Whether they are children, grandchildren or on the other side of the world, children are the apple of our eye. (If a grandchild can even compete with a child, as they say, if a child is capital, grandchild is the fruit of the grandchild.) It leaves a bomb of joy in every environment they enter, constantly surprises with its endless curiosity, and makes us sigh "how quickly all this time has passed" because they grow up in the blink of an eye. Babies need our love and attention until they grow up to be adults. baby room rug This is why the choice is so important.

Unlike many creatures in nature, babies complete most of their development after birth. For this reason, they are more open to some threats than adults. Especially in terms of health. Because baby room rug Health should always be your priority when choosing, decorating the baby's room, buying clothes and toys.

Alright baby room rug What should you consider when choosing? What should you pay attention to when designing a room where your baby will grow up with health, joy and lots of play? Let's explore the answers to these questions together.


Bebek Odası Halısı Seçimi ve Dekorasyon


Choosing a Healthy and Clean Baby Room Carpet

The carpet selection is as important as the lighting, humidity, material from which the furniture is produced and similar issues in the baby room. While making this choice, it is useful to think as long-term as possible, and to act carefully, assuming that it is an investment in your baby's future, rather than making immediate and careless choices.


1-   Prefer Short and Hairless Carpet Models

Especially in urban life, there is no escape from the dust coming from outside. Keeping the windows closed is also not an option when it is very important to ventilate the baby's room frequently. For this reason, choosing very fluffy and long pile carpets in children's rooms can create a danger for the baby's breathing by collecting the dust flying in the air.

baby room rug When choosing, it is useful to turn to carpets with short pile and lint as much as possible. In this way, you can protect your health while providing a soft area where your baby can spend time comfortably.


Kolay Temizlenen ve Leke Tutmayan Halı Modelleri Tercih Edin


2-   Turn to Anti-Bacterial Carpet Models for a Healthy Living Space

It is very important to pay attention to other allergens along with dust. Although the above-mentioned features prevent the allergens from adhering to the threads to some extent, they are produced from antibacterial materials. baby room carpet models With this, it is possible to avoid this problem completely. For example, bamboo is very smooth due to the unique texture of the material and it is very difficult for allergens to adhere to this surface. Besides, bamboo plant synthesizes and secretes a special substance to protect itself from pests in nature. This synthesis shows antibacterial and antiallergic properties. Bamboo carpet models your baby will have a healthier living space.

Besides the bamboo carpet models for the baby's room, it is breathable with its relatively larger porous structure. cotton carpet models may also be preferred. Since cotton is an easy material to clean compared to other materials, you can easily meet your hygiene needs with regular sweeping and washing.


3-   Choose Carpets to Cover the Baby Room Floor

Babies are much more curious than adults. Curiosity is indispensable for the development of the body and mind. Your baby will want to explore his room at some point, which will require a lot of time on the floor. Large enough to cover most (if not all) of the floor baby room rug You can create an ideal play and exploration area for your baby. This type of carpet selection protects him from hard flooring, while also providing him with a soft and safe floor as he explores his body and strengthens his muscles, and explores every corner of the room and nurtures his mind.

Our advice on the size of the baby room carpet is to choose one or more carpets that are large enough to cover the entire floor, even if it requires a more detailed and difficult cleaning due to the furniture placed on it. In addition, it is a soft material that spreads on the surface that only the baby can reach. baby room rug You can also buy the model.


4-   Use Anti-Slip Carpet for a Safer Baby Room

As your baby's body weight and muscle mass increase, especially when that wonderful period comes when he is fidgety and energetic, carpets that are not fixed by the weight of the items on them can pose a danger. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you use a carpet non-slip mat made from non-carcinogenic materials.



5-   Stay Away From Carpets That Release Chemical Substances

Although natural materials are always one step ahead in many ways, synthetic production technologies are developing rapidly. Synthetic materials are becoming more and more capable of achieving certain qualities of natural materials such as softness, health and appearance. From this point of view, in your baby's room synthetic yarn carpet models There is no harm in choosing. On one condition: you should stay away from carpets that release dangerous chemicals such as voc into the space.

In addition, carpets manufactured using cheap synthetic fibers and a lot of chemical glue, wear out day by day due to external factors such as heat, light and humidity, and adversely affect the air quality of the space. baby room rug When choosing chemicals, you can consult Halıcızade's expert carpet makers at any time.


6-   Prefer Easy-Clean and Stain-Repellent Carpet Models

Children's little clumsiness is very cute as long as they don't get hurt too much and it is very important for their body development. However, as your baby moves around the room, the dust will change places, and that carpet will definitely be stained with food and drinks! There is no escape, but there is a solution. You can choose a baby room carpet made of healthy synthetic material that does not stain. Machine washable carpets will also make your job much easier as you can clean them frequently and easily.

Today many carpet shop It includes self-cleaning nano-technology carpets in its collection. Carpets with nano technology, which allows the organic stains on them to disappear over time under light, do not contain bacteria and dirt on them thanks to their self-cleaning feature. This kind of nano technology carpets, prices Although it is a little higher than other carpets, it is worth considering as an option.

If you are planning to expand your family further, if there are new babies on the horizon, you can use the same rug in your other babies' room. Making a long-term plan in this regard both saves time and saves you from some burdens.


Sağlıklı ve Temiz Bebek Odası Halısı Seçimi


Baby Room Carpet Selection and Decoration

Parents mostly want to design a lively, colorful, dynamic and chirpy baby room. Although this kind of baby room designs appeal to the eye, it is important to include educational and instructive objects for the baby as well as this colorfulness. Game carpet Carpets with this kind of educational design, also called, have a positive contribution to baby development. With educational and instructive baby rugs, children can easily learn numbers, letters, colors and geometric shapes.

If the baby room has multi-colored furniture and accessories, it is simpler and plain carpet You can choose your designs. If you have a plain baby room, you can add color to the room by purchasing a carpet in vibrant colors.

If you choose to highlight furniture such as a bookcase or cradle in the baby's room, you can turn to smaller carpet models. Round carpet can also be a good choice in this context.

We have tried to prepare as comprehensive a guide as possible for you on choosing a baby room rug. Let us remind you again that you can ask us questions that we have not mentioned in this article, but that you are curious about. We wish you a very happy life with your baby!


December 04, 2021 — Halıcızade Ankara

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