hallway carpetsis among the most remarkable parts of home decoration. Corridor carpet designs, which make the entrances look more spacious and reveal the modern atmosphere of the house from the entrance, appeal to every style with their unique models. Different themes such as weaving and digital printing draw attention in the corridor carpet models, which were developed to provide convenience in daily use. 

It can be prepared in compatible sizes for different types of houses. hallway carpet, Thanks to its modern designs, it creates a bright and spacious appearance in its environment. Carpet designs, which enable you to highlight your style in every corner of your home with their assertive colors, offer the opportunity to achieve harmony from the entrance of the house. You too, Halicizade hallway carpet You can get to know the products better by examining their designs and features, and you can order the product you like with one click.

Hallway Carpet Models That Will Add Elegance To Your Home

Carpet modelsIt takes its place among the basic pieces that change the whole atmosphere of the house and give an idea about the decoration. Combining their quality and striking designs with their soft texture, corridor carpet designs become more useful, especially with the non-slip floor detail. 

Carpet designs with non-slip floor details are frequently preferred in these areas, as environments such as corridors and anterooms are the most intense points of activity. The thick and thin hallway rug models are ideal for use in small spaces. Corridor carpets, which appeal to people who want to get away from the classical image with their different cuts and shapes, have various weaving options. 

Hallway carpets, which can be categorized as having a smooth or dense pile surface, ensure that the heat balance on the floor is maintained. The softness level of the carpets, which varies according to the type of weaving, varies according to the preferred model. Promising a practical use with its lightness and easy transportation corridor runner rug designs are suitable for use in all seasons. 

Corridor carpet designs that preserve the coolness on the floor in summer contribute to keeping your homes warm and protected at all times, even in cold weather. More refined and neutral designs for people who like simplicity. hallway carpet While the options stand out, there are also eye-catching patterns for assertive styles. It directly affects the general atmosphere of the house. long hallway rug models are available under more than one option according to the weaving styles. 

Machine Woven Hallway Carpets

Hallway Hallway Carpet Machine weaving, which is frequently preferred in designs, creates a tight and thick surface. Machine woven carpets, which have a lighter and fuller stance, have a thick and non-slip feature. Machine woven designs, which are similar to living room carpet designs, highlight quality in long corridors and wide hallways. 

The entrance carpet designs, which are prepared according to the desired width with square meter calculation, attract attention with the quality appearance offered by machine weaving. These models, which can be prepared with tassels or straight edges, are suitable to be preferred in oval or rectangular shape. 

Machine woven carpet models Hallway carpets have a slightly thicker and higher surface compared to other models. Thanks to the tight weaving techniques offered by the machine, the temperature balance is provided more easily, especially on tile and granite floors. thick hallway carpet The most distinctive feature of the models is that they have the same surface type as the pieces used in other rooms. You can achieve a similar harmony in all areas by using carpets prepared with the same weaving type in corridors and hallways, which are the transition points between rooms. 

Although the floor design varies according to preference, woven carpets made of stain-proof yarn highlight their ergonomic feature in terms of ease of use. Weaving that can be cleaned practically as it is erasable hallway carpet By examining the designs, you can determine the models in the style and color you want. 

Hand Woven Hallway Rugs

corridor runner rug making their designs more elegant and refined. he woven carpet modelsemphasizes quality in all areas. Fine lines and refined details are used together in hand-woven carpet designs prepared with ethnic patterns or more modern details. 

These carpets, which generally create a rug atmosphere, can be prepared with a thick floor and weaving details, if desired. Combining silky softness with shiny details, hand-woven models take their place among the indispensable parts of classical styles. Hand-woven corridor carpet designs are prepared in special sizes with different length and width options. 

Digital Printing Hallway Carpets

Digitally printed corridor carpets, which can be prepared in any desired color and model, come to the fore with their practical use in daily life. Easy to carry thanks to its lightweight construction digital printing carpet soft-textured coatings such as foal feathers are preferred in their designs. 

Digitally printed carpet designs, which bring elegance to the forefront in environments such as corridors and hallways with their bright and silky stance, have a variety of patterns that appeal to every style. Prepared with digital printing technology hallway carpet 3d designs allow the chosen pattern to be perceived differently from every angle. It is possible to highlight special decorative patterns on the floor with carpet designs with 3D features. 

Digitally printed hallway carpet designs, which are easy to wash and wipe, are suitable for entering the washing machine. Corridor carpet designs in sizes suitable for the volume of the machine can be easily washed thanks to their thin structure. Showing a stylish stance in halls and anterooms round hallway carpet Digitally printed patterns that stand out in their designs draw attention with their modern details created by geometric shapes. You can choose designs in vivid or pastel tones for these carpets, which are customized with numerous motifs and color options that appeal to every style. Digitally printed carpet designs, which cling tightly to the surface with their special base option, have a bright and smooth appearance with the detail of foal hair. 

How Should a Corridor Carpet Be?

Carpet designs used in corridors and entrances should be chosen by paying attention to different criteria, depending on color and model options. The decoration color of the hallway and the hallway where the carpets will be laid helps in determining the tones of the corridor carpet to be preferred. The following main criteria can be taken into account when choosing between corridor carpet designs, which have numerous models and features: