First impression, first meeting moment is important. From the first moment we see some people, we feel close to them with the energy they radiate, the smiles they generously share, or the way they talk that makes us feel good. We realize immediately that we have taken the first step of a good friendship. The same feeling applies to a large extent to our relationship with objects and spaces. From this point enteris the face of our relationship with a house, doorway carpet this can be compared to the smile on the face, to a warm hello. 


How Should Color Selection Be Made in Entrance Carpets?

Welcoming your guests and perhaps more importantly you, welcoming you to the venue. doorway carpetWith this aspect, it is very important in terms of the general atmosphere you want to create in the space. For a balanced and peaceful welcome, doorway carpet You can choose neutral colors in your choices. If you have designed a colorful environment throughout the house, use brighter colors. entrance carpets You can reflect this atmosphere in the hall and place the first signs of the environment waiting for you and your guests right at the entrance of the house.


How should the material selection be in the entrance carpets?

But it should not be forgotten that the entrance carpets serve as a necessary bridge between the house and the street. If the intensity of movement is high in your training, you can use abstract-geometric designs and repetitive patterns. carpet modelswill reflect less potential contamination and wear. for the same reasons doorway carpet The choice of material is also important in the selection. For example, durable and relatively easy-to-clean materials such as wool can be a long-lasting option for your doorway. As a more affordable alternative, you can choose synthetic materials that are resistant to moisture and dirt. You can access detailed information about the right material for all your spaces from the Halıcızade material selection guide.


How Should the Size Selection Be Made in Entrance Carpets?

Carpet for the entrance When choosing, you should make sure that there is a gap of at least 30 centimeters between the wall and your carpet. Moreover enter You can calculate your carpet as approximately 30-40% of the size of the doorway. If you have a wide anteroom, round doorway rug may be an elegant option for you.