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greatly affecting the quality of life bathroom carpetIt is an ideal bathroom decor product for those looking for a warm and soft floor in their comfort areas. These carpet models, which make bathrooms warmer and more functional, not only add difference to the atmosphere of the area, but also prevent accidents that may occur due to wet floors. The bathroom rugs you need are in Halıcızade, the address of quality with different colors, sizes and designs!

What is a Bathroom Carpet?

Bathroom decor products that make bathrooms with cold and slippery floors safe while making them enjoyable. bathroom carpet is called. Bathroom carpet non-slip Although it has a feature, it raises the comfort to an advanced level and turns the bathrooms into a more useful area. Bathroom rugs, which prevent you from encountering a cold floor after a hot shower, have various colors, sizes and features. 

Bathroom Carpet Models That Will Add Color To Your Home

Carpets, which change the characteristic structures and atmosphere of the living spaces in your homes, are decorative products with more than one type that will help you achieve the desired atmosphere in frequently used spaces such as bathrooms. In addition to its wide variety, it stands out with its functional features. bathroom rug models It takes its place among the indispensable parts of many houses with its color and size suitable for every bathroom.

Bathroom rugs, which make your time in the bathroom more enjoyable, make you feel as soft as on the clouds with their plush models. Plush carpets, which are also preferred as large bathroom carpets, are a great choice for users who do not like borders, as well as beautify the atmosphere of the environment. 

Another model that ignores borders round bathroom rug are varieties. With its structure that adopts small areas, round bathroom carpet models can become the cute saviors of large bathrooms. Moreover bathroom rug round It can also change the style of the bathroom with its shape. Especially when a round carpet that is compatible with the floor color is preferred, it becomes a part of the floor.

Bathroom rug models that appeal to the majority in terms of decoration also come to the fore with their functional features. In addition to providing a warm floor non slip bathroom rug It provides a more enjoyable bathing pleasure by preventing wet floor accidents. In addition, thanks to its non-slip feature, your bathroom carpet remains stable and prevents the formation of a bad image.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Carpet 

The most important factor in choosing the right bathroom rug is undoubtedly the materials used in the carpet. It is important that the decor products to be used in bathrooms with a higher wetting rate compared to other places are resistant to wetness and humidity. Besides these factors bathroom carpet There are various points that must be considered and considered when choosing, and these points can be listed as follows:

  • The size of the area where the carpet will be used and the dimensions of the carpet.
  • The materials used in the carpet are durable, fast drying and easy to clean.
  • The harmony of the carpet with the cleaning routine of the user.

The carpet you will use will stay with you for many years, if you pay attention to the recommendations listed above. 

The most useful of the materials used in carpet making is cotton. The carpet, which is produced from cotton yarns, is a very durable material thanks to its softness as well as its quick drying feature when wet. Bathroom carpet If you want it to be long-lasting while choosing it, bathroom rugs made of cotton are an ideal choice for you.

Although cotton bath rugs are a good choice for users who are fond of comfort, plush bath rugs also offer soft floors that double the comfort. The plush model with long threads allows the bathroom rug to be fluffy and soft. Bathroom rug models Plush, which makes you feel like you are on the clouds, is also resistant to water and moisture.

If you have paid attention to all these factors when choosing your carpet, the rest is the decorative harmony of your carpet with the bathroom. From the furniture style you use in the bathroom to the color of your bathroom, many things affect our carpet selection. Knowing the style of your bathroom and the colors that will match the color in your bathroom will make your job much easier.

Color Selection in Bathroom Carpet

If your bathroom is in a flashy and assertive style, you can choose bathroom rugs with dark colors such as black, navy blue and burgundy. These colors are also very easy to use as they show less dust, dirt and stains. black bathroom rug In addition to being a decor product that has become an integral part of bathrooms, it is also a special piece that changes your bathroom atmosphere quite a bit.

If the floor and wall colors of your bathroom have light colors, dark bathroom rugs attract all the attention. If you want to include more vivid and rich colors in your light bathroom, purple and red bathroom carpet You can give a try to the varieties. If you want to include calmer color tones in your bathroom, mink gray, satin, gray or cream tones are among the most neutral colors that meet your desire.

What should the dimensions of the bathroom carpet be?

Knowing the dimensions of your bathroom is a process that affects carpet selection. Pre-taken bathroom dimensions allow you to choose the most suitable bathroom rugs for your space. If you have a large bathroom bathroom carpet 80 x 150, It is a very likely size to look small in your bathroom. However bathroom rug 100x150 When it is in size, it makes your space look more organized.

Bathroom rug dimensions After determining, the size of hygiene areas such as bathtub or shower tray that may be in your bathroom should also be taken into consideration. In addition, considering the size of your bathroom, you can choose from several pieces of carpet. bathroom rug set You can avoid the cold and slippery floor by creating 

Small size bathroom rugs may not only be used in small bathrooms. It is a logical choice to use the small bathroom rug in front of the sink as well. bathroom rug large They are decorative products that provide an advantage and are also useful in a decorative sense. You can find answers to many questions from color to pattern, size to shape, with our carpet experts. 

How to Clean Bathroom Carpet?

The bathrooms, which are used frequently during the day, are the symbol of hygiene. It is very important that the bathrooms, which are the most comfortable of hygienic areas, should be clean, and the decor products used in the bathroom should be clean in the same way. Creating a different atmosphere in bathrooms bathroom carpet No matter what material it is made of, it needs a regular cleaning routine.

How often should a bathroom rug be cleaned? The answer to the question may vary depending on how many people use the bathroom and how meticulously the carpet is used. Mold and bacteria can occur in bathrooms depending on humidity and temperature. These formations can be easily deployed on the carpet. For this reason, it is recommended to clean your bathroom carpet at least once a week.

First of all, you should start the cleaning routine that you will perform every two weeks. bathroom carpet or start by shaking your mop. This process not only helps to get rid of dust, dirt and particles on your bathroom carpet, but also facilitates the process you will do with a vacuum cleaner.

With a vacuum cleaner after shaking bathroom carpet Removing the dust on it is a process that makes the cleaning process easier and also makes your carpet look like the first day. Sweeping is a process that does not damage the carpet and allows the carpet to be refreshed and is generally suitable for all bathroom carpets. 

Fabric content and materials contain clues about the cleaning need of the bathroom rug. Wiping or washing processes may vary according to the materials from which the bathroom rug is produced. Because bathroom carpet It is recommended that you inspect and carefully read the labels on the back of your mat. 

usually durable bathroom carpet It saves you from troublesome tasks such as deleting. Thanks to this feature, bathroom rugs and their types, which offer the possibility of cleaning in the washing machine, are often preferred. However, bathroom rugs with non-slip soles may need a different cleaning routine. It is a practical bathroom rug model made of non-slip sole, rubber or plastic, which is highly susceptible to damage from wet and heat, but prevents accidents with its functionality.

How to Machine Wash Bathroom Rug?

How to machine wash bathroom rug The first answer to the question that needs attention is that the bathroom carpet should be washed alone. If you wash your bathroom carpet with your clothes, the fluff and particulate structures on the carpet can also get on your clothes. If your bathroom carpet has a non-slip floor feature, you should turn it over when placing it in the machine.

Then you can add your detergent that does not contain heavy chemicals to the compartment. Hygiene products with heavy chemicals can cause irreversible problems on your bathroom carpet. For this reason, you can use natural hygiene products or shampoos specially produced for carpets. 

After these procedures bathroom carpet It is recommended to adjust the spin speed well so that the shape of the mat is not distorted. Reducing the spin cycle speed in order to reduce wear and tear on the bathroom carpet allows you to use your carpet for many years. Even if the spin speed cycle is set at a low setting, the bathroom rug comes out wet than usual, you can shake it off after removing it from the machine to get rid of it from being too wet. 

Shaking does not only save your carpet from wetness. It also prevents large wrinkles that may occur. After this process, you can hang your carpet in a warm area, not directly if it is a sunny day. Bathroom carpet It dries in a short time and recovers itself and does not require ironing.

Bathroom Carpet Prices

bathroom carpet prices, The material used in making the carpet varies according to the size and model of the carpet. Bathroom rug models In addition to having different features, these features are among the important factors affecting prices. For example, a bathroom rug with a non-slip base may be more expensive than other bathroom rugs. 

The main reason why the material used in carpet making affects the prices is the strength feature that the material adds to the carpet. If the carpet is produced from a natural material such as cotton, it is quite normal for the price of the carpet to be a little higher. Because cotton threads absorb water and moisture quickly and offer fast drying. These features bathroom carpet It helps models to be used longer.

Add Difference to Your Bathrooms with Halıcızade!

bathroom rugs It is waiting to meet you at Halicazade with its many different varieties. By contacting the expert carpet team of Halıcızade, you can choose the most suitable carpet for your bathroom and use it for many years. You can give your bathrooms the value they deserve with Halıcızade, which offers you service with the motto of quality products and happy customers.