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Welcome to Halicizade, home of the rugs from all around the Turkey and World.

Halicizade has been founded in 2004 by a family, when they were looking fort he right rug for their home. After 17 years, we have been served more than 20.000 people, to make them ‘feel home’.

Our collection has been consisted around 4.000 rugs, both modern and classical, mostly authentic designs. Anatolian rugs, Afghan rugs, Usak rugs, Silk and wool rugs and much more, generally hand knotted and completely ethically sourced.

Now, Halicizade is actively helping people to find the rug they are looking for, from our spacious showroom in Cayyolu Ankara, and

We have many friends and customers all around the Turkey and globe, enjoying their uniquely crafted and selected rugs, from a diversified price range.

You can select between hand knotted authentic and oriental rugs to minimalist designs, ethnic patters to vintage Anatolian rugs both from our showroom and websites.



All in these years, we have been the supplier for embassies in Turkey, visitors from abroad and friends from all around the World, you can’t be wrong by choosing us to join you to find what you are looking for!

Since we have a transparent pricing policy with along accurate information about the rug collection we are offering, all you have to do is enjoy the journey to make your home a better place, make you feel peaceful and satisfied.

We are hardworking team, ready to help our customers in that journey, please get in touch if you love the colours, textures and patterns!

Looking forward to speak to you soon.

Warm regards,

Halicizade Team




Our showroom

1300 square meter

More than 3.000 rugs!

Silk Rugs

Including %100 plant based Bamboo

Unique designs, sourced all around the world, handwoven in months, even sometimes years long!

Easy to Use, Effortless Cleaning

Machine-woven collections

Our machine made colorful designer rugs including patterns from Anatolia and all around the globe, offering affordable prices with hassle-free cleaning.

Oriental Designs

Discover new worlds

If you are looking for adding some colour and texture to your decoration or maybe as an elegant gift.

Full of Alternatives

Enjoy the wide selection

From timeless classics to modern pieces, you will be amazed to see our rug collection with along our price tags!

Feel the Wool

Warm homes, natural touch

Wool is the all time popular rug material, you can see hundreds of wool rug alternatives in our collection!