Baby and kids room rug Buying is a very important issue for parents. In this sense, the prominent criteria are that the selected models are attractive, educational and at the same time suitable for the health of individuals who are the joy of the house. Moreover baby rug Age factor is also among the determining factors when purchasing. Therefore, although choosing may seem easy, it requires serious effort. You too Halıcızade kids room rug You can easily find the carpet you need by examining the products in the category. 

Baby and Kids Room Carpet Models

baby room rug ve kids room rugThese are especially important pieces that parents choose for their children. Carpets, which are an integral part of the furniture in every environment where they are used, are also frequently used in children's rooms where children spend the most time. While the baby is choosing a nursery rug, it should be noted that the rug is durable, although the interests of the children are taken into account. 

Baby Girl Room Carpet Models

baby girl room rug models are the pieces that help to create a more fun and remarkable atmosphere in the room. Choosing according to the theme that your baby is interested in can allow your daughter to spend more time in her room. For example, choosing a carpet with a barbie pattern or a minnie mouse pattern will not only add a different atmosphere to your baby's room, but also make your daughter extra happy. When choosing a baby girl room carpet, pink or red tones are preferred. In addition, flower-patterned carpets are also suitable for baby girls' rooms. 

Baby Boy Room Carpet Models

baby boy room rugare ideal flooring products thanks to their detailed functions. You can choose ornate carpets consisting of cars, airplanes or carpets for baby boy rooms with peace of mind. In addition, geometric patterned carpet models can create a fun environment for babies. Although carpets with designs in blue and its shades are generally preferred for the baby boy's room, if you are one of those who want to make a difference, you can choose vibrant colors such as yellow.

Kinds of Hand Woven Carpets for Children's Room

It is very important to use natural materials in carpet selection. Because hand woven carpet It is more economical in terms of children's health and the longevity of the carpet. With the development of technology over time machine carpets Although it is often preferred in the USA, these may not be as useful and healthy as hand-woven carpets. 

Hand-woven carpets used in children's rooms trap dirt and dust. In this respect, it also has an anti-allergic structure. At the same time, the absence of dangerous chemicals in hand-woven carpets contributes to the healthy development of children.

The fact that the cost of a carpet is cheap or that there are remarkable details machined on it does not mean that this carpet is of high quality. Cheap and synthetic fibers used in construction cause air pollution over time as they are combined using many chemicals. This is in her room baby room rug It causes children who are sick to breathe polluted air and get sick often.

Antiallergic Carpet Types, Especially for Baby and Kids Room

It is not enough to pay attention to visible bacteria and dirt on carpets used in children's rooms. It is useful to pay attention to many other allergens that may appear with these dust and dirt. Although frequent cleaning or washing of the carpet will prevent dirt up to a point, it will continue to increase over time. It is useful to find permanent solutions for this. Carpets produced with antibacterial materials play a major role in eliminating such problems.

Due to its smooth and clean texture, materials such as bamboo prevent bacteria and dirt from adhering to the surface. Thanks to bamboo carpets, babies can continue their development in a healthier and cleaner environment. Besides bamboo carpets, wool carpet models it is also very useful. Cleaning of wool carpets is also easier and more effortless than many other carpets, so they are practical in terms of use. It can be used for a long time very comfortably by sweeping it regularly or wiping it with a damp cloth.

Fun Kids Room Rugs

It is very important that carpets attract attention as well as their function. Children are interested in icons, symbols and colors until a certain age. For this reason, almost all children's room carpets consist of vibrant colors and geometric shapes. In fact, most of them use animal figures. These models, which are mostly educational for children, are also very useful for them to have fun and learn without getting bored.

Carpet nursery It is one of the indispensable decoration products for For this reason, the materials, colors and patterns used in its construction should attract the attention of children and educate them. children's rug Although the models are lively and chirpy, it is also important that they are educational and attract attention. For this reason, simply being eye-catching or visually striking does not make a significant contribution to the healthy completion of children's development.

If the general decoration of the child's room is too colorful and crowded, it is useful to use simple and plain designs. This also prevents children from getting confused. In this way, they become more sensitive to the objects in the environment and open to learning. On the contrary, even if simple decoration is preferred throughout the room, it would be more appropriate to choose the carpet in vibrant colors and patterns. Round or rectangular carpet models help children develop their perception abilities starting from a certain age.

Educational Kids Room Carpets

Learning while having fun is beneficial for the intelligence development of every child. Educational parts should be used as much as possible in the process of getting used to the surroundings, the objects nearby and in the process of grasping these objects. These educational rugs, known as play rugs, have remarkable designs. With these educational play mats, children can grasp letters, numbers, geometric shapes and colors much more easily. In this way, they can have a basic knowledge of pre-school.

Trainer with multi-functional usage area children's room The carpet is frequently preferred by the parents of children aged 0-5. These models, which are very important in terms of starting learning from the most basic level, also vary according to different age ranges. In the development process of children, the musical patterns on the preferred carpet contribute to the emotional education of children more easily. It also plays an important role in psychological development, muscle development and even language development.

What are the Features of Baby and Kids Room Carpets?

baby room rug It offers many educational or developer features together. Softness is also very important, especially in the carpets used in these areas. The features of the carpets used in baby and children's rooms are as follows;

  • There are educational and instructive patterns on the carpet surface.
  • The structure of the carpet is soft enough for children to move freely.
  • The carpets used here are usually made of materials that can be cleaned very easily.

Why Use a Carpet in a Baby's Room?

Babies spend most of the day in their room. For this reason, innovations in decoration should be adjusted in a way that motivates them and makes them happy. These carpets, which are used to make baby rooms more functional, are also very advantageous for babies who like to play on the floor. 

Carpets are the preferred parts for babies not to spend time on hard and cold floors. Due to this, it is possible to disconnect from disturbing floors. baby room rug, Not only does it offer comfort, it also absorbs sound and blocks out noise.

Easy washing of these carpets, which get dirty quickly due to babies being constantly on the move, is of great importance for both the baby's health and the parents. For this reason, machine-washable carpets in their simplest form attract much more attention. Can become seriously dirty in a short time baby room rugIt can be used for years without any problems as long as it offers long-term cleaning. Easy-to-clean carpets are also very practical in terms of transportation. It can be moved to any desired environment and adjusted accordingly.

baby room carpet anti-allergic It also prevents situations. Because these carpets are interesting pieces because they retain dust particles between the fibers. Generally speaking, the dust and dirt accumulated on the carpet surface remain on the surface, making cleaning very easy and effortless. Soft baby carpets, which can be used during the growth phase of babies, also provide safety support to babies at this stage. This makes it easier for babies to crawl and walk easily. This is also safe for children who are starting to take their first steps.

Things to Consider When Choosing Carpets for Children's Room

Carpet for the nursery When purchasing, many factors are taken into consideration, such as presenting an attractive and educational image, non-slip soles, or the materials used in its construction are not harmful to health. When purchasing a carpet, attention should be paid to the material used in the first place. 

Although the design or appearance of a carpet is important, the materials used in its construction are of great importance in terms of quality and health. When choosing carpets for a child's room, dirt-repellent and soft carpets should be preferred first. The fact that the materials used in the construction of the carpet are easy to clean and have an anti-allergic structure is advantageous in terms of both long-term use and healthy use.

Suitability for Decoration   

The construction material of the carpets is very important, but it is beneficial that the selected carpet is suitable for decoration. The fact that the environment contains different decoration products together causes children to experience distraction. This is a situation that makes learning difficult and delayed. For this reason, the more colorful the furniture preferred in decoration, the more plain and plain colored the carpet model to be used should be inversely proportional.

Texture and Pattern

It is the right choice to have a soft floor in the process from the crawling to the walking of the children. Children's use of their knees too often during the crawling stage causes various injuries. For this reason, carpets with a soft structure should be preferred. At the same time, easy cleaning and not keeping dirt as much as possible are factors to be considered during the selection phase.  

Thread Type

There are some alternatives to consider when choosing a material. The first of these is polyester. Polyester is one of the first materials to be preferred thanks to its non-staining and easy-to-clean feature. Also, in addition to this, it easily absorbs dust and dirt. This ensures that it does not require constant cleaning. These carpets also have a very high wear resistance. Another material that can be taken into consideration at the selection stage is cotton. cotton carpet models are easy to clean.


Children's carpets, which have different colors, models and designs, are priced according to these features. Size also has a very important contribution here. Small sized carpets are relatively more suitable than large sized carpets.


As mentioned above, the choice of carpets has a significant impact on its design. Since the carpet is one of the eye-catching decors of the rooms, the decor and patterns used in its design help to add a special atmosphere to the children's room. While children aged 0-7 pay more attention to the entertaining patterns on the carpet, more educational patterns are preferred in the following periods. Especially children aged 8-11 are affected by models that will reflect their characters and emotions after a certain period of time.

Where to Buy Baby and Kids Room Carpet?

There are many stores where you can buy baby and nursery carpets. The important thing here is that users can choose the most suitable carpet for them. For this reason, in Halıcızade's children's and baby room carpet collection, it is very easy to find products that attract the attention of both children and parents with their different colors and patterns.

Baby and Kids Room Carpet Prices

Baby and children's room carpet prices; The preferred brand, the size of the carpet, the patterns it contains and many other factors determine it. For this reason, when buying a carpet, it is useful to conduct a detailed market research. In addition, the materials used in the production of the carpet also play an active role in determining the price.

How to Clean Children's Room Carpets?

Since cleaning is very important in children's room carpets, being easy to clean or not keeping dirt are the factors taken into consideration at the selection stage. The steps to be followed for the correct cleaning of children's room carpets are as follows:

  • It is beneficial to vacuum the carpets regularly. In this way, it collects less dust and children can continue their development in a healthier environment. This also contributes to the protection of the fibers of the carpet.
  • Stain formation is one of the most common conditions in children's carpets. Simple stains can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth instead of constantly machine or hand washing. A relatively hard cloth and detergents with clean content can also be used for dried and hard-to-remove stains.
  • The loops, or in other words, the borders of the carpets can be combed with a soft brush. This ensures that the loops are not deteriorated and that the accumulated dirt is cleaned.
  • It is generally wool carpets that should be considered here. Because it is useful to avoid the contact of these carpets with water as much as possible. This is where dry cleaning comes into play. It is beneficial to benefit from the dry cleaning service provided by many companies.
  • If wet cleaning has been done on the carpets, it must be dried completely (using soap and water). At the same time, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight during drying. Semi-dried carpets trigger various respiratory diseases.
  • It is useful to create a regular maintenance period against continuous cleaning. This also contributes to the use of carpets for a longer period of time.
  • Bleach or chemical-containing cleaners used in the cleaning phase cause the color of the carpet to flow and lose its current form. Flowing and fading carpets do not appeal to users both in terms of health and appearance.
  • Although detergents produced specifically for carpets seem healthy, in some cases, they can have an adverse effect depending on the model of the carpet. For this reason, it is useful to test it on a very small part of the carpet before the cleaning phase. 
  • It is not recommended to use hot water during the cleaning phase. This is one of the biggest factors that cause the carpet to deform. Usually lukewarm or slightly colder water should be used. Healthy baby room rug In this way, it can be used for many years.

Baby and Kids Room Carpet Models with Attractive Colors and Designs at Halıcızade

Different carpets in Halıcızade's baby and children's room carpet collection. carpet typesis one of the biggest choices of parents during selection. You can choose the most suitable models for you and your child by getting detailed information from carpet experts at any time.