digital printing carpets It allows you to shape your decoration with its wide product range.allows you to find the carpet model you want at much more affordable prices. The right carpet is one of the most important ways to create a whole in decoration. If you are having trouble finding the colors and patterns you want digital print carpet modelsYou can easily access a wide range of color and pattern alternatives, which go through different production processes, by browsing. 

What is Digital Printed Carpet? What are the types?

The rapidly developing and growing carpet industry, together with “what is digital printing carpet?” brought the question. Digitally printed carpets are created by transferring a pattern to the carpet through printing. These products, which can easily appeal to people from all walks of life, are designed with different models and yarns. These carpets, which are diversified as non-slip carpets and velvet carpets, are suitable for use in areas such as living rooms, children's rooms, bathrooms, balconies, bedrooms. 

Digital Printing Anti-Slip Carpet

Digital printing non-slip floor carpet modelsThese are carpets that are produced to be used for many years. These models, which can be used even in constantly changing weather conditions, do not cause problems such as spillage, rupture or swelling due to liquid. 

Digital printed non-slip carpet models do not have the odor that occurs in most carpets. However, they are models that do not require constant cleaning, thanks to their dust and moisture repellent structure. 

Digital Printed Velvet Carpet

These carpets, which are known for having a quality texture, add a very elegant atmosphere to the environment they are used in. In any preferred model, the dimensions can be selected by the user, and the patterns and colors used are completely dependent on the taste of the user. 

Cotton Digital Print Carpet

Made of polyester and cotton yarn cotton digital printing Carpet models are known as dust-proof and easy-to-clean parts. These parts, which are suitable for long-term use thanks to the quality structure of cotton threads, can be washed both by hand and in the machine. 

What are the Digital Printed Carpet Features? How is its structure?

Digital printing carpet featuresis one of the most important factors in choosing these carpets. Made of high quality yarn, these carpets have bright colors and a soft texture. Allows you to use any color and pattern you want. digital printed carpet models have a very different structure from other carpets. It is an advantageous situation in terms of achieving the desired result, that almost every step can be followed by the users. 

One of the most important features of these carpets is that they can be cleaned much more easily than many other carpet models. The quality of the yarn structure helps to keep the cleaning phase simple and short. Thanks to the Polyamide fabrics used in its construction, it is very durable and useful. These pieces, in which technology is of great importance, preserve their colors and structure for many years. 

How is Digital Printed Carpet Made?

digital printing carpet manufacturers These carpets, which are carefully designed by the company, are based on the printing of preferred patterns, colors and photographs on fabrics with the help of state-of-the-art printing machines. The predetermined non-slip base and fabric are prepared in desired dimensions and printed in high resolution. Combining carpets with non-slip soles is a good way to make them last longer. 

At the same time, with the combination of many different patterns, digital printing carpet manufacturing It is a method that has been used frequently lately. These designs, which are specially prepared for home or office decorations, can also consist of dominant colors used in the preferred environment. 

How to Tell Digital Printed Carpet?

Digital printing carpet users One of the most curious subjects of those who want to use or want to use is how to distinguish these carpets from other carpets. The biggest difference of these carpets from other carpets is that they do not have a knotted structure. In addition, all digital carpet models are synthetic. These parts produced in Turkey, also in terms of price. hand woven carpet It is quite suitable for its varieties. 

Where are Digital Printed Carpet Models Used?

In areas such as living room, children's room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, as they are beautiful pieces that can fit all kinds of personal tastes, digital printing carpet runner models used frequently. Besides digital printing woven carpet models are suitable not only for home decoration, but also for office decoration. digital carpet printing techniques can be easily produced in the desired size, color and model.

What are the Points to Consider While Buying a Digital Printed Carpet?

Digital printing There are some points to consider when purchasing and designing carpets, such as the materials used in production or the environment in which they will be used. Digital printing carpet user reviews taken into account, the points to be considered at the purchasing stage are listed as follows; 

  • Use of models suitable for human health in the production phase
  • Choosing the right printing machine
  • Choosing well flicked models
  • Preferring the printing product suitable for the structure and design of the area where the carpet will be used
  • Choosing affordable printing machines
  • Getting the measurements right

How Much Are Digital Printed Carpet Prices? 

digital printing carpet pricesIt is very suitable because the carpets are produced by machines instead of hand-woven. In this sense, the preferred digital printing carpet companiesis important in determining the price. 

At the same time, the size of the preferred printing material is another important factor affecting the price. For example; digital printing carpet 4m2 price, digital printing carpet 6m2 It's more affordable than the price. Halıcızade's offer for you digital printed carpet With these models, you can easily shape your decoration according to your wishes and tastes at the most affordable price. 

How to Wash Digital Printing Carpet?

digital printing carpet cleaning It is a very good method for those who are in favor of deep cleaning for their procedures to get professional help. For those who want to do their own cleaning, it is a good step to use carpet cleaners with clean content as a start. Depending on the usage type and duration of the carpet, it is sufficient to wash it 3-4 times a year on average. 

It is also possible to wash these models in the machine, which do not easily absorb dust and dirt. These carpets digital printing carpet manufacturers It is recommended to be washed at 30 degrees. In the process after washing, it should be left to dry on its own. But the most important point to note here is that it should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It is possible for colors to fade on carpets exposed to sunlight. 

How to Clean Digital Printing Carpet?

Digital printing carpet cleaning During dry cleaning, the most important point to note is that hard surface cleaners should not be used in dry cleaning. Although chemical cleaners are the first choice of those who want to do detailed cleaning, it is not a suitable method for this type of carpet. These types of cleaning products cause the carpet to lose its color over time, while also causing changes in its structure. The vacuum cleaner can be used with peace of mind while these models are being dry cleaned. 

It is possible to use a vacuum cleaner every other day or every other day, depending on the frequency of use of the carpet. After this process, which prevents the colors from losing their vitality, dust and dirt on the surface can be cleaned with the help of a semi-wet cloth. This process is generally ideal for removing light soiling, but is not sufficient for a thorough cleaning. For this reason, it would be right to intervene as soon as possible if the carpets get dirty. Timely cleaning is necessary in order to prevent the formation of permanent stains and to use the carpet for a longer period of time without any problems. 

Is Digital Printing Carpet Machine Washable?

These carpet models can be washed in the washing machine as they are technology products produced with machines. It should be left to dry by itself only after washing in the machine and no wringing should be done. 

Digital Printed Carpet Buy from Halıcızade!

These carpet models, which help you create your own unique designs and create a different atmosphere in your decoration, add an aesthetic appearance to the living space. Halicizade has presented to you digital printing carpet You can easily find many different models in various sizes, colors and patterns from this category.