Kök Boyalar ile Sentetik Boyaları Nasıl Ayırt Ederiz?

Kök Boyalar ile Sentetik Boyaları Nasıl Ayırt Ederiz?

Halıseverler sık sık "Bir halının boyasının doğal kök boya mı yoksa sentetik mi olduğu nasıl anlaşılır?" sorusunu sorar. Ancak “Kök boya halı nasıl anlaşılır?” sorusunun cevabından önce boyanın nasıl olduğunun...
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İndirimli Halı Almak Mümkün Mü?

Is it Possible to Buy a Discounted Carpet?

How to buy discounted carpet? What are the discounted carpet models? Discounted carpet and many more words. As with all our other purchases, everyone is after a discount when buying carpets. Let's talk about the inside of the business today, and let's explain the situation on the carpet manufacturers' side, so that the issue of discounts can be clarified.
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Vintage Halı Nedir? Özellikleri Nelerdir?

What is a Vintage Carpet? What are its features?

Vintage is one of the favorite words of the last period. Changing times and conditions underline some of the positive aspects of the past, reminding of its importance. For this reason, throughout history, people have had a nostalgic longing for the periods that came before them. vintage furniture, vintage clothing, vintage carpet… These words that appear in every field today are perhaps the result of this longing.
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Yeni Halı Tüyleri Nasıl Temizlenir?

How to Clean New Carpet Pies?

When you lay your carpet, which you bought with care and love, in your place, these free yarns as you move on it. carpet fluff gets off the surface. You can think of this process as the period of getting used to the new place of your carpet, adapting to the intensity of movement and your usage habits. Carpet is like a living organism. And carpet fluff feels anxiety just like bees! :)
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Akrilik Halı Nedir? Temizliği Nasıl Yapılır?

What is Acrylic Carpet? How to Clean?

With the development of technology and transportation possibilities, we are faced with an abundance of options today. The food we will put on our table, the clothes we will wear, the carpet we will lay on may be produced from a wide variety of materials all over the world today. Acrylic One of these materials is one of the most common ones we encounter in carpet production today. What is this acrylic carpetWhy is it so popular? What are the effects on our health and daily life? Is it useful? Let's look for answers to these questions together in the new article of Halıcızade Blog.
Bebek Odası Halısı Seçerken Nelere Dikkat Edilmeli?

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Baby Room Carpet?

Whether they are children, grandchildren or on the other side of the world, children are the apple of our eye. (If a grandchild can even compete with a child, as they say, if a child is capital, grandchild is the fruit of the grandchild.) It leaves a bomb of joy in every environment they enter, constantly surprises with its endless curiosity, and makes us sigh "how quickly all this time has passed" because they grow up in the blink of an eye. Babies need our love and attention until they grow up to be adults. baby room rug That's why the choice is so important.

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El Dokuması Halı Nasıl Anlaşılır?

How to Tell the Hand-Woven Carpet?

How to distinguish a hand-woven carpet from a machine-woven carpet? Hand woven carpet is a question whose answer is most asked - rightly - because of its price. Although it may seem complicated, it is not difficult to distinguish a hand-woven carpet from a machine-made carpet when you master a few tricks. We have compiled the tricks for you below. Let's see together;

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Halıcızade - Halı ve Kilim Almak İçin Göz Atabileceğiniz 5 Adres

5 Addresses You Can Browse To Buy Carpets and Rugs

Mutual trust with the brand is very important when buying carpets and rugs. We wanted to help you by collecting the brands that inspire Halıcızade with their designs and styles, which you can shop with confidence. Our priority is that you can easily reach the designs you want. We believe that this is the healthiest and most enjoyable form of competition. You can help us get more inspiration by sharing the brands you follow and shop with us before!

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Mutfak Halısı Seçmenin Püf Noktaları Nelerdir?

What are the Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Carpet?

One of the key points to consider when choosing a kitchen carpet is naturally the cleaning of the carpet. It would be wise to choose carpets with low stain absorbency, washable and easily swept carpets for kitchens. On the other hand, the yarns it is produced with and the pile height are also important. Using high-pile carpets and rugs in the kitchen can cause problems in terms of hygiene, considering the crumbs and bacteria that may accumulate in them.
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Post Halı: Asırlara Meydan Okuyan Dekorasyon Tercihimiz

Post Carpet: Our Decoration Choice That Challenges Centuries

post carpetEven if we can get close to this technology that nature has produced by itself, it must still be attracting us as we cannot rise above it for many reasons. Take, for example, a very realistically painted portrait or a sculpture: No matter how skillfully we imitate, it is not easy to approach the magnificence of the real. post carpetIn this respect, it still adorns our homes and offices not only with its robustness but also with its magnificent beauty.

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Türk Halıcılığı ve Mitolojisinde Halı Kilim Motifleri

Carpet and Rug Motifs in Turkish Carpeting and Mythology

Beginning in the steppes of Asia existence Turkish communities, whose journey continues all over the world today, have quite rich mythological narratives, although they are not as famous as Greek and Roman mythology. The origins of these narratives, most of which are included in oral culture, can be found in various Chinese sources and archaeological studies. Undoubtedly, the places where these narratives find their true expression Turkish carpet ve Turkish rug.

Mythological narratives are a great legacy that connects us to our ancestors, describing the common lives of people for centuries, our similar questions and problems in life with the mastery of imagination. This week on the Halıcızade Blog, I will share with you, whose source is mythology. Turkish carpet motifs we wanted to share.

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Yatak Odası Halısı Hakkında Pek Çok Şey

Many Things About Bedroom Carpet

If you had to leave your warm bed on a winter day with not-so-pleasant feelings, maybe a little grumble, or if you went into your bedroom with wet feet after a shower on a summer day, lost your balance slightly and fit your whole life into a few seconds, bedroom rug you are one of those who know that it is not just a decorative object.

These unpleasant examples aside, bedroom rug It is one of the decoration elements that not only raises the aesthetic standards of an area designed for rest and refreshment but also determines its comfort -almost- as much as a comfortable bed. We wanted to assist you in choosing a bedroom rug, while taking your comfort and sleep hygiene to the next level.
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