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Containing complementary pieces of modern decorations Eco Carpet Como series gives living spaces a more attractive appearance. It can easily adapt to any furniture and color. Eco Carpet models are both very durable and affordable. Always guiding you even in the moments when you have no solution in decoration. Eco Carpet Como SeriesIt is indispensable for every decoration with its soft texture and simple appearance. It easily adapts to any space and makes the time you spend at home unique. Eco Carpet Como series You can have it now through Halicizade.

Symbol of Simplicity Eco Carpet Como Series

Designed with abstract and geometric patterns Eco Carpet Como The series is designed in such a way that you can use it in any area by being produced in wide size ranges. At the same time, the minimal atmosphere of abstract patterns allows you to capture a modern look in your decoration. Eco Carpet It helps your home or office to look brighter with the natural and neutral colors offered by the models. Eco Carpet Como Another feature that makes the series remarkable is that it is very durable due to the fact that it is a machine-made carpet. This series, which is completely inspired by naturalness in design, is a candidate to be an integral part of your living spaces. 

What are Eco Carpet Como Features? 

Eco Carpet models combining different styles Eco Carpet Como Thanks to the synthetic threads used in the production of the series, it is very high quality and durable. In addition, all of the carpets in this series, which are generally dominated by abstract colors, are machine carpets. Some of the features of this series, which attract attention from users, are as follows:

  • It is produced with synthetic yarns.
  • It is a machine carpet.
  • It is produced in Turkey.
  • Requires professional washing.
  • Stain absorbency is low.
  • It does not leave lint, dust or lint.

How Much Are Eco Carpet Como Prices?

Eco Carpet Como price The most important factor in determining the range is size. Larger rugs are more expensive than smaller rugs. Another factor that distinguishes the prices of the Como series from other series is the synthetic yarns used in its production. This series, which is completely machine-woven with synthetic yarns, is more affordable than silk hand-woven carpets. The fact that synthetics is more accessible than silk and the use of machinery in the weaving stage allows you to bring the Como series to your living spaces more easily. Eco Carpet Como series You can reach the decoration you dream of with the difference of Halıcızade right away.