Without further ado, let's make a quick start to the subject, and remove any question marks that may arise beforehand. Later on carpet fluff We will talk at length about it.

Don't worry, most new carpets will pile up when you first start using them. carpet feathers is not always a bad sign. It does not shorten the life of your carpet.

Carpets have some loose strands on them, depending on the material they are woven and the weaving technique.

When you lay your carpet, which you bought with care and love, in your place, these free yarns as you move on it. carpet fluff gets off the surface. You can think of this process as the period of getting used to the new place of your carpet, adapting to the intensity of movement and your usage habits. Carpet is like a living organism. And carpet fluff feels anxiety just like bees! :)

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This fluff will decrease considerably over time, and perhaps even end. Let's take a closer look at how we can get through this mutual habituation process more easily.

1. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Our first solution is actually the simplest yet most effective solution. Vacuuming your carpet regularly carpet fluff and dust, it will also ensure that the fuzz disappears over time. But for the sake of cleaning, you should be careful not to beat your carpet and sweep it as gently as possible. You should always sweep your carpet in the direction where the yarns lie. In addition, the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner will allow the threads to become looser and carpet fluff increases the problem. 

You can find detailed tips on carpet vacuuming in the first episode of Carpet Therapy for our Double Knot YouTube channel.


2. When Vacuuming Your Carpet, Make Sure to Remove Items

When cleaning your carpet with a vacuum cleaner, be sure to remove items such as coffee tables, sofas, and completely empty the carpet. If the carpet or the items on it move uncontrollably while vacuuming your carpet, it may damage your carpet, carpet fluff When you say it disappears, you may cause more hair growth.


3. You Can Shave Your Wool Rugs

But please note that this is a very careful and risky operation. Carpets are very good housemates when used with care. They form a backdrop for our beautiful memories. So if you're not sure you can do it correctly, please ignore this step.

When you first start using wool carpets carpet fluff Along with it, tiny tangles may also appear. You can carefully cut these protrusions that appear on your carpet, which you have carefully vacuumed, with very sharp scissors. But do not pull them with your hands and do not try to break them. Your carpet can be seriously damaged by this situation.


4. Don't Knock Your Carpet

carpet feathers and hitting your carpet with a hard object to get rid of dust may seem like a very good idea at first glance. However, this method can cause serious deformations in your carpet in the long run.


5. If Possible, Gently Shake After Cleaning

After carefully cleaning your carpet, carpet fluff You can remove dust and dust by gently shaking your carpet outdoors.


6. Use Non-Slip Carpet

Carpet non-slip can be a useful tool for the long-lasting use of our carpet, as well as for our personal safety. Especially new carpets can wear out as they slide, push and pull. This can also cause more hair growth.


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