What is Machine Woven Rug? How is it produced?

The word 'rug' has been in the minds of everyone who has an idea about the carpet. Rugs, which are thin and light, but warm the place where they are laid at least as much as the carpet, have taken their share from the technological developments in recent years. Thin rugs, which are created by interlacing vertical 'warp' threads and horizontal 'weft' threads, are now also produced on industrial machine looms. While more economical and standard size rugs are emerging, customers can choose from among more alternatives.

What yarns are machine-woven rugs made of?

Machine woven rugs are generally produced using synthetic yarns. In addition, all cotton machine woven rugs are also available. Although synthetic yarns bring durability, we also recommend cotton machine-woven rugs for those who do not give up on naturalness.

How to Clean Machine Woven Rugs?

When buying your rug, you should definitely pay attention to whether it can be washed in the washing machine. If you do not have a washable rug, you can get professional washing support. During daily routine cleaning, you can clean it by sweeping in the same direction with the brushless flat head of your vacuum cleaner and wiping in one direction with a damp cloth with white soap. In order to remove stains from machine-woven rugs, you need to pour warm water on the stained area from the back side, and then wipe with white soapy water and rinse.

How are the Prices of Machine Woven Rugs?

Compared to hand-woven rugs, the prices of machine-woven rugs are extremely affordable. You can buy square meters with prices ranging from 100 TL to 300 TL. On the other hand, don't forget to take a look at discounted machine woven rugs, maybe the most suitable rug for your place is in the series that have only one stock left or are no longer produced, you can enjoy shopping without getting tired of your budget :)