cotton carpet models are carpets produced for those who want softness and textured structure in their decoration. These pieces, which can be used in homes and offices with peace of mind, are produced from 100% natural materials. plain for your style patterned cotton rug ve geometric patterned cotton rug You can choose models and access a wide range of products. You can choose different types of cotton carpets to make your living spaces more comfortable and to make choices in line with your own style. Cotton carpet models, which can be used in areas where both modern and classical designs are dominant, are waiting for you in Halıcızade with many color and pattern options. 

What is Cotton Carpet? How is it produced?

cotton carpet These models are carpets whose raw material is cotton and have a natural structure. The biggest reason why they have a very high quality structure is that they are made of 100% cotton. Thanks to this feature, it can be used for many years without any problems. Cotton carpet models, which have a wide product range in terms of color variety and size, can be easily used in home and office decorations.

What are the Cotton Carpet Types?

Cotton carpets are diversified in themselves as cotton Afghan carpet, ethnic patterned carpet, classical patterned carpet or modern patterned carpet. All of the varieties have their own unique uses and styles. Models that will easily fit with the furniture, paint or accessories you use in your decoration cotton carpet category awaits you.

Afghan Carpet

made of cotton afghan carpet models are frequently used in both classical and modern decorations. The completely natural Afghan carpets are also in harmony with the cream and wood tones used in the decoration. They are delicate models that require professional washing as they are generally hand woven.

Ethnic Patterned Carpet

ethnic design carpetsallows you to create a modern or traditional ethnic atmosphere in your home. It attracts attention with its various color combinations and unique patterns. These carpets are made of cotton, wool or synthetic materials. natural material woven from threads. In addition, hand weaving or machine weaving techniques are also used. These different weaving methods ensure that each ethnic rug has its own unique character and characteristics.

Damask Patterned

Providing an aesthetic touch to homes damask patterned carpet models It is produced using both hand-woven and machine-woven methods. Hand-woven damask pattern carpet has an elegant, stylish and eye-catching look. While models produced with natural yarns such as cotton are woven by hand, synthetic yarns are generally used in machine weaving processes. These two different weaving methods allow the damask pattern to offer different textures and aesthetic values.

Geometric Pattern

geometric pattern cotton carpets add a modern touch to the space by offering a dynamic look. The designs using various shapes, lines and layouts give each interior its own unique character. The soft and natural structure of cotton combines with geometric patterns to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Geometric patterned cotton carpets, offered in different color combinations and sizes, easily adapt to the general theme of the decoration. Geometric patterns, suitable for modern and traditional interiors, increase the energy of the space and create a visual appeal.

Abstract Patterned

abstract pattern cotton carpets increase the aesthetic level of decoration by offering an artistic touch to interiors. Abstract patterns with no obvious order or shape are a unique way of expressing feelings and thoughts. The softness of the natural texture of cotton, combined with abstract patterns, offers an experience that appeals to both the eye and the touch. Abstract patterned cotton rugs, with different color and size options, can be used in many different interior designs, from modern decorations to more traditional spaces.

Uşak Patterned

butler pattern Cotton carpets form an important part of Turkish carpet art and reflect a rich cultural heritage. Historically, special patterns that emerged in the Uşak region have an important place in the art of carpet weaving. Uşak patterned cotton rugs are decorated with geometric motifs, flowers and stylized animal figures. Cotton yarn helps the carpet to have a soft and pleasant texture while increasing the clarity of the patterns. Ushak patterned cotton carpets, which can be used in traditional and modern spaces, add warmth and an authentic touch to the space. 

Classically Designed

Usually hand woven classic design cotton threads are used in cotton carpets. Classic carpets that require professional washing because they are hand woven are also produced in different sizes. Classically designed cotton rugs; It can also be used as a balcony, runner or entrance carpet.

Modern Design

Known as the symbol of simplicity with modern design cotton carpet models are produced both by hand and machine woven. Modern carpets, which you can use to make your decoration simpler without making it ordinary, appeal to every user with many different colors and patterns. 

What are the Features of Cotton Carpet?  

Cotton carpets are produced using 100% cotton material and stand out with their washable features. Thanks to their hypoallergenic structure, these carpets do not cause allergic reactions and offer a healthy option even for long-term use. 100% cotton carpets while its lightness makes it easy to carry, there is no change in its structure such as hardening over time. In general terms cotton carpet features can be listed as follows:

  • It is produced from a natural fiber.
  • It is hypoallergenic, does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • It is soft and does not harden over time.
  • There are many different and color options.
  • Some of the models can be used both sides.
  • Some models have a non-slip sole feature. 

How to Use Cotton Carpet?

Healthy and environmentally friendly Cotton carpets with a similar structure can be used as living room, living room, bedroom or kitchen carpets. Especially in one of the most frequently used areas of the house. living room cotton rug It is possible to encounter a wide range of models. These pieces are not only for the living room but also living room cotton carpet can also be used as

Specially designed for users who want to spend quality time with children kids room cotton rugThanks to its hypoallergenic feature, it makes game hours healthier and more enjoyable. In Halicizade, for your decoration natural style cotton rugs There is a wide range of options, from minimalist cotton carpet models. In this way, you can easily choose the piece of style and feature you want without getting tired to find the product you are looking for.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Cotton Carpet?

cotton carpet throw away cotton carpet runner The most important points to consider when choosing models are size, weaving technique and easy to clean. In general, the key points to consider when choosing a cotton carpet can be listed as follows:

  • Determining the area to be used
  • Compatibility with decoration and furniture
  • Weaving type
  • The right size
  • where it is produced
  • Easy to clean
  • Being easily portable
  • pile height

How Much Are Cotton Carpet Prices?

cotton carpet pricesIt varies according to the quality of the cotton used and the weaving style of the carpet. Hand-woven cotton rugs may have a higher price tag, while machine-made ones are a more economical option. In addition, the dimensions of the carpet are also a determining factor on the price, and different sizes and weaving methods help the carpet to adapt to the space and affect its price.

How to Clean a Cotton Carpet? How to Care?

Cotton carpets are among the products that are frequently preferred in home decoration, but cotton carpet care and cleaning The process is a little different than other carpets. Cotton carpet cleaning requires a delicate process. Because cotton fibers can shrink when exposed to water.

General cotton carpet cleaning methods These include removing dust and dirt using a low-power vacuum cleaner. Special washing machines or professional cleaning services can be preferred for deeper cleaning. In stain removal processes, using natural cleaners can also be effective.

How to wash cotton carpet The most correct answer to the question is that professional washing should be done. Cotton carpet washing is not a hand-made process, and this method can only be used for certain models. In these models cotton carpet cleaning Make sure that the detergent or shampoo used for the process will not fade the color of the carpet. For this, it may be useful to do a test beforehand. cotton carpet stain remover The same sensitivity should be shown when using the products.

Those who use washable cotton carpets It is available in machine-washable models as well as professional washing. There are some conditions that should be considered in machine-washed carpets. For example, the spin setting should be done correctly and the carpet should not be washed at high temperatures. In addition, it would be better not to expose it to direct sunlight during the drying stage after washing. In this way, the colors of the carpet do not fade.

For regional staining, it is not necessary to wash the entire carpet. Local stains such as coffee, tea or juice stains can be easily cleaned with the help of detergents with clean ingredients and a damp cloth. A brush can also be used during regional cleaning, but it should be noted that this brush has a very soft structure. Especially in hand-woven carpets, brushing can be done considering the possibility of deterioration of the structure of the carpet. The scrubbing process can usually be used on tougher dirt or stains. It is not recommended to use the brush in every cleaning routine. 

Finally cotton carpet care Wiping it regularly with a slightly damp cloth and using natural drying methods can extend the life of the carpet. Maintenance of cotton carpets allows you to use them for many years and provides a stylish appearance in your home.

What are the Cotton Carpet Brands?

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