hand woven carpetIt is the oldest weaving technique of the carpet as we know it. The first examples were produced thousands of years ago by immigrant peoples living in Central Asia. These societies, which continued their lives with animal husbandry, woven the first carpets with the ropes obtained from the wool of the sheep they raised. These weavings, which were closer to rugs in terms of weaving technique and purpose of use at that time, found many uses in the daily life of these peoples, from floor mats to tent covers, from sacks to cushion covers.


Pazırık halısı - halıcızade

Pazirik Carpet - First Hand Woven Carpet (2-3 Century BC)

hand woven rugs, In the past, it was woven horizontally on a mechanical workbench designed very similarly to today. Carpets that we lay in our homes today, especially in urban life due to their visual aspect and comfort, were a product preferred mostly for functional reasons in the cold geography of Central Asia in those days. However, it should not be thought that these first carpets were devoid of visual aesthetics. At that time, people embroidered the life around them, their own life stories and their wishes for the future on their carpets as symbols in a very aesthetic way. (For more detailed information "Carpet and Rug Motifs in Turkish Carpeting and Mythology" Check out our article.)


El dokuma halı tezgahı  - Halıcızade


hand woven rugsAlthough the technical possibilities have developed and changed a little since the past, it is basically produced by knotting the yarns on two rows of other yarns. In this respect, the quality of weaving largely depends on the weaving master, the type of threads and the dyeing technique.


El dokuma halı tezgahı 2 - Halıcızade


As such, it means a lot of effort and time. For this reason, hand-woven carpet is often more expensive than machine-made carpet. But it is also stylish, personality and special... Hand woven carpets often do not have a standard size due to the weaving technique itself. This makes each carpet unique and unique. 

Machine carpet types are cultural as well as decorative products, in which human influence and touch can be clearly distinguished.


How to Distinguish a Hand-Woven Carpet and a Machine-Woven Carpet?

It is a question whose answer is curious because of the features of this weaving type that we have mentioned above, but most of all - rightfully - its price. Still, no cause for concern. Although it may seem complicated, it is not difficult to distinguish a hand-woven carpet from a machine-made carpet when you master a few tricks. We have compiled these tricks for you below.

Let's take a look together:


How to Tell the Hand-Woven Carpet?

  • hand woven carpet The easiest way to distinguish between a machine-made carpet and a machine-made carpet is to turn the back of the carpet to check whether there are mostly asymmetrically dispersed knots.


El dokuma halı sırtı - Halıcızade

Hand Woven Carpet Back


Makine dokuma halı sırtı - Halıcızade

Machine Woven Carpet Backing


  • Hand-woven carpets are woven by knotting the yarns on two rows of yarn, as we mentioned above.
  • Machine carpet does not contain these knots due to the structure of automated weaving looms.
  • When you decide to buy a hand-woven carpet, first of all, it is necessary to look at the back of the carpet and examine the knots. If you see loop marks like straight strip lines, that carpet is a machine-made carpet.
  • If the intermittent loops are clearly visible in an asymmetrical manner, you can be sure that the carpet is a hand-woven carpet.
  • If the carpet is machine woven, the patterns look completely symmetrical and regular. Because the pattern introduced to the machine is processed automatically and perfectly just like the printer.
  • Woven carpet No matter how meticulously and skillfully the person who weaves the carpet has worked in these models, there are always differences between the patterns.
  • If the patterns are not in complete symmetry, but show some differences, even if they are millimeters, it is most likely a hand-woven carpet.


In the light of this information, if you want to own a hand-woven carpet, "Hand Woven Carpets" Check out our category.


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