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Can You Buy Carpets Online?

In a case where only 1 out of 10 people returned the carpet they bought. when* if any

Free shipping if free to try with free returns

If carpet photos are taken by a professional filmmaker

If you can see the texture of the carpet closely in the videos

If experts are waiting at the end of the phone to help you

If you can shop at affordable prices instead of endless bargains

If you are confident that you are receiving correct information.

You Can Buy Carpet Easily!

*Yes, 9 out of 10 people who order from Halıcızade do not return the carpet they bought!

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As Halicizade;

We set out to live and provide carpet shopping experience with peace of mind. Come and meet the Halıcızade Family.

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Why should I choose Halıcızade?

Our rugs are beautiful, and we are not trying to sell you a rug. You can shop with peace of mind.

I'm having trouble choosing, what can I do?

Our clerk app is just for those who have a hard time choosing, answer the questions and find your home carpet easily. Hemen Dene!

After ordering a few rugs, wrap the one you love and return the others, so you don't have any questions. We call it "free to try" :)

Is there a store where I can see the rugs?

We have stores in Ankara where we have hosted thousands of people since 2004. If you go to Çayyolu right now, you can stop by Halıcızade and take a closer look at the carpets. If you love your home and carpets, let's meet, even if you don't buy a carpet, your eyes will be opened :)

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Our Homes!

Every house is a different world, take a look at the photos of the place to get inspired by the houses we are guests and lay carpets.

The Colorful World of Halıcızade!

Our work is colours, patterns and textures, check our Instagram page to dive more into the world of Halıcızade!