Eko Carpet Zara Floral Design Machine Woven Carpet

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1- All the processes of Zara, which is woven on old-fashioned machine looms, except for the knots, are handmade, the fringes are knitted one by one by skillful hands, and this beauty emerges.

2-The Zara collection, which takes its designs from authentic motifs, is becoming more popular day by day with the increasing interest in bohemian decoration.

3-The Zara collection, produced entirely with natural yarns, stands out with its soft and shiny texture.

4- The Zara series, which has soft colors and is easy on the eyes, especially likes dark wood furniture and decoration in light tones.

5-You can choose the alternative suitable for your home among the different sizes of Zara, which is frequently preferred for living rooms and living spaces.

Pattern : Flower

Color : Red

Design : Ethnic

Cleaning : Professional washing

Yarn types: Bamboo

Production place : Türkiye

Weaving techniques: Machine woven carpet


Eco Carpet Zara Series Authentic Patterned Red Carpet is a unique product that blends the art of weaving from the past with modern technology. This carpet, which draws attention with its authentic tree pattern and tile orange tones, is produced with a special weaving technique that also includes handwork. Its structure consisting of natural yarns and the production process in which hand weaving techniques are integrated with the machine adds warmth and elegance to every corner of your home. 

Decoration Ideas

  • It creates a warm synergy with leather, nubuck, dark fabrics and most wood colors.

  • It transforms the office look, which is the disadvantage of ultra-modern furniture, into a home feeling from the moment it is laid.

  • It goes well with colorful rugs, classic modern shawls, pillows with feather and post details.

  • It blends very well with industrial, modern, classical, baroque and English style groups.

  • Objects with iron accents, chandeliers with metallic and wicker details add complementary warmth with natural wood chandeliers.

  • It warms the environments where coffee and dark tan colors are dominant with its colors.

  • It is especially used in fireplaces and special sections in the living room.

Pattern/Design: Authentic - Modern

  • It draws attention with its unusual tree patterns inspired by nature.

  • It is an ideal option for those who love ethnic, authentic and cultural designs.

Color: Light Red

  • The color palette of the carpet includes shades of light red, yellow and green.

  • The tile is enriched with hues such as orange and has a glossy appearance.

  • When viewed from both sides, one side appears brighter and the other in darker tones.

Yarn Type: Cotton - Viscose

  • It is produced with natural herbal yarns.

  • Cotton and viscose are used in the yarn structure.

Weaving Technique: Special Loom Weaving

  • It has a structure where old machine looms are modernized and woven by hand weaving technique.

  • Machine technique is used to tighten the knots into the warp wire, and hand-made carpet techniques are used in the finishing processes. It offers the hand-woven carpet feeling that we are used to.

Production Place: Türkiye

Eko Carpet Zara Series, created in Uşak with the contribution of talented women workers, reinterprets Anatolia's rich weaving heritage with modern techniques. While presenting a product in line with the famous carpet tradition of Uşak and emphasizing the importance of domestic production, this series is a quality and contemporary weaving example in which women's labor stands out.

Cleaning and Maintenance Information

  • It is compatible with standard cleaners used for carpet cleaning at home.

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