living room carpetIt is the most important decoration piece that completes the corners of the comfort areas that are reserved for more guests. There are several points to consider when choosing a living room carpet, which allows you to impress your guests, your home and yourself. You can learn these points through Halıcızade and complete your living room carpet shopping with one click.

Living Room Carpet Models

Living Room Carpet Models It is an indispensable part of the decoration to crown the most favorite position of the house. These decor products, which help you to capture the spirit of the environment you want to create, differ thanks to their patterns and motifs. Living room carpet models that will make you admire everyone who enters your living room can be listed as follows:

Eco Carpet

The scale, pattern and color scale is quite wide. eco carpet series impresses you with its durability. Produced from various materials such as bamboo, silk and wool, these carpets are woven on special looms by meeting the trends of the time. You can easily find the carpet that appeals to your taste and living room among the wide product range of Eco carpet.

Afghan Carpet

Although it is generally produced by hand weaving, it also meets with its lovers with machine weaving. Afghan carpet modelsIt has rich patterns. The distinguishing point of Afghan carpets is the production material. You can continue to keep the rural culture alive in your living room by choosing among these carpets with different yarn types.

Frame Patterned Carpet

Frame patterned with classic and modern touches carpet modelsIt is indispensable for those looking for a boxy look for their living room. Framed carpet modelshelps to create a whole in the living space. You can easily complete your decoration with frame-patterned carpets that stand out with different colors and patterns.

Anatolian Carpet

Anatolian carpet, where each motif on the carpet has meaning in real life, is a frequently preferred model almost all over the world. Reflecting Turkish culture Anatolian carpet models In addition to creating an aesthetic appearance in your living spaces, it creates a cultural atmosphere.

Classic Living Room Carpet

Classic design carpet models, classic living room It is an ideal choice for those who cannot break away from the concept. Their easy-to-clean features make classic carpet types frequently preferred. If you wish, you can choose from classically designed models that have a wide variety of colors and patterns. gray living room rug You can even choose.

Ethnic Living Room Carpet

reflecting the characteristics of cultures Ethnic design carpet models, hosts the stories of different lives in your homes. Ethnic carpets in classical, modern or minimal styles, depending on your decoration taste, fascinate everyone who comes to visit your home with their exotic colors.

Authentic Living Room Carpet

Having unique weaving techniques Authentic carpet modelshas unique designs. These carpets, which are generally preferred by those who adopt a comfortable lifestyle, attract attention thanks to their functional functions. It is perfect for those who want to add personality to their living room with its unique features.

Scandinavian Living Room Carpet

Scandinavian patterned carpet modelsis the embodiment of modernism. These carpets, which are an indispensable element of Scandinavian decoration with a natural and relaxing effect, help you create a balanced environment. You can bring the order of your life to your living room with these carpets, which provide an impressive environment despite being simple.

Vintage Carpet Models

vintage carpet modelsIt is indispensable for those who want to carry a piece of the past with them while living the moment. Vintage carpets, which easily match with retro decorations, are obtained by shaving and recoloring old carpets. You can use these carpets, which are very easy to clean when compared to other carpet types, in your salons according to your taste.

How should a living room carpet be?

You can decide what your living room carpet will be like in line with your decoration style and personal tastes. However, at this point, you should not neglect the presence of your other items to achieve harmony in the living room. Because the carpet, which looks beautiful on its own, is not enough to achieve the look you dream of when combined with your belongings.

Living room carpet selection In addition to the furniture, points such as wall and floor color are also important. While dark tones look better on light floors, matching the wall color with the carpet color will make the room look more harmonious. In addition to these, the shape and dimensions of the carpet are directly proportional to what kind of living room you want to create.

Although round models are not preferred as a living room carpet, they can be used to make the room look more spacious if you have a small space. In addition, when you position the furniture properly with your carpet, you can create the image you dream of for your living room.

Can a rug be laid in the living room?

Rugs can also be used in the decoration of the hall, which is the crowned position of the houses. You can choose a rug for the living room by considering the factors that should be considered when choosing a living room carpet. 

How to Choose a Color in Living Room Carpet?

Colors, which affect the decisions taken in many issues in life, are also very important in carpet selection. Colors make the time you spend at home more valuable as they have the feature of expressing emotions. At this point, the things you should pay attention to when choosing a color for the living room carpet can be listed as follows:

Consider the Size of the Room

With the right color choice; you can show a small room spacious and a large room holistic. of living spaces Using dark colors at certain points in living rooms, which are the largest rooms, increases the feeling of depth.

Decide on the Environment You Want to Create

You can decide by investigating the effects of colors that allow emotional associations. Thus, if you want a calming environment, you can choose a living room carpet in blue, and if you want an energetic and cheerful environment, you can use a yellow living room carpet.

In addition to the effect of colors, the colors of other objects in the living room should also be taken into account. Because depending on the environment you want to create, you can benefit from the contrasts between the colors. 

Don't Neglect Your Personal Pleasures

As soon as you are undecided, you can think about your personal tastes. For example, choosing the colors of your clothes in general will ensure that your living space reflects you completely.

Remember that Light Has an Effect on Colors

Light and shadows due to light are very effective on colors. Choosing a color according to the daylight reception of your living room reveals the color of your carpet better. 

What are the Living Room Carpet Dimensions?

carpet for living room If you have trouble deciding on the dimensions when choosing, you can consider the layout of your furniture. If you have positioned your furniture in line with the wall, you can make a choice so that the front legs of your furniture remain on the carpet. Thus, you can create a balanced atmosphere by getting rid of the limiting effect of the walls.

If you do not position it flush with the wall, you should choose a size that will allow all of your furniture to stand on the carpet. Thus, by providing integrity, you can show your living space wider than it is. In addition to these, the points you can pay attention to when taking measurements for the living room carpet can be listed as follows:

  • Alternative placements of items should be considered.
  • The larger the size of the carpet, the greater its impact on the environment. However, in order to achieve this effect, the size of the place where the carpet will be used should be taken into account.
  • After deciding on the model to be purchased, it should be visualized how a small and large size will look in the environment.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the objects on the carpet are 1/3 of the total size of the carpet.

Does Yarn Type Matter in Living Room Carpet?

One of the points to be considered while making a living room carpet is the type of yarn. Because, thanks to the living room carpet produced depending on the yarn type, you can easily create the environment you want. The yarn types you can consider when choosing a living room carpet are as follows:

Straw Carpet - Jute Carpet

Made from woody fibers jute carpet modelsIt can be used in many environments due to its durability. When using it as a living room carpet, it is necessary to ensure that the space receives plenty of light. When it comes to cleaning, special requirements may arise depending on the model you choose.

Silk Carpet

Symbol of softness and brilliance silk carpetsrequires careful handling. Produced with silk, which is a very sensitive type of yarn, these carpets create calmness in the environment where they are used. If you want to feel like you are in a palace, you can give a chance to silk carpet options as a living room carpet.

Cotton Carpet

Although generally preferred in clothing cotton carpet varieties also have a place in the halls. The cotton living room carpet, which consists of natural, light and breathable yarns, has a lot of options in terms of color and pattern. 

Synthetic Carpet

advantageous in price synthetic carpet typesemerges with the development of technology-dependent production techniques. Synthetic carpets, which are an alternative to the natural materials used in production, do not disappoint you in terms of durability.

Bamboo Carpet

These carpets, obtained from the bamboo plant, are produced from nature-friendly materials. It makes you feel comfortable with the soft feeling it gives when you walk on it. It also draws attention with its bright colors. However, you can choose your living room carpet. bamboo carpet You should not forget that you should pay extra attention to the cleaning when you make it for the models.

Wool Carpet

The story begins at the point where technology does not exist wool rugs, living room carpet types among the classics. Wool carpets, which are both machine and hand-woven, come to the fore with their durability. Thus, you can use it for many years with peace of mind.

What are the Points to Consider in Choosing Living Room Carpets?

The halls, which are the place where the guests coming in the living area are hosted, are the most popular point of the houses. Therefore, when choosing a carpet for the living room, there are various factors that should be considered such as color and size. These elements are as follows:

  • The size of the hall
  • Positioning of furniture
  • The colors of the wall and the furniture in the room
  • The shape and size of the favorite carpet

Living Room Carpet Prices

living room carpet prices; it varies according to the thread type, size and brand. For example, the pure silk carpet you prefer for the living room is quite expensive when compared to a synthetic carpet. Carpets with small dimensions are more affordable than the larger sizes of their models. In addition, the mass or special production of a carpet is also an element that affects the price. At this point, carpets, which meet the users in the form of mass production, are budget-friendly compared to special productions.

How is the Living Room Carpet Cleaning?

Living room carpet cleaning varies according to the carpet model used. Because machine woven carpets ve hand woven rugs There are points that differ from each other in terms of cleanliness. While hand-woven carpets require special care, this is not the case with machine-made carpets. However, in order to use your carpet for a long time, whether it is hand-woven or machine-woven, you need to show meticulous care. For this reason, before you buy your carpet, you should learn the detailed information about its cleaning.

Creating a Palace Effect in Halls, Halıcızade

You can easily learn the answers to all your questions with Halıcızade, who works with carpet masters who are experts in their fields. Thus, you can create a palace effect in your home by finding the most ideal carpet for your living room. Thanks to Halıcızade's wide product range, you can easily find products that appeal to your taste when choosing a living room carpet. You can contact Halıcızade immediately to find the living room carpet, which is the complementary element of your decoration.