bedroom rug, It takes its place in decorations as an indispensable part of the living space. It attracts attention especially with its effect on sleep quality. bedroom carpet models It offers a stylish and elegant look. After determining your needs and expectations, you can easily complete your decoration by evaluating the options offered. You too, through Halıcızade, to the bedroom carpet of your dreams. You can reach with one click and double your pleasure in your comfort zone.

Bedroom Carpet Models

bedroom rug models; It varies depending on patterns such as plain, post, vintage. The main task of each model with its own unique touches is to complete your decoration. bedroom rug You can consider the shape of your room when choosing among the varieties. Thus, you can decide more easily whether to buy a large carpet in a set or a single piece.

Bedroom Carpet 3 Pieces When it is preferred in the form of pieces, it is positioned in front of and on the sides of the bed. In this way, users bedroom rug set, It offers a more aesthetic appearance compared to large carpets consisting of one piece. In addition, when you want to change the position of your bed, you can easily play with the positions of your carpets.

If you are bored with the classic style bedroom rug oval may choose to be. Although these carpets, which are far from hard and angular appearance, are mostly preferred for entrances and corridors, they also provide a very aesthetic appearance in the bedroom. Other points you can examine for undecided points bedroom carpet models can be listed as follows:

Eco Carpet Types

Eco carpets with many different models; It is produced using yarn types such as cotton, bamboo and wool. Prioritizing product quality eco carpet collections It is often preferred in bedrooms as it appeals to almost every taste.

Damask Patterned Carpets

For those who want to choose hand-woven carpets in the selection of bedroom carpets, damask patterned carpets are a perfect fit. a breeze from the past damask patterned carpetsreflects the combination of modernity and classic. in home decoration If you are one of those who prefer classical elegance, damask patterned bedroom rug Check out the models.

Vintage Patterned

One of the most impressive pieces bearing the traces of the past vintage patterned carpet are varieties. These carpets, which are obtained as a result of shaving and recoloring old carpets, have a wide color scale. If you are one of those people who cannot break away from the past and prefer to live in the past today. bedroom rug vintage patterns can come to your rescue in your selection.

Abstract Patterned Carpets

Abstract patterned rugsIt emerges from the combination of colors and various forms. Using these carpets, which are among the modern carpets, in living spaces is the easiest way to keep up with the times in decoration. You can easily carry the elegance of simplicity into your bedroom with abstract patterned carpets that have a minimal atmosphere.

Geometric Patterned Carpets

with various psychological effects geometric patterned rugscan be preferred depending on what kind of effect you want to create in your bedroom. Geometric patterned carpets, which can be separated from the classical rectangular carpet models at the design point, bedroom rug round It is a model that can be easily preferred by those who want to have it.

Uşak Carpet

Turkish knot technique is used. Uşak carpet modelsIt is a symbol of elegance and care. bedroom rug For those who are in search of it, Uşak carpets attract attention with their wide variety. You can decorate your living space according to yourself by finding the one that appeals to your bedroom among the motifs, each of which has different meanings.

Afghan Carpet

world-renowned Afghan carpet types usually have dark colors. If you have trouble falling asleep because your bedroom gets too much light, you can take advantage of the dark color of Afghan carpets to absorb light. In addition to the symmetrical appearance, you can easily complete your decoration with Afghan carpets, where geometric patterns are at the forefront.

Plain and Plain Carpet

For those who like to be assertive plain carpet avoid models. However, contrary to popular belief, being plain and plain is quite ambitious for home decoration. Considering that the bedroom is the comfort area where you spend the most time in the house, you can easily have the decoration you dream of with the countless combinations you can get through plain carpets.

Post Carpets

Offering design, color and comfort post carpetsPerfect for those looking for a soft feel on the floor. The fact that they are generally sustainable and recyclable is another aspect that makes these rugs attractive. bedroom rug plush Those who want to have a soft floor can easily find the soft floor they are looking for by browsing the post carpet options. 

How Should a Bedroom Carpet Be?

The bedroom, where the tiredness of the day is relieved, is one of the most important points in decoration. Because the bedroom is the first place seen before going to sleep and after waking up. bedroom rug This should be taken into account when choosing. It is the eye-catching point of the decoration, which greatly affects the mood of the person. carpet bedroom It is one of the essential parts. 

bedroom rug, Apart from adapting to the general decoration of the house, it can have a completely different atmosphere. Since it is the most basic comfort area, it should completely appeal to your taste. It should also create a harmony with the rest of the room in terms of color, pattern and size.

How Many Meters Is a Bedroom Carpet?

Bedroom rug dimensions It is not possible to give an exact number. Because how many meters the carpet should be depends on the dimensions of the room. Depending on the size of the space, covering 25-35% of the floor with carpet will comply with the architectural norms. At this point, it is entirely up to you to choose the carpet as a piece or as a whole.

Using one piece of carpet in front of your bed and two pieces of carpet on the sides of the bed 3 bedroom carpet You can create a team. You can also choose the style of placing a large one-piece rug under the bed, which is widely used especially in America and Europe. This is how you use bedroom rug size Since it is too large, it has an appearance that overflows from the sides of the bed. Thus, you can shape your comfort zone by reflecting the style you have on your home decoration.

Which Colors Should You Choose a Bedroom Carpet?

bedroom rug The answer to how to determine its color is hidden in other elements of the decoration. In addition, the light structure of the room is one of the important factors that should be considered in color selection. One of the general basic rules in choosing the color of carpets is to consider the 3 colors in the room. A calm area can be created when a carpet in the most intense color is preferred in the room. Choosing a carpet in one of the other two colors adds energy to the room.

For example, in a bedroom where blue, cream and brown colors strike the eye at first glance, choosing a carpet in blue tones eliminates the risk of incompatibility. On the other hand, choosing cream and brown tones to expand the color palette increases the energy by balancing the color distribution in the room.

Those who want to remove the carpet from its complementary position and raise it to a decisive position can feel the dynamism brought by the contrast by turning to the tones that are the opposite of the colors in the room. This contrast can be achieved by using a black or red carpet in the sample room of blue, cream and brown colors. Thus, thanks to the fourth color added, the boring air that can surround the room is prevented. However, in order to use contrasting tones in harmony, imagination must be strained and there must be a tone that will add a new dimension without disturbing the harmony.

How to Choose Color According to Light?

bedroom rug When choosing, besides the color harmony, the light structure of the room should also be taken into account. Because the reflective property of light can make a difference in your sleep and mood. For example, laying carpets in light tones on the floor helps you create a more spacious, minimal and calm space. In fact, using these tones in bedrooms can be very beneficial for your mental health, as light tones relax the mind. However, it is very likely that you will wake up with daylight in the morning, as light-colored carpets will reflect the light too much.

Carpets in dark tones absorb light and increase the amount of darkness. So you can fall asleep more easily. Because of this feature, carpets in dark colors are often preferred for the bedroom. However, you should not ignore the possibility of having difficulty waking up when you make your decoration accordingly.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bedroom Carpet

bedroom rug In addition to the color and size, there are also points such as pattern and yarn type that should be considered while choosing. In bedroom carpet models, symmetrical patterns that do not strain the eyes are preferred, helping the mind to rest. You can easily turn your bedroom into your own peaceful space by choosing among carpets with repeating patterns. At this point, you can choose motifs such as Classic Uşak, Afghan, Hereke or Scandinavian, Geometric, Abstract patterns.

Patterned carpets are used to determine the general character of the room. For example, vintage carpets, in which classical and modern approaches are used together, are a very correct choice for bedrooms. If your goal is to create a calmer space, you can combine carpets with minimum pattern density with your bedroom. However, if you want to create a deeper and high energy space, you can use diffuse and dense patterns. bedroom rug You can use varieties.

bedroom rug If you are one of those who do not want to take risks while choosing, you can also take a look at plain and monochrome carpets with no patterns. In addition, piece carpets are one of the options that can be used in the bedroom. For users who prefer plain and one-piece models, these products, which offer comfortable use, can also be considered.

What kind of floor would you like to touch?

Barefoot in bedrooms where part of the day is spent sleeping. It is very important to feel a soft floor when stepping on the carpet. This softness can only be achieved by considering the yarn type of the carpet. In addition, the breathability of the carpet is one of the factors that should be taken into consideration in terms of sleep quality. 

Bedroom rug for a breathable and soft feel When choosing, it is important that the thread type is cotton, viscose or bamboo. You can prevent problems such as bacteria formation, static electricity and dust collection with carpets containing these types of yarn. 

In addition to natural materials, it does not allow bacteria to live on carpets made of materials such as acrylic and micropolyester. It also offers a comfortable use in terms of fluff, dust and fluff. Plush and shaggy carpets that can be preferred at this point offer a pleasant experience in the bedroom with their soft and fluffy textures. It is an alternative that can be preferred in natural or imitation post carpets for soft floors.

Can a Rug Be Used in the Bedroom?

Although carpets are always mentioned for bedroom decoration, rug types can also be used to complete the decoration. You can also choose rugs in the bedroom, taking into consideration the points to be considered when choosing carpets in terms of color and pattern. Rugs are the right option for those who want to create a simpler, lighter and livelier effect and for those who can sacrifice a soft floor.

Benefits of Using Carpet in the Bedroom

bedroom rug using; It has various benefits such as absorbing light and personalizing the comfort area. These carpets, which make it easier to fall asleep, also provide benefits in suppressing the sounds in the environment. Because in an unfurnished room, sounds echo, but the bedroom carpet You can avoid this problem with Thus, you can sleep peacefully at night and get out of bed in the morning completely rested. bedroom rug The general benefits of using it can be listed as follows:

  • It absorbs light.
  • It prevents the sound from echoing.
  • Depending on the type of yarn, allergic diseases may be alleviated.

Bedroom Carpet Prices

Bedroom carpet prices vary according to the type of yarn used in the production of the carpet, the size and brand of the carpet. In addition, bedroom carpet prices differ according to the weaving technique of the carpet. machine weaving with bedroom rug models There is a significant difference between hand-woven ones. The reason for this is that hand-woven carpets require a lot of effort and the production process takes longer.

Complementing the magic of your home by differentiating in terms of sizes, patterns and colors bedroom rug By not ignoring the integrity of the decoration in your selection, you can easily find the piece you dream of. You can order the products you like with just one click, or you can decide on the carpet that best suits your home by meeting with Halıcızade's master carpet makers.

The Address of Your Peaceful Sleep: Halıcızade

You can easily find the ideal carpet for your bedroom through Halıcızade, where you can immediately access the answers to your questions. Thanks to Halıcızade, which has a large product range as well as pieces that appeal to almost every style, you can fall asleep peacefully and design your comfort zone to be completely yours. bedroom carpet Considering the points to be considered about the selection, you can contact the expert carpet makers of Halıcızade immediately.