Anatolian carpetKnotted, blanket, blanket or pile fabrics, produced meticulously on hand looms, are generally based on the weaving tradition and brought with them by the Turks when they migrated from Central Asia to Anatolia. The oldest carpet of Anatolia The construction material of these carpets, known as carpets, is generally sheep fleece. This is the Turks' Anatolian carpet It is a situation that arises from the fact that the economic source in the field is livestock farming. Thanks to Halıcızade, which aims to add an aesthetic and cultural atmosphere to your living space, it contains different patterns. Anatolian carpet You can easily access the models.

What is Anatolian Carpet?

Anatolian carpetsare the most well-known and frequently preferred carpets around the world. These carpets, which are an extension of the traditions of the Turkish States, have survived from the past to the present. The cultural differences created by dominating large geographies are also seen in Anatolian carpets. These models, which have become the symbols of the richness of Turkish culture, appeal to large masses in different countries.

The motifs used in these carpets are symbolic of the objects or events that the weaving person or persons want to convey. As in many other handicrafts, almost every motif used has been a means of conveying feelings and thoughts. Some of the most striking and frequently used motifs in Anatolian carpets can be listed as follows;

  • scorpion motif
  • Hook
  • This was waiting
  • Hand and finger motifs
  • Bird
  • hair tie
  • Tree of Life

These motifs and patterns dating from the past to the present have their own unique meanings. These are people; They are products that reflect their social status, migration, sadness, disaster, belief, marriage, singleness, longing, and love.

What are Ethnic Design Anatolian Carpet Models?

Ethnic designed Anatolian carpets bring a new breath to the decoration of the environment in which they are used, with their striking patterns and colors. These models, which are preferred in many different countries, especially in Turkey, are rare pieces that can be preferred by those who want to bring different geographies to their homes. There are many different models of Anatolian carpets. Some of them can be listed as follows;

Turkish Carpet

Almost every carpet woven in Anatolia is called a Turkish carpet. Turkish motifs These models, which are mainly focused on, are special pieces woven in the western part of Anatolia. These pieces, which contain many different events and phenomena, convey different periods of history to future generations in different ways.

Uşak Carpet

belonging to a particular design family uşak carpetIt is one of the most popular pieces of the Ottoman period. Even if the details embroidered in its production are woven in different regions, important Anatolian carpet one of its models.

Pazirik Carpet

It is an archaeological artifact that is frequently talked about. pazyrik carpetIt is known as the oldest carpet in the world. In these models, which are accepted as a reflection of the nomadic culture, many motifs that reflect the happy lifestyle are used.

What are the Anatolian Carpet Features?

Anatolian carpetIt is generally woven in Turkey, but recently, with the development of production technologies, imported textured, Anatolian patterned carpet models have also started to be produced. Almost all of them are hand-woven, but in some cases they are also machine-made. It is frequently used in plain spaces to add a more dynamic and moving image. It almost completes the area where it is used with its stimulating different and lively patterns.

Blue, navy or red Anatolian carpet The magnificent atmosphere created by the vibrant colors of the models are the details that attract attention in many different designs. The tobacco, spike, hand on hip, scorpion, chest, tree of life, or Anatolian carpet with leaf motif in the middle, The fact that they have different meanings from each other also highlights their remarkable cultural characteristics.

While vegetable dyes were used in the production process in the old times, more chemical dyes have been used in recent years due to the frequency of production. These carpets, which contain different figures, can be used for investment purposes as well as adapting to almost any decoration. Classic furniture is often used in farmhouses, conservatories or work areas. In addition, these models, which create a feeling of warmth due to their structure, also have the feature of breaking the cold.

How is Anatolian Carpet Used?

How to use Anatolian carpets is as important as choosing them to create a correct and stylish decoration. In order for these parts to wear out over time and be used for a longer period of time, certain conditions should be taken into consideration. For example; Carpets should not always be laid in the same direction. This is very important so that both sides wear out at the same rate. In addition, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

In cases where the carpets are not used for a long time, mothballing helps to preserve the structure of the carpet. In addition, since the pointed furniture used in home decoration will also damage the structure of the carpet, care should be taken to avoid direct contact.

Where is Anatolian Carpet Used?

Combining different patterns and colors Anatolian carpet Models are an integral part of home decoration. Generally, in areas where wooden furniture is used, vivid color models are preferred, while in calmer areas, an authentic image can be created by using earth tones.

Anatolian handmade carpet modelsIt is also preferred to achieve a good harmony as it gives mobility to transition points such as corridors or balconies. with a unique place in the world Anatolian carpet, It is based on the Turkish nations to convey their observations, feelings and thoughts with symbols. For this reason, all carpets used have different meanings.

Where to Buy Anatolian Carpet?

Anatolian carpet models, reaches its buyers through different brands. In this sense, the wide variety of brands allows carpets to be diversified in terms of design and quality. Anatolian carpet While purchasing, you can easily reach many cost-effective, high quality and stylish models with different brands, as well as with Halıcızade.

How Much Are Anatolian Carpet Prices?

The construction phase is quite long and laborious. Anatolian carpet prices it is usually shaped according to the usage area, craftsmanship and figure types. Also used as a hand rug Anatolian carpetSince it is produced in different sizes, pricing also varies depending on the size. It is also worth considering that labor is highly effective. Halıcızade helps you find affordable and high-quality carpet models and makes it easier for you to adapt to the conditions of the time.

What to Consider When Choosing an Anatolian Carpet?

While choosing these carpets, which are suitable for use in most areas, besides adding a classic air to the houses; There are important points to be considered such as the area used, the type and thickness of the rope, the colors and patterns used. These points can be listed as follows;

  • Colors used
  • Price
  • Thread type
  • Area of use
  • Figures used

How to Clean Anatolian Hand Carpet?

Cleaning Anatolian handmade carpets is a sensitive issue that requires attention and care. These precious pieces, which have existed for centuries, should be treated with care so that they are not damaged during the cleaning phase. If any substance is spilled on the carpet, the problem area should be cleaned first with a clean cloth or napkin. However, if there is no serious dirt, the problem area can be easily cleaned with the help of water. Considering that any chemical-containing cleaning product can seriously damage the carpet, detergents with clean content should be used.

Excess water remaining on the carpet should be removed with a dry cloth or towel. If the wetness on the carpet is severe, it can be left to dry in an area with an average temperature, without direct exposure to sunlight. Anyone who wants to bring the cultural values ​​of Turkish Culture into their living space can easily access Anatolian carpets in various colors and patterns with the difference of Halıcızade.