With the development of technology and transportation possibilities, we are faced with an abundance of options today. The food we will put on our table, the clothes we will wear, the carpet we will lay on may be produced from a wide variety of materials all over the world today. Acrylic One of these materials is one of the most common ones we encounter in carpet production today. What is this acrylic carpetWhy is it so popular? What are the effects on our health and daily life? Is it useful? Let's look for answers to these questions together in the new article of Halıcızade Blog.

What Does Acrylic Carpet Mean?

One of the most important reasons why our civilization has progressed so much is undoubtedly the ability of humans to adapt to their environment as a living species. We can observe our strengths and weaknesses against nature, and we know how to protect ourselves and cooperate when necessary. An example of this cooperation is our domestication of animals, using their wool for protection and comfort.

acrylic carpetIt is produced from acrylic, which is a synthetic (man-made, not found in nature) fiber type. Acrylic is one of the synthetic materials that best imitates the natural properties of wool. Its production is lower cost compared to wool. But this similarity of acrylic carpet Do not let him think that it is a one-to-one alternative to wool. You ask why? Let's see together in the rest of the article.


Akrilik halı sağlıklı mı?


What Does 100% Acrylic Carpet Mean?

Acrylic can sometimes be used mixed with other synthetic or natural yarns. %one hundred acrylic carpet refers to carpets produced without using any other type of yarn.

Is Acrylic Carpet High Quality?

acrylic carpetDue to its nature, it is very long-lasting because it dissolves later in nature. In addition, since it does not absorb liquids, it is more resistant to moisture and wetting. These properties of the carpet, which has a very low chance of mold, also make the product strong against stains.

Since it is very difficult to wear and deform, it is frequently preferred in areas with high traffic such as entrances, corridors and halls. Water and stain resistance makes acrylic carpets a good alternative for the kitchen. Although it is a synthetic material, its texture is satisfying and soft.

As we mentioned above, acrylic carpet It cannot be the exact equivalent of a wool carpet. The most important reason for this is, of course, that wool is a natural material. However, if we consider today's production techniques, acrylic is a quality, high-strength and comfortable material in many respects. 


Akrilik halı nasıl anlaşılır?


Is Acrylic Carpet Harmful to Health?

Acrylic used in clothes and carpets has no known toxic properties. In addition, if you have allergies and respiratory disorders acrylic carpet It may be a good choice for you. The yarn surface of acrylic carpet, which is less likely to mold, can repel allergens. From this point of view, it can be said to be healthy.


Akrilik Halı Temizliği Nasıl Yapılır


How to Clean Acrylic Carpet?

acrylic carpet We can say that it is relatively easy to maintain. Stain resistance and durability, which we mentioned above, are the most important features that make the maintenance of acrylic advantageous. You can clean your carpets from dust by vacuuming regularly without damaging the surface of the carpet.

You can machine wash it at low temperatures using the right cleaning products. But if you are going to wash your acrylic carpets in the machine, you should make sure that there are no other clothes in the machine. Various fabrics can damage the surface and fibers of your acrylic carpet and cause tissue loss. In addition, acrylic carpets are completely suitable for professional cleaning. 


Akrilik halı nedir?


Can Acrylic Carpet Be Washed At Home?

We have said that acrylic carpets can be machine washed if necessary care is taken. You can also hand wash it with a gentle brush and the right cleaning products. Please be careful not to damage the threads and knots when washing by hand. Please note that a careful cleaning by competent professionals may be better for both hygiene and long-lasting use.


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