You do not: We take care to choose the fleece rugs in the Halıcızade collection from animals that are not killed for their fur or skin, but whose meat is consumed as food. We use leather products used in products such as shoes and bags in our hides. However, in terms of animal welfare and sustainability, we ask you to turn to carpets and rugs, where materials such as wool, cotton and bamboo are used.

According to archaeological studies, human beings have been using animal skins in many areas from clothing to shelter since the Paleolithic Age. Considering that more than 3 million years have passed since the Paleolithic Age, despite a ton of technological advances, petroleum-based materials that have become competitive with animal skin in many respects, and our lifestyle that has become incomparably more comfortable than the Stone Age, there is still an insurmountable aspect of natural hide that attracts us. there is.

The topic of the week's article on Halıcızade Blog is natural post carpet. But let's not forget to mention this interesting detail: If we can trace our use of hides back 3 million years by looking at some scientific data, the history and writing technology on the parchments we produce from animal skin also have a great effect on this.


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What Makes Post Carpet So Indispensable?

The first point of defense of animals against natural conditions is their skin. Depending on the geographical conditions in which the species lives, their skin, which protects their bodies against sudden or constant temperature changes, and shields them from injuries by covering their organs, can be compared to a tremendous technology product that has taken its ideal form as a result of years of change.

post carpetEven if we can get close to this technology that nature has produced by itself, it must still be attracting us as we cannot rise above it for many reasons. Take, for example, a very realistically painted portrait or a sculpture: No matter how skillfully we imitate, it is not easy to approach the magnificence of the real. post carpetIn this respect, it still adorns our homes and offices not only with its robustness but also with its magnificent beauty.


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We Tend to Feel Close to the Natural

post carpetcreates natural associations in every space it enters. By nature, we tend to connect more easily with anything that makes us feel close to nature. In addition to its distinctive natural splendor, it is specially designed to add texture to apartments that lack texture with their smooth walls, sharp corners, columns and beams. post carpet you can choose. Except for man-made objects, we do not often come across perfect forms in nature. Organic materials are, so to speak, more "amorphous" and textured. You may even be surprised at how stylish these asymmetrical blankets look like if you've come across blankets that seem to have been left here and there in decoration magazines. This is because the asymmetry contrasts with the rest of the space. Decoration loves contrasts!


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Copying from Nature

Using two elements from nature together while designing our space will often create a spontaneous harmony and be pleasing to the eye. For example, on wood in brown tones or on a wood-like background. white fleece carpet laying it out will create a nice contrast between the colors and these two natural looks will compliment each other. It is inevitable that a place full of joy will emerge from this conversation and compliment!

post carpet it will also be good friends with natural wood furniture and wooden table legs. post carpet It is useful to pay attention to the fact that the wood does not enter the race with its grainy and ringed appearance, as it sometimes contains natural patterns.


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Texture Appealing to Many Senses

post carpetWith its texture, it appeals not only to our eyes but also to many senses at the same time. With a fleece rug on the edge of the bed, one of your first feelings every morning may be to touch a great material. At the end of a long day, you may feel refreshed as soon as your feet touch the post carpet as you move towards the sofa with tired steps.

post carpet It is very difficult to draw a limit to creativity with A post rug that you will use not only on the floor, but also on the wall, for example, will attract attention and create a focal point by itself in the space. You can get an extraordinary look with a post rug that you will lay on a wooden bench in the hallway or hallway.

When we let our personal tastes guide and take our materials from nature, there is no reason not to work wonders!


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