Youth room rugis a category that appeals to young people with different tastes and should have various models. It is possible to come across more dynamic models when it comes to young people in carpets, which are an important part of home decoration. Carpet models that make the area where young people spend their time more enjoyable and comfortable should not only offer dynamism, but also quality. High quality and colorful reflecting all kinds of youth teen room rug You can reach the models via Halıcızade.

Young Room Carpet Models

Carpets, which are an important part of the decoration of the youth room, host various designs that reflect the spirit of youth. Carpet models for the young roomIt is divided into different varieties with different patterns, colors and designs. While young people choose among these models, there is no doubt that they are the most trendy and most reflective of them. teen room rug will carry the model to their rooms. Different carpet designs reflecting the youth can be listed as follows: 

Geometric Pattern Carpet

Geometric patterns create a surface with the combination of lines that have borders, and the most decorative form of these surfaces is carpets. Youth room rug as a very convenient option geometric patterned carpet models contains lines and colors that reflect the spirit of youth. Especially young men's room carpet models Geometric patterned carpets are the models that can be used in all living spaces with their simple and timeless appearance.

Patchwork Patterned Carpet

of different cultures and colors patchwork carpet models It is among the rare pieces that are both classical and modern, which have made a place for themselves in young rooms. This model, which explains that youth cannot be of a single color, is a great choice especially for young girls who are chirpy. However, this model is teenage girl's room carpet It is also a wrong idea to see it as such. Patchwork is a model that you can also encounter in the rooms of young men who have adopted this style, hosting designs that are very compatible with the bohemian style. You can easily complete the youth room decoration with patchwork patterned carpets in colorful carpet models.

Vintage Patterned Carpet

Reflecting the styles of many periods from the past to the present, the Vintage model carries the traces of ancient times. It is a model that should be in the room of every young person who adopts the styles of the past. vintage patterned rugs It takes its place among the pieces that can show themselves in young people's rooms furnished in different styles. Therefore a teen room rug If you prefer, do not forget to take a look at the Vintage series.

Abstract Patterned Carpet

Emerging with the meeting of color and different forms abstract carpet patternBesides being a rare piece with aesthetic touches, they are models that keep up with classically decorated youth rooms. Young room carpet models The abstract patterned carpet, which offers many alternatives, appeals to different tastes. With the harmony of colors and various textures, you can provide both an aesthetic and a soft floor for young rooms.

Colorful Carpet Models 

Colorful carpet models, which are the most important point of decoration in the young room, give a different energy with the harmony they create in the room. For example green carpet models perfect to feel the breezes of nature blue carpet models It allows you to feel peace. Considering the effect colors have on people, you can take a look at colorful carpet models to feel liveliness and naturalness.

Floral Pattern Carpet

Floral patterned carpet modelsallows young people to feel the chirping of spring in their living spaces at all times. young girl room rug Floral patterned carpets, which are frequently preferred, are pieces that can be used in different living areas of the house and never go out of fashion.

Youth Room Rug Types

It is a very suitable choice to use rugs instead of carpets that meet both decorative and functional needs for young people's rooms. Rugs stand out with their light structure. In addition, specially produced double-sided rugs are an ideal choice for young people who frequently change their room decoration. Rug models suitable for young people's rooms can be listed as follows:

Eco Carpet Arya Series

Youth room rug The series you should definitely take a look at while choosing is the Arya series. Eco carpet Arya serieshosts designs that will keep up with all the mobility of youth. This series, which has a particularly light structure, seems to be designed for young people who like to constantly change their room. In addition, many varieties from striped models to geometric shapes, from abstract patterns to Scandinavian and Anatolian symbols are waiting for you in the Arya series.

Youth room rug If there is an issue that should not be ignored after leaving aside the decoration and design concerns when choosing, it is definitely the features of the carpet. Arya series is a series that listens to the voice of nature and Arya models produced from 100% natural herbal yarns are also a product of the recycling project.

Eco Carpet Soho Series

Having a natural wicker appearance Eco carpet Soho series It can turn into indispensable parts of modern and bohemian youth rooms. This series, which usually has neutral colors teen room rug be a viable option. Its minimal atmosphere is a feature that affects young people quite a lot and it is home to frequently preferred models lately.

What are the Features of the Youth Room Carpet?

Choose from a variety of alternatives teen room rug Varieties may have different characteristics depending on their models. Not only the model, but also the type of yarn, weaving and base characteristics both make the carpets unique and add functional features. The most important among these features is that the carpet is antibacterial. Due to their free spirit, young people may use their rooms quite messy and even skip cleaning routines. For this reason, antibacterial carpet types are a very sterile choice for young rooms.

Young people's rooms are their free spaces and they want to act as they wish in these spaces. Just like the characteristics of the carpets, the behavior of the young people also differs. Whether you are a free-spirited dancer or an artist who does not leave the window of his room, colorful carpets are just as different as you youngsters. Young bedroom carpet models Among these, models with non-slip soles designed for young people who cannot stand still in their comfort zone stand out with their functional features. In addition, carpets with non-slip soles widen your range of motion, while at the same time securing you as you move. It prevents situations that may cause injury such as falling caused by any slip.

Creative young people who are active in spirit, not body, can scribble, paint, design and transform things in every corner of their room. In this process, dyeing or dirtying the carpet, which is the fearful dream of parents, may end with washable carpet models. As washable carpet models are a model that can be used in all living spaces regardless of young children and can be immediately intervened and cleaned in case of any staining. teen room carpetIt is a very ideal choice to be. This type of carpet, which can fit in washing machines with its light structure, definitely has the features that should be preferred regardless of girls and boys.

In addition to these features, if there is a model that does not forget the more sensitive and sensitive young people, it is carpet models with anti-allergic properties. Anti-allergic carpet types, with their allergen-free features, are specially produced for people with respiratory diseases, as well as allowing people with sensitivities to sleep comfortably in their rooms.

How to Choose a Young Room Carpet Compatible with the Decoration?

The complementary part of a room where everything from the wall color to the furniture is in harmony is undoubtedly the carpets. girl or boys teen room rug There is a style reflected by the carpets, which have many models, colors and patterns, and this style only shows itself in correctly designed young rooms.

There are many types of colorful carpets that symbolize youth, and these carpet types add comfort to the floors and also change the atmosphere of the room. Colors are the subject to consider when choosing a carpet for a lively young girl's room. girl teen room rug When choosing, the color of the living space should be taken into account. For example; In the decoration of the room where warm colors such as red, pink and orange dominate, the carpet should be in softer tones. It is also possible to capture a different style by using the contrast of warm tones and cold tones.

Young people with a more mature perspective usually prefer dark colors. The carpet color that will show itself in a room with dark colors is light tones. One from simplicity teen room carpetIf you want to choose the carpet, you can choose solid color carpet models. If you want to add some movement to simplicity and a carpet with more modern lines, geometric patterned carpets are the models that will add a different atmosphere to your room.

There are different types of carpets that will make your work easier, not as decoration, but in a functional sense and compatible with the condition of your home. Carpet models that are cute and compatible with your pawed friend, who is a part of your family, come to the fore with their durable features. Many easy-to-wash models that are not afraid of getting dirty, are in Halıcızade!

What should be the size of the carpet in the young room?

you will prefer teen room rug The size of the model is a factor that greatly affects the decoration of the room and therefore should be proportional to the size of the room. If you choose a carpet that is small in size compared to the size of the room, a disproportionate appearance will occur. This disproportionate appearance may prevent the room you have carefully decorated from looking aesthetic. If you choose a larger carpet compared to the dimensions of the room, the carpet, which is a complementary piece, will not be able to show itself and will cause the floor to look like a single whole. 

Infinity, which is the common point of the new generation, can be reflected in the rooms of young people with round carpet models. You can destroy the borders of angular rooms with round carpet types and bring a new breath to the decoration literature. However teen room rug Whether the models are angular or unlimited, they should still adapt to the size of the room. For this reason, after taking the exact measurement of the room, you can consult the carpet experts of Halıcızade and have the carpet in the model you want in the dimensions you want.

Why is Color Important in Young Room Carpet?

Colors reflect the inner world of people. For this reason, the importance of colors in room decoration is very great. If you want to design a teenage room as a parent, you should first master your child's tastes or plan the decoration together. In this planning teen room rug You should also pay attention to the colors. 

Carpet models for the young room There are many colors and styles that these colors reflect. The best choice for young people who favor simplicity is solid colored carpet models. At the same time, flat carpets, which are a suitable option for young rooms with lively decoration, not only provide a soft floor, but also add a balanced atmosphere to the room. For young people whose moods change constantly, carpets with more than one color are waiting for you with all their dynamism.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Young Room Carpet

teen room carpet The first point you should pay attention to in choosing your young person is the tastes and styles adopted by your young person. First of all, these points give you important information about your child. Young room carpet models In the light of this information, you can offer your child the most suitable youth room carpet option when choosing between the carpets, or you can take it with you when making your choice.

After leaving aside the aesthetic and decoration concerns teen room rug First of all, it should be noted whether the models meet the needs. Young people who spend more time on their floors than their beds need a maximum soft floor. The most accurate carpet options to meet this need are the post or shaggy models. In addition to these models, which are the most comfortable form of the floor, Eko Carpet Comfort series It is possible to reach with the assurance of Halıcızade.

However, such carpet models can be quickly affected by the tempo of youth. The cleaning process of models with plush, long-haired or artificial fur, which is more difficult to maintain than other carpet models, can also be troublesome. For this reason, it is recommended to choose models that are resistant to wear, easy to clean and maintain, regardless of boys and girls.

Youth Room Carpet Prices

Youth room carpet prices vary according to various features and factors. Especially since the youth room has various alternatives in terms of carpet, the prices are also listed according to the possibilities offered by these alternatives. The main factors that cause prices to fluctuate are as follows:

  • Carpet size
  • Its design
  • yarn used in production
  • Production technique

Young room carpet models and prices It also differs depending on the brands you prefer. Bringing you quality products at fair prices, Halıcızade is a brand that adopts customer satisfaction as its mission, as well as helping you choose the most suitable carpets for your home with its expert team.

All Models Reflecting the Spirit of Youth are at Halıcızade!

Even though the decoration work seems like an adult job, young people want to reflect themselves in their own living spaces. Aiming to appeal to all ages and tastes, Halıcızade aims to bring together the most suitable colorful carpet models for the carefully decorated young rooms. Youth room rug Halıcızade, which includes different models and designs in its category, helps you choose the most suitable carpet for your room with its experienced team and carpet experts.