Hand-woven rugs, which are knitted loop by loop at the head of the loom and prepared with great effort by patient master hands, carry the traces of different geographies on them. Produced with care and effort for centuries hand woven rug It can meet your homes with experienced craftsmen and expert team of Halıcızade. Hosting many different models of carpets and rugs, Halıcızade helps you find the product you are looking for with its creative and aesthetic designs in the rug category.

What is Hand Woven Rug? What are the types?

Rug, one of the oldest known weaving techniques, plays the most important role in the formation of carpets. Natural yarns such as wool and goat hair are transformed into rugs in veteran floor looms and with the patient work of masters. hand woven rug and its varieties are produced with these stages, the geography it touches is a great element that adds character to hand-woven rugs.

Bardız, Bayat, Denizli, Eşme, Kayseri, Milas and Sumak rugs, which are a part of Anatolian culture, are models that have succeeded in showing themselves in homes for many years. valuable parts of handicraft handwoven rug and its varieties offer its users the opportunity to use it for many years, like a loyal veteran at the corner of thousands of homes.

Bardız Hand Woven

Bardız hand-woven rug, which is an important cultural product of Erzurum region, comes to the fore with its fine structures. Bardız rugs, which offer the opportunity to be used as sofa and cedar cover with their light texture, are also ideal for laying on the floors of rooms and tents. hand woven rug among the varieties. 

Stale Hand Woven

The most specific feature of Bayat hand-woven rugs, which are produced using the famous wool of Afyon, is the use of madder without coloring the wool. Brown hand woven rug If you are looking for stale rugs, it is a very good choice for you. Hand-woven rugs, especially produced in walnut color tones, show themselves in houses with light colors.

Denizli Hand Woven

Denizli kilims, which are carefully woven with the special Kirman wool spinning technique, come to life with completely natural yarns. It has been processed with a lot of effort in Denizli region for years and has various colors. Denizli hand woven rug The colors of the models are natural like the threads. Natural yarns colored with root dye allow the production of rugs in soft or lively tones. In addition, the yarns dyed with this special technique offer a variety of color scales to the users. It is possible to feel both modern and traditional patterns of Anatolia in Denizli hand-woven rugs.

Esme Hand Woven

butler carpet and kilims are of great importance for Anatolian culture. Hand woven rugs processed in the Eşme region are born from the combination of special weft yarns. The masters of Eşme weaving, which is a unique weaving method, prefer especially thick clay or wool threads when weaving this rug. Decorated with various colors and patterns Esme hand woven rug models reveal themselves with the unique cultural motifs of Uşak.

Hand woven rug from goat hair models come to the fore with their durable structures and Eşme hand weavings have a very durable structure as they are produced from thick bristle. In addition, its colors, motifs and weaving techniques have unique characteristics in the Eşme region. Another point that distinguishes Eşme rugs from other rugs is that they are woven with threads in pastel tones.

Kayseri Hand Woven

Kayseri, which has mostly the same characteristics with Anatolian rugs, hand woven rug The motifs used in the varieties are easily distinguishable from other kilims. Although the motifs of wire, which is a weaving method, find their place in many regions, the patterns processed in the Kayseri region are evident.

Milas Hand Woven

Reflecting the tradition of Muğla, these hand-woven rugs carry the characteristics of the region. Colors and motifs are in harmony in Milas hand-woven rugs. It comes to life with the flat weaving technique. Milas hand woven rug, It prepares in a month that requires patience and gets up from the counter and meets your homes.

Karabakh Hand Woven

Karabakh rugs, one of the noblest pieces of Azerbaijani culture, are designed with black color meeting with roses. Also known as the crate old hand woven Karabakh rug It gets this name because it was touched in the old times and put into the chests without being used.

Sumac Hand Woven

Sumak hand-woven rugs, named after the weaving method, are models that have made their name known to almost the whole world from the Iranian geography. Sumac is not only a weaving technique, but also a name given to motifs. Sumac pattern with more geometric lines hand woven rug It takes its place among the elements that make the handicraft feel to the end in its varieties.

Hand-woven rugs are divided into types according to their structural features and patterns as well as their local locations. for example embossed hand woven rug It is a model that makes you feel life-like reality with its three-dimensional structure. If you want to see traces of many different cultures on your rugs, patchwork rug hand woven varieties are very suitable for you. Hand woven rug runner varieties are designed for the corridors that welcome you to your living spaces and offered to your use.

What are the Features of Hand Woven Rugs? How is its structure?

From the nomadic life to the present hand woven rug models are produced from yarns such as wool and bristle. The structures of these rugs, which generally use animal yarns, are thin, but the texture is hard. Hand-woven rugs, which are quite durable, come to the fore with their cultural features and become the saviors of homes in summer with their fine structures.

How to Understand a Hand Woven Rug?

hand woven rugAlthough it usually reveals itself with its texture, it is understood how much effort has been put in with a little observation. The knots on the back of the rug you will buy can tell you whether the rug is hand-woven or not. Flat and faultless knots usually indicate that the rug is a machine-woven rug. However, intermittent knots and rows progress asymmetrically in hand-woven rugs.

Where are Hand Woven Rugs Used?

Hand woven rug models Although they are mostly laid on the floors of houses, some rugs with different characteristics can be used in many different areas such as chest cover. The patterns that the rugs carry on them and their meanings enable these rugs to be hung on the wall like a painting.

What are the Advantages of Using Hand Woven Rugs?

Anatolian geography is an important location for rug weaving, but it also allows rugs to diversify. Such a diversification of handicraft undoubtedly affects home decoration positively and helps its users in home design. Rugs are practical floor aids with their light structure. The pile feature in carpets hand woven rug It ensures that the floor remains more spacious, especially in the summer months.

The cleaning of hand-woven rugs, which offer functional use with their thin structures, is also a more comfortable process than carpets. Rugs without pile feature are more easily cleaned from dust, dirt and stains. However, it should not be forgotten that hand-woven rugs need a more delicate cleaning process as they come to life with natural yarns and dyes.

Hand-woven rug models, which vary in usage according to the region where they are produced, also give you certain clues about which corner of the house they will be used. For example; Bardız hand-woven rugs are processed more finely than normal rugs. For this reason, Bardız can also be used as a hand-woven cover.

In addition, hanging rugs on the wall like a work of art is a bridge from the past to the present. Karabağ hand-woven, which has motifs inspired by nature, is the most possible model to meet with the walls. If you are one of those who want to feel the effort, to be a part of nature and to feel the cultural motifs. hand woven rug models are the most suitable choice for you.

What are the Points to Consider While Buying Hand Woven Rugs?

It is necessary to consider various factors before purchasing carpets and rugs, which are complementary parts of home decoration. Able to use for many years hand woven rug It offers you a quality experience when preferred in harmony with other pieces in home decoration. Because hand woven rug Things to consider while buying can be listed as follows:

  • The area where the rug will be used and the size of the rug should be compatible.
  • The harmony between the colors of the rug and the home decoration.
  • The connection of kilim patterns with home decoration.
  • Whether the materials used in the production of rugs cause an allergic reaction in the user.
  • Whether the cleaning and maintenance needs of the rug comply with the user's request.

How to Store Hand Woven Rug?

If you want to store the hand-woven rug after use, it is important to go through a certain cleaning routine first. Although the sweeping process with the help of a broom is sufficient in some cases, having it washed allows you to use the rug hygienically in the next use. hand woven carpet rug Another important point in storage is to roll the rug and store it. The biggest reason for this is processed with root dyes. hand woven rug patterns and their colors should be protected from sunlight as much as possible.

How Much Are Hand Woven Rugs?

It is not possible to talk about a standard price for every product touched by handicraft. Especially hand woven rug prices The quality of the yarn woven by the rug varies according to various factors, especially its size, weaving style and region. Different hand-woven rug models bearing the naive traces of different cultures are at Halıcızade!

How to Wash Hand Woven Rug?

Hand woven rug washing First of all, a clean, large and flat area is needed for the process. Wet the rug to be washed in this area with cool and warm water. Then you can add harsh chemicals and non-bleach hygienic liquids to the wet rug. However, rugs using root dye must be washed with natural carpet shampoo or soap. Lather gently with the help of a sponge or a non-hard brush and thoroughly cleanse the rug from the cleaning liquid after foaming. In this way, you can easily handle the washing process.

How to Clean a Hand Woven Rug?

Hand woven rug cleaning, It can be cleaned from dust with a vacuum cleaner in daily routine. Since the rugs have a fine structure due to the weaving technique, they should be treated gently during the cleaning and maintenance stages. Free from dust except daily routine handwoven rug It can be wiped with natural carpet shampoos that do not contain heavy chemicals and with the help of a damp cloth. Professional cleaning is recommended at most once a year for hand-woven rugs.

Where to Buy Hand Woven Rug?

Halıcızade, who attaches importance to the craftsmanship brought by hand labor and experience; different from each other, appealing to all tastes hand woven rug brings you the models. According to the needs of you and your homes hand woven rug You can easily find your options with the help of Halıcızade's expert staff.