In museums all over the world Ushak carpet, It is a cultural heritage. History of Uşak carpet When evaluated from this point of view, you have to go back a long way. These carpets, which managed to become one of the most important export products of the Ottoman Empire at the time, spread all over the world and found a place even in European castles. In addition, it also accompanies the paintings of famous painters. Uşak carpet motifs, It is also known for the different meanings it has. With these meanings, which you can learn from carpet masters who are experts in the field of Halıcızade, you can decorate your home or office as you wish.

What is Uşak Carpet?

butler rugIt is a model that everyone who is interested in carpet is familiar with. One of his spouses is in the Louvre museum, a copy of which is in the Renaissance paintings, which adorns dreams and adds an exotic atmosphere to the living space. Uşak carpet types Its history dates back to the 14th century. You can easily add life to your living spaces with these carpets, which take their name from hundreds of years of history.

What are the Features of Uşak Carpet?

Uşak carpet features When examined in terms of the Turkish knot, it is seen that the double knot technique known as the Turkish knot is used. With borders in the form of borders and flower-like patterns inside Uşak carpet The starting point is hand weaving. With a delicate touch, it becomes a symbol of elegance and care. Ushak carpet; It is classically in the color palette of red, blue, white. It is also produced in colors that keep up with modernism by not getting lost in the corners of the past. Moreover Ushak carpet, It comes to life by weaving by machine as well as by hand weaving.

What are the Uşak Carpet Types and Models?

Creating a world in itself Uşak patterned carpet Models vary depending on the weaving technique. It is also distinguished by the patterns it contains. Ushak carpet, He also manages to be a guest in the paintings of many painters. At this point, the models identified with the paintings are referred to by the names of the painters. A symbol of prestige beyond being a carpet. Uşak carpet types can be listed as follows:

with bird

Models with this name because their motifs resemble a bird, represent the continuity and immortality of the soul. The bird symbol, which has meanings such as love, lover and the soul of the deceased in Anatolia, is also a representation of strength and power.


produced in the 16th century with medallion Ushak carpet, It reflects the dominance and creative power of Turkish carpet masters. The corners of the carpet, which has a large medallion in the middle, are also marked with quarter medallions. Additionally, the interior of the medallions along with the base of the carpet are filled with miniature art.

Angular Medallion

The angular medallion pattern with the dragon designed in the form of a spike symbolizes fertility. In addition, the tree of life composition adorned with flowers dominates the products.

4 Corner Star Uşak Carpet

Eight-sided star motifs starry Ushak carpet; It has meanings such as birth and renewal of the universe. In addition, the star motif in Turkish carpets also represents productivity.

Local Uşak Carpet

This model, which includes dagger-shaped leaves and colorful flowers, is created by human observation of nature.

Sprinkle Uşak Carpet

Antique Uşak rug These models are the original carpets representing the people of the region they are woven.

Floral Uşak Carpet

Floral carpets, which describe the abundance and fertility of nature, are also local. butler rug one of its varieties. It is produced with a composition of leaves and branches that complement the flowers.

Cloudy Uşak Carpet

The floor of the carpet is equipped with symmetrical shapes. It is named because these shapes resemble clouds. cloudy Uşak carpet, It describes the continuity of life.

Göbekli Uşak Carpet

Carpet models which can typically be classified among belly Uşak carpet, It consists of the harmony of the middle pattern and corner patterns on the ground.


The dots on these carpets, which consist of triangle-shaped three-dot motifs, are reminiscent of a leopard. This motif, used by various cultures, deals with the theme of abundance.

Lotto Out of the Tables

This model, which features bird, dragon and tree of life motifs, which are guests of the famous Italian painter Lorenzo Lotto's paintings, represents the eternity of the soul and immortality.


It is called by this name because it is a model depicted in the paintings of the German painter Hanz Holbein. Decorated with motifs representing life and fertility, this Ushak carpet, consists of dragons designed as find.

Leaf Ushak Carpet

In addition to the red and dark blue colors, the repeating leaf Uşak rug It is a recent example. Modern Uşak carpet This model, which is among the varieties, brings the past and the future together in living spaces.

Where is Uşak Carpet Produced?

It started to be produced in Uşak and spread to the world. Ushak carpet, Today, it is produced in almost every part of the world and meets its fans. cultural heritage Uşak hand carpet, It is a model that has managed to be a guest in European castles as well as Ottoman palaces. These carpets, which gained great importance especially during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, were woven in new styles with weaving masters brought from Azerbaijan. Spreading his name to the world in a short time from the land of his birth Ushak carpet, now it continues to be produced in different countries such as China, Pakistan and India more than Turkey.

Where is Uşak Carpet Used?

Patterns identified with famous paintings Ushak carpet, It can be used in classical spaces furnished with leather furniture, as well as in a natural harmony with wooden floors. Versatile and timeless design Ushak carpet, it also pairs well with modern furniture and industrial spaces. It also brings an organic feel and personality to Scandinavian spaces, evoking nature. Ushak carpet, It can also be used as a painting by hanging it on the wall. These carpets, which make you feel the originality in their colors and patterns at first glance, fascinate everyone who comes to visit your living space.

What are the Advantages of Uşak Carpet Models?

Uşak rug patterns It has motifs that have managed to reach the present with the traces it carries from the past. Therefore, its biggest advantage is that it acts as a bridge. Accompanying modern decorations Ushak carpet, It is frequently preferred by users because it reminds of the past in living spaces. Uşak carpet motifs, It also attracts attention with its different meanings. At this point, while decorating the living space, every object attracts the attention of those who seek meaning. Advantageous in terms of cleaning Ushak carpet, It can be easily cleaned of dust with daily cleaning routines.

Uşak Carpet What are the Points to Consider When Buying a Carpet?

When buying a Uşak carpet, it is necessary to pay attention to factors such as the environment in which the carpet will be used, the cost, and the type of yarn. Uşak carpet models Other points to consider when choosing between them can be listed as follows:

  • In order to achieve harmony in decoration, the environment in which the carpet will be used must be determined well.
  • Since the most important point that determines the energy of the space is the harmony of colors, the carpet to be preferred should have a color that is compatible with the space.
  • Hand woven Uşak rug Since the varieties are more expensive than the machine woven ones, it should be preferred according to the budget.

Where to Buy Uşak Rug?

Produced in many different countries when evaluated as origin Ushak carpet, It can be easily obtained from many carpet stores. a bridge to the past butler rug You can add a different atmosphere to your living spaces with its models. In addition, you can reach these carpet models, which have varying prices according to their features, with just one click in Halıcızade.

How Much Are Uşak Carpet Prices?

Uşak carpet prices It varies according to the weaving technique, yarn type and size of the carpet. Moreover carpet prices It also varies depending on whether the product is imported or not. Weaving with long labors and taking months to build Uşak handmade carpet prices are also subject to higher fees compared to machine-woven ones. In addition, woven from silk Uşak carpet square meter prices It also has higher wages than other yarn types.

Combining durability and finesse butler rug You can easily find models that suit your needs and budget in our range of models. Produced with different yarns and dyes butler carpet You can contact the master carpet makers of Halıcızade immediately to make your choice among the models, and add a new life to your living spaces by adding the model you want to your basket.

How to Wash and Clean Uşak Carpet?

In addition to having a natural structure, it is carefully woven with root dye. Uşak carpet is hand woven It can be easily cleaned with the classical methods used in carpet types. For daily cleaning, sweeping can be applied in the same direction as the hairs of the carpet, or in case of spilling anything on the carpet, a paper towel can be used. In cases where the cleaning will be done by washing, the cleaning materials to be used should be preferred by making sure that they will not shed the hairs of the carpet or fade its color.

machine weaving butler rug Daily cleaning can be done quickly with the help of a vacuum cleaner. When detailed cleaning is desired, professional carpet washing centers should be preferred. By paying attention to such details regarding cleaning, you will also be able to enjoy the benefits that accompany your life. With the Uşak carpet model You can stay together for many years.

You can use it anywhere you want. butler carpet You can reach the varieties of Halıcızade immediately.