What is Afghan Carpet, What are Afghan Carpet Models?

Afghan carpet, which stands at one of the most important intersections of Turkmen and Persian cultures, is one of the most authentic examples of not only the art of knitting but also the art of design in general terms. Afghan carpets are known for their elongated, stretched human and animal figures in a unique style. Among these patterns, which are a design signature, the most well-known all over the world is the elephant foot, also known as the Bukhara pattern, woven into large octagons. The answer to the question of how to understand the Afghan carpet is in this pattern, the yarns and dyes used.


What are the Afghan Carpet Features?

Although traditionally woven in a rich color scale with dyes obtained from plants and some natural minerals, red and burgundy are the colors with the most international recognition among Afghan carpet models. Since it emerged in a geography that is culturally and naturally rich in one aspect and quite challenging in the other, the Afghan carpet carries a design expression of the natural, spiritual and vital conditions that created it. If you like to live with objects of cultural and historical value in your home, you can choose Afghan carpet models. Considering the richness of patterns and patterns, it will fit well with monochromatic (one color and tones around) furnished spaces.


In which places is the Afghan carpet laid?

As you can choose with classical wooden furniture, matching the colors in Afghan carpet models with your furniture will strengthen the harmony. In large spaces where more than one carpet is used, you can use several Afghan carpets together, or you can create an unusual and dynamic space with authentic models and patterns.


How Afghan Carpet Prices?

Afghan carpet prices vary according to the weaving technique and the size of the carpet. Since carpets with hand-woven Afghan motifs are produced as a result of months of labor, square meter prices vary between 1500 TL - 8000 TL. Afghan Carpets with different characteristics are produced as a result of the change in knot density, material and paint quality. Halmuhammedi, Kunduz, Belcik (Bilicik), Hoca Roshnai are among the most well-known Afghan carpet qualities. If you are interested in Afghan carpet models but exceed your budget, you can turn to machine-made carpets woven with Afghan patterns. The square meter prices of machine woven Afghan Carpets vary between 200 TL - 1200 TL.


How to Clean Afghan Carpet?

The cleaning methods that are valid for all hand-woven carpets can also be considered valid for Afghan carpets. For daily cleaning, it can be done by sweeping in one direction with the brushless head of the vacuum cleaner, wiping using white soapy water and a damp cloth. Washing the carpets can both reduce the service life by loosening the knots, and the use of heavy chemicals will damage the paint, so we recommend that you do not have your carpets washed as much as possible, and get support from professional washing services when it's time to wash. You can wash machine-woven Afghan Carpets, which can be washed in the washing machine, at 30 degrees and with the lowest possible detergent density, without using a spinning program.