wicker carpet with other words jute rug on everybody's lips lately. Also known as golden fiber jute carpet modelshas become one of our primary choices in our homes with its fine structure, authentic and natural appearance and easy-to-clean surface. Hand-woven straw carpets and rugs, which are generally produced in India, are produced from jute fibers, which are abundantly found on the banks of the Ganges river. As you can find wicker carpet designs in different colors and models, the most preferred ones are natural cream beige tones, gray, copper, green and even black colors obtained by dyeing afterwards.

What is a Straw Look Carpet?

Straw carpets produced by hand sometimes exceed the budget, and sometimes cannot meet the needs in terms of durability. At this point, machine-woven carpets with a wicker look come into play. Straw-looking carpets, in which polyester or similar synthetic yarns are used in general, can be used for a longer time than natural straw jute fibers, and they are also more comfortable to clean. Since they are produced by machines, their prices are quite affordable compared to handmade wicker jute carpets. Long story short, carpets that look like straw but do not use straw jute in their yarns. wicker carpets we can say :)

How to Clean a Straw Carpet?

The cleaning of wicker carpets is quite comfortable when compared to hand-woven carpets. While it slows down the penetration of liquids spilled on it with its low absorbency fiber structure, it also gives you the chance to collect the excess stain with the help of a towel or cloth. On the other hand, it can sweep with the lowest possible traction with the brushless head of the vacuum cleaner during daily use. However, we should not forget that we are talking about a carpet made of wicker fibers knitted on top of each other, cleaning methods such as a vacuum cleaner can cause your carpet to deform over time. Straw carpets and rugs are delicate and stylish products, it is best not to wait for long years of use :)

Where Is Straw Carpet Used?

Straw Carpets are ideal for places where traffic density is not high. Of course, you can use durable wicker-looking machine weaving in any place. Hand-woven wicker jute carpets and rugs are suitable for kitchens, winter gardens, entrance halls and even bedrooms, where wheeled objects such as office chairs cannot move and where heels are unlikely to get stuck. You can also pay attention to the color harmony before using the wicker runners in your corridor. In bright and wide corridors, wicker jute rugs and runners can be the right choice. Round jute and wicker rugs can also be used in entrance halls and kitchens.

How Much Are Straw Carpet Prices?

Prices of wicker jute and wicker carpets It varies depending on whether it is hand-woven or machine-made. In addition, the quality of the straw or synthetic yarns used is also important in determining the price. While the square meter prices of hand-woven straw carpets start from 300 TL, you can find the square meter prices of machine-woven straw-looking carpets and rugs starting from 100 TL.