug bag In its production, a completely natural Vegetable Dyed technique is used. 
  • This rug bagIt is produced from Anatolian wool.
  • These hand-woven products are woven in Osmaniye. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • hand woven rug bag As with almost all models Cache Istanbul Fringe Rug Bag Red Rug Bag In the model, cleaning materials containing bleach should not be used during the cleaning phase.
  • Cold water should be used during washing. At the same time, cleaning materials such as bleach or fabric softener are not recommended as they damage the structure of the bag. 
  • Cache Istanbul Fringe Rug Bag Red Rug Bag, It should not be exposed to direct sunlight during the drying stage after washing. This is a very important point so that the colors do not lose their vibrancy. 
  • For detailed care, help can be obtained from expert carpet cleaning companies/companies. 

You can reach with a click through Halicizade. Cache Istanbul Fringe Rug Bag Red Rug Bag model, you can easily turn all eyes on you in the environments you enter.

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