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from our customers
from our customers
We bought many carpets for our house from here. Both the owners and the staff are very interested and stand behind their work. I would especially like to thank Mr. Isa for his interest and follow-up. I recommend that you do not buy a carpet in Ankara without looking at Halıcızade.
from our customers
A commodity is bought and sold. Humanity and craftsmanship are something else. The goods they sell are also of high quality and above all an honest seller with principles. I would recommend it to everyone. You can shop with peace of mind.
from our customers
I came to Halıcızade with my family to buy a hand-woven carpet for my home abroad. Metin Bey and Serpil Hanim's interest, knowledge and the help of their teams are beyond compare. They took care of us for almost an hour and answered all our questions.
from our customers
I bought two carpets from Halicizade today. A store with a wide variety of carpets. I attach great importance to the behavior of the salesperson I deal with in shopping. I love people who love their job. All in all, I made a comfortable purchase. Thanks...
from our customers
While looking for a wool carpet, we found the Halicizade website and ordered a very beautiful hand-woven wool carpet. It feels like massaging with its 20mm pile height and textured structure. It completely changed the atmosphere of our home. The view is magnificent. His only problem is that his state is collected, and that is due to the structure of his state. That's our experience, thanks
from our customers
I changed the whole house from scratch, including the furniture. Many people who saw the house first asked where I bought my carpets. We are very satisfied, I recommend it to everyone.
from our customers
I would like to thank especially Serpil Hanım and Halıcızade employees for their smiling faces and interest in our high quality carpets that we tried to choose for our home and then purchased, and I recommend everyone to shop with peace of mind.
from our customers
They are very patient :) They took down and lifted dozens of carpets and still they were always smiling. They gave us the chance to bring the carpets that we were undecided about and then see them at home. In this way, we were able to make a choice that appealed to us. We were very satisfied with both the service and the product quality. Thank you again for all your hard work and patience.
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from our customers
The team and service quality is unbelievably good. After I stated that I was in a hurry, they accelerated the process and the next day the carpets reached me. They have been incredibly supportive throughout the process. Thank you very much everyone.


Second hand - hand weaving


Hand-woven beauties that are still desired but are no longer produced, rarely used and loved by enthusiasts, are here. You may not be the first owner, but what does it matter? If you are interested in bringing the touch of history to your home, do not miss the rare carpets and kilims that are not antiques but become beautiful as they age. Before putting them on sale, they were washed, cleaned and pristine, they are looking for their new home!


We established Halıcızade so that everyone can buy rug with peace of mind. For 18 years, we have touched more than 25,000 people and more than 100,000 places with our rugs, both in our stores and on digital platforms. It may be a cliché, but a peaceful working environment with close ties and working like a family with our team is the most important thing for us, really. Our priority is not to sell rugs, we try to help everyone who walks through the door to find a suitable rug.

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