How Should a Bedroom Carpet Be?

What are the points to consider when buying a bedroom rug? How can you find the right bedroom rug? We have prepared some tricks below in order to make your shopping easier, to provide information and ideas, and to make better choices. Happy reading :)

Many of us spend most of our day in our bedrooms. Although our eyes are usually closed at this time, its decoration is very important because it is the last place we see before sleep and the first place we encounter when we wake up. Those who say, 'Oh, what, we sleep in it anyway, it's not so important how we decorate' may not have noticed the effect of bedroom decoration to improve sleep quality yet.

So Which Color Bedroom Carpet Should I Choose?

Let's start with the color first. What color bedroom rug should we choose? The answer is hidden in the structure of the light as well as in the other elements of the decoration. When choosing a carpet, you can decide on the color by considering the 3 colors in the room, which is the general rule. You can add some energy by choosing a carpet in the most heavily used color in the room to create a calm area, as well as choosing a carpet from the other two colors.

For example, choosing blue tones in a bedroom where blue, cream and brown catch our eye at first glance will reduce the risk of incompatibility. On the other hand, you can increase the energy and balance the color distribution in the room by laying a carpet of cream and brown tones to achieve a more creative color palette.

Those who want to elevate the carpet to a decisive position instead of using it as a complement can experience the dynamism brought by the contrast by going to the opposite tones of the colors in the room. In the blue – cream – brown room in the previous example, you can add a fourth color by using a black or red rug. In this way, you will eliminate the risk of boringness, but be careful, you will have to force your imagination to use contrasting tones together in harmony and find the tone that will add a new dimension without disturbing the harmony.

If we leave aside the harmony with the other colors in the room, what colors should you choose carpets in the bedroom? Having carpets in light tones on the floor will help you create a more spacious, minimal and calm space. While it is a known fact that light tones relax our minds psychologically, using carpets in light tones in bedrooms can also be beneficial for your mental health.

If you take into account the reflection of light, the reflection of daylight on your eyes in the morning after the use of a cream or white carpet will become a much more likely scenario. (A little extra vitamin D won't hurt, relax :) ). Carpets in dark tones will increase the amount of darkness and help you fall asleep more comfortably. You can sleep more deeply with dark carpets, which are often preferred in bedrooms as it absorbs light, if you have trouble waking up, we do not accept responsibility, it's us to tell :)

How Should We Make the Right Choice Among Bedroom Carpet Models?

We solved the color, how should the patterns be? In bedroom carpet models, you can help your mind rest by choosing symmetrical, repetitive patterns that do not tire the eyes as much as possible. You can complete your bedroom decoration with motifs such as classic Uşak, Afghan, Hereke, and Scandinavian, Geometric and Abstract patterns. Frankly, the subject of patterns is not very binding in bedrooms.

You can use carpet patterns to determine the general character of the room. Vintage carpets, in which classical and modern approaches are used together, can also be the right choice for bedrooms. If your goal is to create a quieter space, minimum pattern density, and to create a deeper and more energetic space, we recommend carpets with repeating, scattered and dense patterns.

In addition to all these, plain and monochrome carpets with no patterns will also be the most risk-free choice. In addition to using piece carpets, wall-to-wall carpets are always a strong alternative for bedrooms. Although they do not allow much freedom in terms of visual freedom and remain stable after being laid, wall-to-wall carpets offer a comfortable use by catching such a harmony in the space where they are laid, due to their plain and single color. Those who want to choose single color and plain patterned models in the selection of bedroom carpets can also consider this option.

What kind of floor would you like to touch?

So, how should the yarns and the texture of the carpet be? First of all, it is very important for our sleep quality that the carpet in the area where we breathe until the morning can also breathe. Our first suggestion for this is carpets produced with cotton, viscose and bamboo yarns.

These three materials are our primary recommendation even in asthma patients and baby rooms due to bacteria formation, static electricity and dust collection. However, sleeping with the warmth of wool yarn, which has been a habit for centuries, can be another alternative in terms of both keeping the heat and feeling. If your budget allows, you can create a thin, light and soft floor by using a silk carpet in your bedroom.

Considering that the carpets in the bedrooms are usually stepped on with bare feet, choosing carpets that stand out with their softness will increase your comfort. In addition to natural materials, materials such as acrylic and micropolyester can be considered because they do not allow bacteria to live and offer a comfortable use in terms of fluff and fluff. While plush and pile carpets offer a pleasant touching experience in the bedroom with their soft and fluffy textures, you can create a different floor alternative with both natural and imitation posts without moving away from the carpet. Who doesn't want to wake up in the morning and touch a surface where our feet are slightly sunk into a hard floor?

Carpet is very important for our world of hearing as well as our eyes and mind. The fact that it creates acoustic benefits by absorbing the sounds coming from outside during night sleep can be considered as a sufficient reason for using the carpet in bedrooms.

What should be the dimensions of the bedroom carpet?

So how should we lay the carpet? Which size carpet would be better to use? There are different alternatives in this regard. First of all, you should consider the size of the room, covering 25%-35% of the floor with carpet will comply with the common architectural norms. On the other hand, how many pieces of carpet you use is entirely up to you. It is possible to use a single piece of carpet in front of your bed, or to use a total of 3 pieces in front of the two beds and in front of the bed. You can also consider completing the decoration with an image overflowing from the sides of the bed by using a large piece of carpet under the bed, especially in America and Europe, which has become increasingly common in our country in recent years. It is always possible to choose rectangular or square, round or natural post-shaped carpets.

Should You Use Carpet or Rug in the Bedroom?

We have always talked about carpets until this point, but rugs can also be used in bedrooms. Considering the points to be considered when choosing a carpet in terms of color and pattern, you can also choose rugs in the bedroom. Rugs will be the right alternative to create a simpler, lighter and fresher effect, for those who are willing to sacrifice softness and fluffiness :)

These are the things that come to our minds about the choice of bedroom carpet for now. We may update this article over time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our expert carpet makers and get information. In addition, if you send us the photos of your bedroom and your budget range, we can make your job easier and more enjoyable by offering alternatives from our collection that we think will be suitable for you.

Peaceful sleep :)