Bamboo carpet is a type of carpet created by spinning the bamboo plant, which is the symbolic plant of the Far East. Shining like a star among nature-friendly carpet models bamboo yarn carpet It provides a quality experience to its users with its designs and soft features. Halicizade uses premium quality bamboo yarns. bamboo carpet presents its models.

What is Bamboo Carpet? What are the types?

Bamboo carpets are carpet designs produced using bamboo yarns. The yarns produced from the fibers of the bamboo plant are used in many areas and are often preferred in carpet making. Versatile carpet types that come to life with bamboo yarns are undoubtedly bamboo carpets.. bamboo carpet It hosts a variety of designs, colors and patterns. It also comes to life with hand and machine weaving methods.

hand weaving technique bamboo carpet Although it is not preferred much in its varieties, users who give importance to nature and manual labor prefer this weaving technique more often. In addition to carpet types produced from pure bamboo fibers, this technique bamboo acrylic carpet models are also possible. Bamboo hand woven rug The biggest reason for using acrylic in varieties is to make the carpet more durable.  

bamboo carpet In addition to the models in which 100% bamboo yarn is used, it is used only in pattern making or carpet making.n There are also designs in which bamboo thread is used in certain parts. This is the most important factor that allows the variety of bamboo carpets and rugs to increase.

bamboo woven carpet While the designs that adapt to many styles among its models are distributed in a wide range, it also diversifies the rug models. bamboo rug carpet The feature that distinguishes these types from other rugs is their soft texture. Bamboo yarn rug models, which have the most naive touch of rugs that are frequently used especially in summer months, come to the fore with their different designs.

The most notable features of bamboo machine carpet models are that they have a soft and shiny structure. These carpets, produced with bamboo yarn that also has antibacterial properties, are also very useful for users with allergic conditions.

Bamboo Carpet Designs and Patterns

Its designs and patterns are as special as its yarn. bamboo yarn carpet models are produced in styles that appeal to the taste of every user. In particular, modern and classical designs are preferred more frequently. bamboo rug, It hosts different patterns. Ethnic design, which finds its place in houses that have a more retro decoration apart from modernity, adds a different atmosphere to the environment with the timeless combination of various colors.

Reflecting the elegance of the middle ages for users who want to leave the standard lines of the classical style and want to make a difference in home decoration. damask patterned carpet designs are recommended. Damask's elegant lines are soft bamboo carpet models When it meets with the comfort zone, the pleasure is carried to another dimension.

The most popular pieces of recent times with their designs and silky structures. bamboo carpet The patterns of the varieties are also prepared with equal care. Among the patterns prepared according to the taste of every user and the needs of every home, the most culturally distinctive are undoubtedly the Afghan patterned carpet models. Afghan carpets, mostly dominated by the color red, are an integral part of classically furnished houses.

Another pattern in which the characteristic lines create cultic reflections is the Anatolian patterned carpet models. Although these motifs from the past are symbols of locality, they easily fit in with modern, classical and ethnic style houses. Especially the Anatolian pattern is a heritage and this heritage bamboo carpet It allows models to reach more homes.  

The butler pattern, another value of Anatolian culture, is home to models that have made their name known to the world. The butler pattern, which is a symbol of elite tastes, has lines reflecting the renaissance time. If you are looking for a carpet with classic lines and a soft texture at the same time, it has a butler pattern. bamboo carpet models It is a very suitable choice for you. 

Also for users who want to catch a more modern air in their homes. geometric pattern bamboo carpet It's pretty ideal. The air created by the geometric lines reflects the necessities of the age, while helping the minimal style to come to the fore.

What are the Features of Bamboo Carpet? How is its structure?

Bamboo carpets are carpet models that are frequently preferred with their soft and shiny structure and produced from natural yarns. Produced from quality bamboo yarns bamboo carpet models Although it has silk shine, it provides you floors as soft as silk.  

Bamboo carpet features The first thing that comes to mind when it is said is undoubtedly vibrant colors. The fibers formed into yarn absorb the dye easily and trap it inside the fibers. This feature bamboo carpet This means that varieties can be used for many years without fading.  

Although vibrant colors are an important factor that attracts users, the structure of the carpet is also a major factor influencing preferences. Although the bamboo plant draws a tough image with its durable feature, carpets as soft and shiny as silk come to life with bamboo threads.

Quality bamboo threads stand out with their durable properties, providing you with a long-lasting, natural bamboo silk carpet offers experience. In addition, bamboo carpets, which have a light structure due to their raw material, manage to win hearts with their easy-to-carry feature. 

breathable threads bamboo carpet It is one of the most important features of the models. This feature bamboo carpet makes it an ideal decoration material for asthma and allergy sufferers. Does not tire users with respiratory diseases bamboo carpet types It can also be preferred in sensitive places such as baby rooms.

Is Bamboo Carpet Healthy?

The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of the bamboo plant bamboo yarn carpet types makes it a healthy choice. Bamboo carpet, which is environmentally and environmentally friendly, is an ideal choice for respiratory tract and allergy sufferers, and can be easily used in areas such as children's and baby rooms.

How is Bamboo Carpet Produced?

When the bamboo plant, which has a fast-growing feature, reaches maturity, its stem is made into pulp by wetting it and the pulp obtained is fibrous and converted into yarn. Although bamboo fibers made into yarn are frequently preferred in various sectors, their place in the carpet sector is quite different. Bamboo yarns are mostly brought to life by machine weaving method and have natural shine. bamboo yarn carpet models meet your homes.

Where are Bamboo Carpet Models Used?

It is appreciated with its soft and shiny structure. bamboo carpet models It is an ideal choice for those who want to achieve a silky touch in their living spaces. Making comfort zones more livable bamboo yarn carpet While its varieties often find a place in homes, they are also among the pieces that show themselves in concept offices. Making comfort areas such as bedrooms more spacious and cool bamboo carpetadds elegance to spaces decorated in different ways with its various colors. 

Bamboo carpets can be produced in various colors and patterns, as well as in different sizes. Especially the living room and room sizes of the apartments bamboo carpet 4m2 These are very suitable areas for Also for homes with larger areas bamboo rug 6 square meters recommended. Users who enjoy the comfort of bamboo carpets in their living rooms and rooms bamboo carpet runner frequently prefer models.  

Silk look bamboo rug whereas It is not preferred just for its appearance. These models, which stand out with their features, are a healthy choice and can often find a place in baby and children's rooms. There are many models in various sizes for those who want not only a comfort area but also a spacious softness in different corners of the house. bamboo carpet model meets you with Halıcızade quality.

What are the Points to Consider When Buying Bamboo Carpet?

Carpets, which are among the decor products that can change the whole atmosphere of the houses, are divided into categories according to their yarn types, and if there is a special piece among these categories, this piece is undoubtedly bamboo carpet are models. Although bamboo carpets are often preferred for their silky properties, there are a few important points to know and pay attention to before owning this carpet model. These important points can be listed as follows:

  • The size of the area where the carpet will be laid and the harmony of the carpet with the space,
  • The harmony of the colors and patterns of the bamboo carpet with the home decoration,
  • production technique,
  • The quality of the yarn used in production,
  • The compatibility of the loop and weaving technique with the user's cleaning routine,
  • Knowing which external factors affect bamboo yarn,
  • Knowing the effects of yarn in terms of health

In addition, bamboo carpets are not recommended for floors with underfloor heating. Bamboo and its thread, an exotic plant, can be adversely affected by high temperatures.  

bamboo carpet Another issue that should be taken into consideration is liquid spills. Especially after water spills, the part of the carpet with bamboo yarn in contact with water should be carefully cleaned of water and then ventilated to dry quickly. Otherwise, yellowing may occur on your carpet.

How Much Are Bamboo Carpet Prices?

The indispensable model of users who want the elegance of the Far East in their homes. bamboo rug, meets with its lovers with different patterns, designs and sizes. Especially bamboo carpet models and prices It varies according to brands, and these different prices are generally shaped by the quality of the threads used by the brands.  

bamboo carpet prices It varies not only according to the quality of the yarn used, but also according to the quantity of yarn used, the size of the carpet, its design and the properties of the dyes used.  

Moreover bamboo carpet modelsThe most important factor affecting the price of the design is how detailed weaving the design requires. The price of a plain bamboo carpet may be much more affordable than another model with dense patterns. For example bamboo carpet runner Since their varieties are generally plain, their prices are more budget-friendly. You are also in your dreams to bamboo carpet models You can immediately contact the master carpet makers of Halıcızade to reach them with one click.

How to Clean Bamboo Carpet?

lately bamboo carpet usage has increased and this increase has raised the question of how to clean bamboo carpet. Bamboo carpet, which needs routine cleaning like every carpet, should first be cleaned of dust with the help of a vacuum cleaner.  

It is recommended to vacuum bamboo carpets slowly, as vacuuming frequency may vary depending on the contamination process. In addition, the sweeping process parallel to the lying direction helps your bamboo carpet to be cleaned of dust better.

free of dust bamboo silk carpet It can be wiped with a damp cloth, provided that it is not frequently. The important point here is that the cloth should not be too wet. When the very wet cloth comes into contact with the bamboo carpet, it may cause yellowing because the water absorption rate of the carpet is high.

The most frightening scenario in carpets is the contact of a liquid that will stain the carpet. bamboo carpet You can use special carpet shampoos to prevent the spilled liquid from leaving stains. Wiping in one direction without pressing during the intervention to the stain also prevents you from damaging the carpet. In addition, making sure that the special carpet cleaning liquids you will use in the wiping process do not contain heavy chemicals such as bleach means that you can use your carpet for longer periods.

 Cleaning routines can also change according to weaving types. bamboo carpet Hand weaving technique in models requires a more careful cleaning process. Bamboo hand woven carpet cleaning process should proceed more precisely. Bamboo carpets that come to life as hand-woven should never be swept and wiped by pressing.

How to Wash Bamboo Carpet?

Outside of the classic routines bamboo carpet It also needs professional washing. to be made at home

bamboo carpet cleaning process may damage your carpet and reduce its usage time. For this reason, it is recommended that the bamboo carpet, which has a completely natural yarn, be delivered to professional washers.

Is Bamboo Carpet machine washable?

Not suitable for users who want a practical cleaning process bamboo carpet cannot be washed in the washing machine. This environmentally friendly carpet, which requires a particularly sensitive cleaning process, is not suitable for machine washing, but when it is washed with cleaning liquids containing heavy chemicals, bad results are encountered.

Bamboo Carpet Buy from Halıcızade!

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