What is Runner Carpet?

Runner Carpet in other words, the reflection of being on a "long and narrow road" on the carpet. The most important feature that distinguishes corridor carpets, also called 'Yolluk', from other carpets is the ratio between their sizes. While piece carpets are generally produced in the form of rectangular, rarely round or square, the dimensions of corridor carpets are generally 80*300., It is around 100*300 cm. Apart from standard sizes, you can create one or several pieces of long corridor carpet sets from roll cut corridor and runner carpets.


What are the Runner and Corridor Carpet Models?

When choosing among the corridor carpet runner models, you should first pay attention to the color and then the patterns. We recommend light-colored hall carpet models for corridors, which are generally places that do not receive much light. When choosing your carpet, it will make your job easier not to ignore the color of the wallpaper and doors. You can choose plain hall carpets in places with patterned and animated wallpapers. Another important point when choosing a carpet for the hall is the yarns used. Non-slip hallway carpet can make your work easier in long-term use. When choosing a carpet for the hall, keep in mind that it is easy to clean as a small precaution against unwanted muddy shoes :) Hallway carpet or hallway carpet can be modern, classic or semi-classical. other points. Runner Carpet Prices It varies in a wide range, while finding the right alternative for your budget, don't forget to take a look at discounted hallway carpets.