Scandinavian Design Brooklyn Machine Woven Carpet

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We live in times when the popularity of wicker carpets is very high. The Brooklyn series is also for those who are looking for wicker carpets.

Since it is produced with cotton, acrylic and synthetic threads instead of natural straw threads, it can be easily cleaned.

You can choose it comfortably in modern and ethnic decoration, it will warm the place where it is laid with its fringes.

With its earthy colors, it is especially compatible with furniture in cream coffee tones.

You can create a serene effect by using it with colorful furniture. Blues and reds will love the earth tones in Brooklyn.

Brown Anthracite Ethnic Design Cotton, Acrylic Machine Woven Rug

Color : Brown

Color : Anthracite

Design : Ethnic

Cleaning : Professional washing

Yarn types: Cotton, acrylic

Production place : Türkiye

Weaving techniques: Machine woven carpet

Color : Brown