kitchen rug One of the tricks to consider when choosing is the cleaning of the carpet. Kitchen carpets with low stain absorbency, washable and easily swept are always preferred more than others. However, what kind of yarn the kitchen carpet is produced from and the pile height are also very important. Especially using high pile carpets and rugs in the kitchen can cause problems in terms of hygiene, considering the crumbs and bacteria that may accumulate in it. Alright kitchen rug What else should you consider when choosing? Let's find out the details together.


How Should a Kitchen Carpet Be? 

Let's not forget that we are talking about a place with intensive use, where there is a stove, oven, dishwasher, sink and all kinds of sharp and piercing tools. to be useful, kitchen rug The first point we will pay attention to in the selection. When we pour a pot of food on it, the color and pattern of the carpet doesn't really matter. Because carpet models that can be washed in the washing machine you can prefer first. You can also prevent possible accidents by using a non-slip kitchen carpet.

Rugs are preferred as much as carpets are used in the kitchens. Do not ignore the use of rugs for the kitchen with its thin, light, easy-to-clean structure and economical prices. Perhaps the only disadvantage of the carpet is the possibility of slipping due to its thin structure, so you can enjoy the warm ambiance created by your rugs by using non-slip carpet.


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What Color Should a Kitchen Carpet Be?

Another point to consider when choosing a carpet for the kitchen is its color. Of the components that make up your kitchen:

  • cabinet color
  • ground color
  • counter color
  • Table - chair color
  • Accessory - Color of electronics
  • curtain color

We recommend that you consider the color of parts such as Don't let the length of the list scare you, if you generally consider your cabinet and floor tones, you can reach the right results :) In a kitchen dominated by dark colors, you can choose a creamy white kitchen carpet in light colors, it may be a bit difficult in terms of cleaning and use, but your eyes will open while you cook delicious meals with the freshness it brings to your space: )

In kitchens where light cabinets and floor tones are dominant, you can create a tidy and stylish look by laying carpets and rugs in brown, gray, burgundy, navy blue and dark green tones.

If your kitchen cabinet, countertop and floor tones are brown-beige, you can either use brown-cream tones or use vibrant red, blue, green, purple or black tones to create a contrast. We strongly recommend that you consider using orange carpets in kitchens dominated by gray anthracite tones, alternatively you can take a look at yellow, red or green colors. By choosing a kitchen rug in a color that is opposite to the color that dominates the kitchen, you can create a wonderful decoration with contrasting colors and provide an attractive appearance to the kitchen with a rug.


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How Should You Choose From The Kitchen Carpet Models?

First of all, let's try to recognize and define the general decoration of your kitchen. Do you have a minimal kitchen dominated by geometric patterns and lines, or do you have an active style with floral floral patterns in mind? You can use abstract and geometric designs in a kitchen decorated with simple lines. On the other hand, you can add some movement with modern vintage patterns. If you like contrasts, you can create an energetic and remarkable space by getting support from authentic classical motifs. If you have a classic kitchen ambiance with more carved inlays, you might consider going two ways. You can highlight your furniture by using plain, plain and minimal carpets, and complete your decoration with carpets or rugs in classical design.


How Should the Kitchen Carpet Measures Be?

Although the architecture and size of each kitchen are different, we can talk about the ways of laying kitchen carpets under two categories in general.

Countertop Carpet:

80 x 300 or You can use a thin long carpet by laying a 100 x 300 runner in front of the counter. The important thing here is to leave a gap of at least 20-30 cm between the counter and the carpet. As we mentioned above, check that there is enough space between the counter and the carpet to prevent problems such as splashes from kitchen parts such as the stove, sink, etc., and crumbs that may spill from the counter to the carpet.

Under Table Carpet:

In some kitchens, the dining room or dining table is also in the kitchen area, in this case, you may consider using a carpet under the kitchen table. As a carpet maker, our advice is to leave that area without a carpet, taking into account the difficulties of using carpet under the table. But if you think there is a lack of decoration and you need a carpet, you can use a carpet under your dining table. There are two alternatives for this, if you are only going to make a decorative choice, it is enough to step on the carpet when the chairs are closed. When you are sitting, the back legs of the chair may stay out of the carpet. Or, if you love the carpet, you can press both the front and rear legs of the J chairs onto the carpet, taking into account the position in which they are in use. If your table is round, you can complete the circle form in the space by using a round kitchen rug.

Under a standard rectangular dining table for 6 people, it will be sufficient to use carpets or rugs with dimensions such as 160 * 230 cm or 4 square meters. You can also use a 200 cm diameter round carpet under a round table for 6 people.


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Which Materials Should You Prefer?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, our priority in kitchens is to have a useful carpet. You can find detailed information about the yarns you may encounter while choosing your carpet.

Wool Carpet:

While the wool kitchen carpet stands out with its naturalness and warmth, it can absorb stains quickly and make you a little tired in terms of cleaning. You can get professional washing support, but considering the damage to the carpet, we do not recommend industrial washing for any carpet. It is almost impossible to wash wool carpets in the washing machine. Kitchens are perhaps the least suitable place for wool carpets, but if you still cannot give up the warmth of wool, the choice is yours.

Cotton Carpet:

The biggest advantage of using cotton in a kitchen rug is its thinness and lightness. Considering the breathable structure of cotton threads, the biggest benefit of using cotton is that it ranks high in terms of hygiene. Although its stain absorbency is low compared to wool, it can be said that it absorbs the stain faster when compared to synthetic yarns.

Bamboo Viscose Carpet:

While bamboo has similar properties with cotton in general, it is frequently preferred because of its brightness. Bamboo viscose kitchen rugs stand out with their low stain absorbency rates despite their natural structure. The only point to be considered is that bamboo is not very good with water, so there may be yellowing on bamboo carpets that remain wet for a long time and incorrect cleaning methods are applied.

Synthetic Carpet:

Synthetic yarns such as acrylic, polyester and polypropylene are generally preferred by those who do not have a natural material priority for kitchens. There are three reasons for this. Synthetic yarns are very comfortable to use in terms of stain absorbency. If we do not count difficult stains, it is possible to get stains even with a cologne handkerchief. It can be used for many years with its very high durability and non-damaging structures even in professional washing. Their prices are more economical than natural materials, and we feel less pain when buying new carpets in case of damage.


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How to Clean a Kitchen Carpet?

We have come to the most important issue, the carpets that we think about cleaning the most from the carpets in the house are in the kitchen. So, what should we do if a jug of fruit juice, which we have made with great effort, spills on our carpet?

  • Do not be sad, do not get excited, if we are calm we will solve it, if we cannot solve it, we will not worry.
  • With the help of a towel or paper towels, absorb the remaining part of the stain on the surface and prevent it from penetrating into the carpet.
  • Meanwhile, heat some water, not boiling, just warm.
  • Slightly pour the water from the back surface of the stained area and get ahead of the deep processing.
  • With the help of white soap and a damp cloth, patiently wipe the stained area on the surface in one direction without pressing.
  • Rinse with a damp cloth and collect soap residue.

When you follow all these steps, we hope that your stain will come out. However, it is possible for the spilled stain not to come out according to its difficulty. In that case, you can get support from professional washing services, but the chemicals that can be used during washing can damage the colors of your carpet, and other processes that can be applied during industrial washing can damage the nodes and reduce their lifetime. Therefore, you should pay attention to these issues before washing. Things are easier on carpets that can be washed in the washing machine. You can clean your carpets and rugs that can be washed at low detergent density without using a spin program. Finally, let's talk about how to use the vacuum cleaner. First of all, we recommend that you sweep in one direction, avoiding circular movements. By operating the brushless flat head of your vacuum at low suction power, you can use your carpets comfortably for many years.


How are the Kitchen Carpet Prices?

The prices of kitchen rugs are quite variable. Each of the features we mentioned above is a factor in determining the price of the carpet. Sometimes there can be a difference between a hand-woven kitchen rug and a machine-woven rug, a rug and a digitally-printed rug, a rug made of natural yarns and products using synthetic yarns. As Halıcızade, we take care to have carpets that appeal to every budget in our collection. To examine our wide collection, from very cheap kitchen rugs starting from 100 TL per square meter to extraordinary special design carpets over 2000 TL. Kitchen Carpet Models Check out our category.


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