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leather carpetThese models, which are powerful decoration products, add a different style to modern spaces with their natural structure. With models suitable for every taste, leather fleece carpets adapt to the atmosphere of many houses decorated in different ways, while bringing comfort. You can reach different leather carpet models with Halıcızade quality.

What is Leather Carpet? What are the types?

Bringing the tradition of the past to homes leather rugis a decoration product that emerges with the meeting of naturalness and aesthetics and hosts different models. Leather carpets, which have different models for users who want to go beyond the standards in home design and include cultural inspirations in their homes, also appeal to various budgets.

Users who want their living spaces to become one with nature leather rug varieties can easily reflect these wishes with nobility of nature leather fur rug models It adds a strong atmosphere to home decoration. In addition to the atmosphere that carpet models made entirely of leather add to the homes, leather carpets are a strong alternative for those who do not prefer synthetic yarns.

Among the budget-friendly models artificial leather post carpet models It stands out with its soft structures. Faux leather carpet models, which provide a comfortable floor, allow ethnic and rustic style to be reflected. Additionally, natural patterns can also be embroidered on artificial leather carpet types. You can access the faux leather carpet types, which are frequently preferred by users who are especially sensitive about this issue, with the assurance of Halıcızade.

Nature friendly with every model leather carpet models, While it adapts to many houses with its various color and pattern scales, it makes you feel the traditional traces. If you want a traditional modernity in your homes, abstract, geometric and modern patterned leather carpets are just for you. For users who do not want to stray from the line brought by culturalism, it is classically designed and patchwork leather rug models are recommended.

In addition, leather carpets with simple and geometric patterns that appeal to a minimal lifestyle are among the sought-after pieces in differently decorated homes with their various colors. Post carpet types, which have no boundaries and bring the power of nature to homes, with their eye-catching structures. leather rug It is among the indispensable models. If there is a piece that makes long spaces such as corridors more special, it is undoubtedly leather carpet runner are models.

Although leather carpets are eye-catching with their designs, they are frequently preferred models with their functional features. leather floor carpet As long as the varieties are of good quality, they have no smell. In addition, the main feature that customers look for in leather carpets is the non-slip sole. Considering the customer demands of Halicizade non slip leather floor carpet It also hosts a variety of

What are the Features of Leather Carpet? How is its structure?

Leather carpets made of genuine leather, in addition to being completely natural, do not contain any substances that are harmful to human health. One of the most beautiful features of the leather is that it does not allow harmful parasites such as mites to form. easy to clean leather rug models It also has dust and stain resistant properties.

In addition to its structural features, the original designs and models of leather carpet types easily adapt to many home decorations. Colors and patterns, which are important parts of the design, determine the model of the leather carpet and make it easier for you to find a carpet according to the needs of your home.

leather carpet The structure of the models varies according to the raw material of the leather. Genuine leather also varies according to the animal skin from which the carpet is made. Since the leather of animals such as calves and cattle is generally preferred, the structure of the leather carpet has hard and shiny hairs. artificially produced post carpet The structure of such products is softer.

How to Make a Leather Carpet?

leather carpet making Although it is an important process, it has various stages and these operations must be carried out carefully. The secret of quality leather is to obtain the skin of well-cared-for cattle such as calves, cattle or cows. Leather has a unique odor and to prevent this, it needs to be tanned properly.

How to Tell Real Leather Carpet?

With the developing technology real leather rug Many carpets that look like but are of artificial nature are put on the market. For this reason, it is very important for both you and your budget to pay attention to whether it is real when buying leather carpets. For this reason, you should pay attention to a few important points that indicate whether it is real or not when buying leather carpets. These important points can be listed as follows:

  • real leather rug The most important feature of its varieties is the unique smell of the leather.
  • Do not forget to apply pressure when comparing real leather and artificial leather carpets. Genuine leather tends to wrinkle when pressure is applied, just like human skin.
  • Definitely check the surface of the leather rug. Real leather definitely has a rough feeling.
  • Real leather does not catch fire. Although the test with fire is a bit risky, it is the fire test that gives you the most accurate information about whether the carpet is genuine leather.
  • Another test that can be considered risk-free compared to the fire test is the water test. Pouring a small amount of water on the leather carpet will help you determine whether the leather is real or not. If the leather absorbs water immediately, it is real leather. Plastic and similar substances in artificial leather prevent the absorption of water.

Besides these tests real leather rug The price of the models is slightly higher than other carpets due to their naturalness and workmanship. Although it is the demand of every user to have leather carpet types at an affordable price, it is worth noting that leather and leather workmanship are more costly than other types of carpets, so they are subject to high fees.

Where is Leather Carpet Used?

Although leather carpets, which are eye-catching pieces of nature, find a place in many living spaces, they are often preferred in business areas such as offices. which will welcome you with all its elegance at the entrance of the house. leather carpet runner You can easily combine living spaces such as living rooms with these models.

Those who want to go beyond the limits and standards in business life carry leather carpets to their offices. Especially business people who care about comfort and eye pleasure prefer to use leather carpets in their offices. post carpet they want to display their varieties like a work of art on their walls.

What are the Points to Consider While Buying a Leather Carpet?

Carpet selection, which is an important issue in home decoration, plays a major role in capturing the desired atmosphere in living spaces. Especially leather rug There are important points that users who want to bring a piece of nature to their homes should pay attention to, and these points can be listed as follows:

  • The colors and decoration of the area where the carpet will be used
  • Floor or wall size of the area where the carpet will be used
  • What style is the preferred carpet model?
  • Especially if natural leather is preferred, whether the carpet is real leather or not
  • Whether there is a pet in the house where the leather carpet will be used
  • Carpet types made of leather should be purchased considering the possibility of the carpet user having an allergic reaction to the hairs on the skin.

In addition to these important points that users should pay attention to, Halıcızade pays attention to supplying first-class quality leather. Halıcızade, who does not particularly prefer killed animal skins for his skin, also attaches importance to ethical values ​​in this regard.

How Much Are Leather Carpet Prices?

Reflecting the nobility of nature leather carpet prices It varies according to the material, size and design from which the product is produced. The price of leather carpets made of genuine leather is higher than artificial leather carpets. If you want to bring the power of nature to your homes at affordable prices in your home decoration, you can also choose carpet models made of artificial leather. Halicizade hosts many quality products and delivers this quality to you safely.

How to Wash Leather Carpet?

leather carpet washing Although the question of how to do it confuses many users, it actually has only one answer. This answer is definitely professional washing. Dry cleaning companies that carry out professional washing will perform the deep cleaning and maintenance of your leather carpet in an expert way for you.

Leather carpet care It is a process that should not be performed at home, such as washing. There is a lot of misinformation about the care of leather carpets, and when this incorrect information turns into practice, it can damage the leather carpet. Improper care at home can cause your leather carpet to lose its shine, lose its feathers and lose its durability.

Is Leather Carpet Machine Washable?

Leather carpet types It cannot be washed at home, nor should it be washed in the washing machine. Leather carpets, which need a delicate cleaning process, increase the possibility of encountering irreversible results when machine washed. Problems such as hair loss and deformation may mean that you will not use the leather carpet, which is a valuable part of the home.

How to Clean Leather Carpet?

A regular cleaning process is a necessity for leather carpets as every carpet needs. Daily or weekly, which you will make according to your own order. leather carpet cleaning It helps your carpet to look lively and bright as on the first day. Regardless of the leather carpet model, it can be easily cleaned of dust with a vacuum cleaner. The dust-proofing feature of leather carpets, especially made of genuine leather, provides you with an easy and effortless cleaning process, while at the same time preventing the wear of the carpet that may occur due to cleaning processes.

leather carpet Not being able to wash the varieties does not mean that they cannot be erased. However, wiping is also a process that requires precision and the use of cleaning liquids with heavy chemical content is not recommended. The dust-free leather carpet can be gently wiped with a damp cloth and cleaned of dirt.

Where to Buy Leather Carpet?

Carpets, which are indispensable for home decoration products, turn into more special pieces when they meet with the quality of Halıcızade. As with every product in Halicizade leather rug It offers products of first class quality to its users. You can securely shop in-store or on the website. If the answer to the question of where to buy a leather rug for you is trust and quality, we will be pleased to meet you as the Halıcızade team. Offering its wide product range to its users with confidence, Halıcızade is honored to bring together various models, patterns and colors with your carefully designed nests.