The story of wool carpets begins when technology has not advanced that much, the world has become a huge village and the products produced in other continents have not come to our doorstep, the economies are closed, everyone lives in their villages and sees their own needs. The wool of the sheep in the house is sheared, the plant roots around are boiled to reveal the dyes, the trimmed wool is turned into yarn, dyed, knotted together and carpets emerge. Because then it is not possible to view the Halıcızade collections on the screen and order the carpet we love, everyone has to produce the carpet they need :) The journey of the wool carpet begins like this, and the first choice when producing carpets from Pazirik, the world's first carpet, has always been wool.

Now, with industrial animal husbandry, the wool of thousands of sheep is sheared at the same time and dyed with chemical dyes that replace vegetable root dyes. Natural, warm and durable carpets are still produced with woolen threads used in both hand-loom and machine-woven wool carpet production.

What are the Features of Wool Carpet?

Many products are included in the definition of wool carpet. While some are produced entirely using wool, in others wool threads are used only in the skeleton of the carpet or in some patterns. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about the general characteristics of wool carpets. The properties of the bamboo, cotton or synthetic yarns used together also determine the structure of woolen carpets. Although it is not possible to talk about the general characteristics of wool carpets, we can talk about wool yarns.

With its durable and natural structure, wool yarns both breathe and can be used for many years. Wool, which has high stain absorbency, traps the liquids spilled on it in a short time. On the other hand, it attracts lint and dust in the environment by making static electricity. Wool carpets are one of the most preferred carpet types to use in our homes, with their warm texture and feeling neither soft nor hard. The first shearing wools called 'Oiled Wool', with brightness and softness varying according to the quality of the wool, are considered first class.

What are the Wool Carpet Models?

Wool threads are used in Uşak, Hereke, Kayseri, Bünyan, Ladik, Isparta and Afghan carpets, which have been produced for centuries, and we can see wool threads in modern hand and machine woven carpets. The production of wool or woolen carpets in today's modern minimal patterns, vintage designs and geometric lines continues. We recommend that you contact our expert carpet makers to see woolen carpets for different decorations and spaces and to find the suitable one for your space.

What Should We Pay Attention To When Buying Wool Carpet?

As in every carpet, knot density, the quality of the dye used, the brightness and softness of the wool yarns are very important. Carpets using low quality wool are deformed especially after washing and intensive use, while good quality wool carpets can be used easily for many years.

How Much Are Wool Carpet Prices?

The prices of wool and wool carpets vary from the frequency of weaving to whether it is handcrafted, from the quality of the wool to its design. Prices for woolen carpets start from a few hundred TL per square meter and can go up to 6-7 thousand TL for all wool and special design series. Especially if you can find the suitable alternative among the discounted wool carpets whose series are finished and one left in stock, you can bring naturalness to your home without tiring your budget.

How is the Care and Cleaning of Wool Carpet?

You can use your wool carpet for many years without losing its shine by sweeping in one direction with the brushless flat head of your vacuum cleaner and wiping in one direction with a damp cloth with white soap. In case of staining, you should remove the excess stain with a white towel and pour warm water from the back surface of the carpet, and then wipe the front surface with white soapy water and a cloth without pressing. If the stain does not come off, you can get professional washing support, but remember that carpet washing processes can reduce the lifespan of your carpet and damage its patterns and colors when the wrong chemicals are used. I wish you to use your wool carpets with health and peace :)