Thin carpets are an important element that provides elegance and grace in home decoration. Depending on the yarn type, fine carpets have a soft and textured surface. Weaving methods are factors that affect the durability and longevity of the carpet. The choice of pattern and color determines the style of the carpet and its harmony with other decorative elements in the space. Thin rugs can be used in different areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and hallways. The size selection should be made by considering the dimensions of the place where the carpet will be used and the placement of the furniture.

What is Thin Carpet?

thin carpetAs its name suggests, it is a type of carpet that is less thick and light. These types of carpets can contain both traditional and modern patterns. Generally used as entrance carpet thin carpet modelsIt is frequently found in entrances and reception areas. Thin, which plays a very important role in the decoration of your home, light carpet modelsoffers you a comfortable space at all times. 

What are the Thin Carpet Types? 

Thin carpet typesIt is produced in many different colors and models. In this context, these models, which can easily appeal to users in different ways, also vary according to their usage area. 

What are Fine Hand Woven Carpet and Rug Models?

Fine hand-woven rugs are known for their elegant textures. Models from various cultural backgrounds such as Afghan, Heriz, Kazakh, Tabriz, Kuba and Oushak make these rugs special thanks to their unique patterns and colors. Reflecting the rich heritage of different regions and cultures, these finely woven carpets add warmth and authenticity to your homes.

On the other hand, fine hand-woven rugs attract attention with their richness of patterns and colors. It is often used in both traditional and modern interiors. Carrying the traditional patterns and colors of different regions such as Anatolia, Şahsavan, Bergama and Malatya, rugs give every space a unique identity with its cultural texture.

What are the Fine Machine Woven Carpet and Rug Models?

With its thin and light structure, it helps you feel fresh in every area you step on. modern fine rugsIt attracts the attention of many users, especially thanks to its double-sided use. In addition to having a natural and durable structure, polyester yarns are used together in these carpets that do not leave dust and lint. Very advantageous in terms of cleaning machine woven thin carpet models can also be washed in the washing machine. It can be used in modern decorations with different colors and designs, combined with authentic accessories. 

What are Fine Yarn Carpet Models?

Acrylic, synthetic, bamboo and cotton yarns are generally used in carpets in the thin carpet category. For this reason, carpets have a soft and shiny structure. 

What are Patterned Thin Carpet Models?

Patterned thin carpetsThese are very ideal pieces for you to make the simplicity in your living space active. Fine carpet patterns It would be a good choice for those looking for a different design in home and office decorations. In this context, you can use thin carpet models with geometric, line and frame patterns in your living spaces with peace of mind. 

What are the Colored Thin Carpet Models?

Thin and light carpet Many different color combinations are used in the models that increase the energy of the environment. Especially gray thin rug models are very useful in terms of adapting to the furniture and other colors in the decoration. In addition, white, burgundy, silver, brown, cream or red thin carpet models are also advantageous in terms of giving a different breath to your area. 

What are the Features of Thin and Light Carpets?

Usually made from recycled yarn natural fiber thin carpets The general features can be listed as follows: 

  • Models can generally be used on both sides. 
  • It can be washed in the washing machine. 
  • Stain absorbency is low.
  • The place of production is Turkey. 
  • It has a non-slip sole feature.
  • The products are generally produced by machine carpet, machine woven carpet and digital printing method.  

What are the Advantages of Thin Carpet?

Fine textured carpet One of the biggest advantages of its models for living spaces is that they add an elegant and eye-catching atmosphere to the environment in which they are used. Providing a soft touch for modern interiors, these carpets breathe new life into your decoration. At the same time, they make the spaces where they are used appear larger than they actually are, as they contain colorful patterns and have a thin/light structure. 

When shopping for thin carpets, it is important to choose models that do not require a demanding cleaning routine. In this context, thin carpet is among the parts that are very easy to care for. Thanks to its easy stain and dirt-repellent feature, it can be positioned in any environment with peace of mind. Non-slip thin carpet models also have a machine washable feature, so they are very easy to clean. 

How to Use Thin Carpets?

Fine carpet collections It consists of different models according to usage areas. The thin bedroom rug makes the bedroom design more luxurious and cozy, while the thin kitchen rug creates a more comfortable and warm atmosphere in the kitchen. Thin living room carpet models, which you can use in living rooms, which are one of the areas with the highest mobility, allow you to capture an elegant image as well as making the area look wider. 

Fine carpet combinationsmay vary depending on the size, color and pattern of the carpet. For this reason, it is useful to make the right choices when the thin carpet will be used for interior design. In particular, the area where the carpet will be used should adapt to the general decoration. 

How to Choose Thin Carpet?

Fine yarn carpet Size, color and pattern selections should be taken into consideration when choosing. In this context, carpet selection can be made by paying attention to the following factors. 

  • Determining the correct dimensions.
  • Choosing colors suitable for decoration. 
  • Preferring designs suitable for accessories. 

How Much Are Thin Carpet Prices?

Fine carpet pricesvaries depending on the color, pattern and size of the carpet. At the same time, the types of yarn used in the production phase and the type of weaving are among the factors that affect the price. When shopping considering thin carpet trends, the prices of new models vary compared to old models. For this reason, it is useful to make comparisons between selected models and thin carpet brands. You can visit Halıcızade to get detailed information about purchasing thin carpets and prices per meter of thin carpets. 

What are the Thin Carpet Brands?

Thin summer carpet models Halıcızade offers many carpet models suitable for both your budget and your decoration. In this context, in Halıcızade, Eco Carpet You can find models suitable for your decoration and style by examining the Eko Carpet Luna Series, Eko Carpet Arya Series, Border Series, Eko Carpet Smart Series or Eko Carpet Buhari Series, which are some of the collections. 

How to Clean and Maintain Thin Carpet?

Fine carpet cleaningIt is quite easy compared to other carpet types. Thanks to its thin structure and non-slip sole, classical cleaning methods can be used in thin washable carpet models that are used for a long time without any problems. Fine carpet cleaning methods can also differ according to the size, color and texture of the carpet. 

How to Clean Thin Carpet at Home?

Thin non-slip carpet Almost all of the models are very advantageous in terms of being machine washable. For this reason, it is possible to wash it in a washing machine every 1-2 months in routine cleaning. For those who do not prefer a washing machine, it is quite easy to hand wash with clean detergents. In the next process, it should be dried in an area that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

How to Care for Thin Carpets at Home?

It is sufficient to simply vacuum or dust the minimalist thin carpets that do not have visible dirt and stains. In addition, the most accurate method for those who want to do general maintenance is professional maintenance. In professional care, it will be sufficient to wipe the local dirt. 

Indispensable for Minimalist Decorations, Thin Carpet Models are at Halıcızade! 

Thin rugs and carpets, which help you make the right choice among elegantly designed carpets, come to your home through Halıcızade. Available in many different sizes, patterns and colours. hand woven carpet You can choose what you want in the models and add a stylish atmosphere to your decoration. Fine woven carpet models that witness your unforgettable moments and more are waiting for you at Halıcızade. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Thin Carpet

TRUE Below you can find the answers to many of your questions about fine carpet decoration and fine carpet style tips. 

Is Thin Carpet Cleaning Difficult?

Thin carpets are very easy to clean models. The fact that almost all of the thin summer carpet and winter thin carpet models are in a light structure is very advantageous in terms of cleaning. Since the thin-structured carpet models are generally machine washable, they are easy to clean. 

In Which Rooms Can Thin Carpets Be Used?

Luxurious fine carpetsIt can be used in areas such as living room, living room, bedroom, doorway, hallway and children's room. 

Are Thin Carpets Durable?

Wool thin carpets and silk thin carpets are very durable thanks to their quality yarn structure. 

What Styles of Interiors Are Thin Carpets Compatible With?

Home decoration These light carpet models, which can be positioned in office and office decoration, can be used in interiors where a modern and minimal style is dominant. 

How Should Thin Carpet Be Protected?

The most accurate method of maintaining thin carpet models without any problems is to perform maintenance at regular intervals. Carpets that are maintained can be protected in areas that are not exposed to direct sunlight and are completely dry. In this way, it is possible to preserve it for many years without any problems.