Mutual trust with the brand is very important when buying carpets and rugs. We wanted to help you by collecting the brands that inspire Halıcızade with their designs and styles, which you can shop with confidence. Our priority is that you can easily reach the designs you want. We believe that this is the healthiest and most enjoyable form of competition. You can help us get more inspiration by sharing the brands you follow and shop with us before!

There is a famous saying attributed to Confucius: "If you love your job, you won't have to work a day." At Halıcızade, we care about observing other brands doing what we love and supporting them as much as we can. In this article, we decided to do something extraordinary, and based on our observations, we decided to include the brands you can browse while buying carpets and rugs on the blog. We are watching these brands with interest, we hope it will be useful for you as well. :)

Note: It is worth noting that we placed the brands randomly, without ranking.


Feyz halı


Feyz Contemporary Rugs

Feyz is a very interesting brand that presents examples of the Turkish woven and weaving arts tradition with modern design touches. They present this traditional and modern synthesis they have created together in carpets and throw pillows. They have a unique style that blends various designs and patterns from Western art with examples from our domestic carpet and rug weaving style.

If you are looking for an original texture in the space you have designed, as Halıcızade, we recommend you to examine the Feyz collection.


handan halı


Handan Loomworks

Handan Loomworks is a project of a young female entrepreneur who, in pursuit of a family tradition, decided to give her career a whole new direction. Handan Özcan, whose grandmother is also a weaver, has combined her contemporary designs with the deep-rooted weaving tradition of Anatolia.

All rugs and pillows in the Handan Loomworks collection are handcrafted by women craftsmen in Anatolia, using materials that respect nature. It is a brand that impresses us with both its extremely stylish and modern designs and the aims it embraces in its production philosophy. We recommend that you take a look before buying rugs and pillows!


keep halı


The Keep

In our opinion, The Keep is a very original and inspiring brand that emerged from the meeting of a family tradition with the modern world and the designs of artists and architects of the new era. A rug workshop that produces in Uşak, which has become a school in the field of carpet weaving in Turkey and even in the world, is transforming the designs of modern artists into rugs with the initiative of two female architects.

If you want to prefer rugs that are a product of refined design, apart from the usual rug designs, you should definitely see The Keep's collection.


figure halı



While the pace of life increased day by day in direct proportion to production, the process we went through reminded us of the value of slowing down a little and of things that are produced slowly. Craft and craftsmanship is also an area that the younger generation rediscovers and embraces. Founded by a female entrepreneur, Figure is a brand where İlke Beyaz reflects her design vision and style on carpets with traditional craftsmanship styles.

In the Figure collection, you can witness the reinterpretation of familiar traditional patterns with a modern sensibility from time to time. From time to time, you can see that completely modern lines turn into carpet designs with a traditional craftsmanship.

If you are looking for innovation in design, you should check out the Figure collection.


Halıcızade Halı Kilim Afgan Desenli Halı


And finally, Halicizade!

After all the talk we've said about healthy competition, of course we won't be bragging about ourselves when we greet other brands. We just wanted to stand by the young energy of the brands that we tried to briefly examine above, and to tell a little about our own vision with a few friendly words. :)

At the expense of our friends who have come across Halıcızade before, we would like to repeat something we always say here: Carpet is our strength. For this reason, we always try to examine what is happening in the sector, expand our horizons and help people who are trying to find the right carpet for a peaceful place with what we have learned. For this, we take care to keep our collection wide and bring you carpets that can be compatible with many budgets, tastes and places. While you're at it, we suggest you take a look at our collection. Maybe you will come across something that suits you too! :)


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