an integral part of living spaces machine carpet It is among the impressive pieces that complement home and office decoration. Carpets are pieces that have been described as cultural representatives since ancient times. For this reason, carpets handed down from generation to generation consist of different stylish models and colors.

Designed using almost all possibilities of technology machine carpet modelsIn addition to adding a different atmosphere to home and office decoration, it attracts everyone's attention thanks to its original designs. The preparation of machine-made carpets with industrial weaving looms in a computer environment reduces the need for manpower. This means that a large number of carpets are delivered to the user at a lower cost. You are also in your dreams machine carpet You can easily access the varieties of Halıcızade.

What is Machine Carpet? What are the types?

What does machine carpet mean? answer to the question; are the parts woven on electric looms. These carpets can be given in the form of carpets produced in different colors, sizes and patterns. The fact that the construction phase is relatively easy is one of the most important factors in its preference compared to other carpets.

These carpets, which are diversified as woven base, latex, jute-cotton, double shuttle or knit base, integrate with your decoration and help you make a stylish touch to your living space. Besides, Afghan machine carpet ve bamboo machine rug It is also among the notable models.

Afghan Machine Carpet

afghan carpet The patterns in the variety are similar to the patterns used in hand-woven carpets. These models, which are quite affordable, do not require much labor. These models, which are also easy to clean, are very suitable for use in both classical and modern environments.

Bamboo Machine Carpet

Bamboo machine rug The most striking features of the models are that they usually have a soft and shiny structure. These pieces, which are produced from bamboo yarn, are also very useful in terms of health thanks to their antibacterial properties. Bamboo machine carpet pricesvaries according to the materials used and the size.

Silk Machine Carpet

Silk machine made carpetCompared to many other carpet models, these are very delicate and demanding pieces to manufacture. Therefore, silk carpets, all of which are machine-made, are scarce. However, silk is generally used for fringes in machine-made carpets. Silk, which is one of the materials that is very difficult to use, also has a shiny and soft appearance.  

Machine Carpet What are the Carpet Features? How is its structure?

These carpet models, which can be woven with an average of 700,000 stitches per square meter, are produced with different colors and patterns. At the same time, it is very easy to clean, helping to prevent the formation of bacteria.

The most important feature that makes it preferred by large masses is that it is more suitable and high quality than hand-woven carpets. Machine carpets, which are made ready for use in a very short time, are produced using nylon, acrylic or polyester materials.

The biggest advantage these carpets offer to users is that they can be produced in many different sizes with the same colors and patterns. In addition to the large-sized models that can be used in living rooms, the runner models used in balconies or entrances also vary among themselves. With Halıcızade, you can reach machine carpet models that can be produced in different sizes at any time.

How is Machine Made Carpet Touched?

First machine carpet production Although it is made with natural yarns such as cotton or wool, the advancement of technology over time has led to the emergence of new techniques. For this reason, polypropylene, polyester and acrylic are mostly preferred for machine carpets nowadays. This contributes to both the reduction of costs and the production of quality products that are easy to clean.

These pieces, which also provide ease of transport, have a lighter structure compared to hand-woven products. This is one of the most important advantages that enable a carpet to be used easily in any desired area. Machine carpets, which have a wide range of products, are among the rare pieces that can adapt to any decoration.

Machine carpet production stages, It is one of the most important points that determine the quality and price of carpets. The appearance of the products that emerge in this process becomes error-free and standard. The knot and warp frequencies of these carpets are the most important factors that determine their quality. Carpets with knots between 700,000 and 1,000,000 consist of many colors and patterns. The frequency of the knots makes the patterns on the carpet look more elegant and aesthetic. Therefore, the most important point in machine carpets is knot density and yarn quality.

How to Understand Machine Carpet?

There are various methods that enable machine carpets, which are among the most striking decoration products of recent times, to be easily understood. The first of these is the labels on the back of the carpets. These labels include the methods and materials used in the production phase of the carpet.

In this way, it is possible to reach details such as the quality of the carpet, the type of yarns used or the production method. In addition, the perfect and standard structure of the weaving of machine carpets is one of the important details that distinguish these carpets from other carpets.

Where are Machine Carpet Models Used?

These carpets, which create a modern and stylish atmosphere in home or office decoration, can be used with peace of mind in areas such as living room, living room, bedroom, children's room. These models, which can be produced in accordance with the areas designed by the users completely according to their wishes, can easily be produced in different sizes and easily adapt to almost any environment.

Machine carpet 6 m2 It is very suitable for use in areas such as living room or living room when it is available. Machine carpet 4 m2 in size, it can be preferred for a children's room or a guest room. Usually runners for corridors or balconies machine carpet style models. Designed for users who want to add a classic atmosphere to their environment. hand made machine rug models are among the most striking carpet models of recent times.  

What are the Points to Consider While Buying Machine Carpet?

In many carpet models, especially machine carpets, there are some tricks to consider before purchasing. Conditions such as the type of yarn used or the way of production always guide users in choosing carpets. The conditions to be considered when choosing machine carpets are listed as follows;

  • The first point to consider before buying a carpet is to determine the floor on which the carpet will be used. Carpets used in areas with high contact with water should have a non-slip sole feature. More in areas like bathrooms fine machine carpet models are used.
  • The dimensions of the area where the carpet will be used must be determined in advance and the correct measurements must be taken. Since carpets are offered to users in different sizes, it is useful to consider a certain size.
  • The harmony of the selected carpet with the decoration is of great importance in terms of creating a whole in the existing environment. For this reason, other accessories used in decoration, wall color, furniture are decisive in choosing the area where the carpet will be placed. For example, in a decoration using light colors, gray machine rug Using it helps to create a complementary image.
  • The fact that a carpet is easy to clean is one of the factors that make it preferable. The purchased machine carpet should not get dirty as easily as it adapts to the decoration and should be cleaned without being damaged.
  • When purchasing machine-made carpets, which can be produced with different weaving techniques, attention is paid to include features such as weaving density, yarn quality, antibacterial properties, pile height, and non-slip soles.

How Much Are Machine Carpet Prices?

The size of the carpet is usually the first factor taken into consideration when determining machine carpet prices. These models, which can be used in many different areas, are produced in various sizes. This allows pricing per square meter. In addition, the patterns used in the production stage of the carpet are also among the determining factors of the price. Machine carpet prices models occurs in a range that covers in detail and is determined accordingly.  

Although there is not much labor in machine-made carpets, as in hand-woven carpets, the materials used in the production process affect the price. Machine carpet brands Another important factor that determines prices. diversified among cheap machine carpet You can easily access the models of Halıcızade at any time you want.

How to Wash Machine Carpet?

The recommended type of washing for machine-made carpets is the professional processes carried out by various carpet cleaning companies. At the same time, the most important point to be considered in these carpets, which can also be washed by users, is that hand-washed carpets should not be exposed to direct sunlight during the drying phase. Carpets exposed to sunlight fade over time and lose their former softness.

It is important that the detergents used during hand washing are as natural as possible and do not contain bleach, in terms of using the carpet for a long time without any problems. In addition, the cleaning brushes used during washing should also be soft. In this way, it is possible to continue using the carpet as it was on the first day without deteriorating the structure.  

How to Clean Machine Carpet?

The easiest way to clean the dirt and stains penetrating the carpet is to clean the problem area with a damp cloth or a soft-tipped brush. The easiest way to remove dust on the carpet is to use a vacuum cleaner. It's pretty easy to create a simple carpet cleaning routine by following steps like this.

Is Machine Carpet Machine Washable?

Machine carpet runner It can be easily washed in the washing machine as long as it is the size or smaller size. However, large-sized carpets produced for areas such as the living room or living room cannot be machine washed. It is possible to reach a lot of information about the general structure of the carpet on the product labels on the back of the carpet. In this way, you can easily learn in which settings the carpet should be washed.

It would be a more correct method to wash such carpets by carpet cleaning companies. Machine carpet cleaning prices Since it varies from company to company, you can get detailed information by contacting the companies.

Machine Carpet Buy from Halıcızade!

Offering many different models together in the category of machine-made carpets, Halıcızade also offers a reasonable price guarantee. In these carpet models, in which the latest technological possibilities are used in the production, you can easily access many different products suitable for your decoration and your budget, and you can have the products you like with one click.