In this era, life is fast, time is short, domestic responsibilities are heavy. It is this "time cost" that prevents some of us from using carpets in our living spaces, even if we love them very much.

In particular, the development of white goods technology has increased the washing volume of washing machines and greatly reduced water and energy consumption. Halicizade machine washable rug With the products in the series, we want to support you to beautify your living spaces by reducing this time cost.

While the usefulness of the products increases, we do not want you to compromise on appearance and comfort. Therefore washable carpet We care about offering a variety of designs in our category. We are trying to bring together carpets suitable for many places and tastes, from Afghan patterns to modern rugs, from soft plush carpets to modern designs.

washable carpet You can easily choose the products in our category in areas where hygiene needs are intense, such as children's rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. In corridors and kitchens washable runner and washable kitchen rugs You can use carpets with peace of mind without the need for professional cleaning in these areas that are prone to staining and dust accumulation.

Washable carpet models Since it has a lighter structure compared to other carpets, you can choose it if you move very often or if you like a change.

Also, if you enjoy camping, nature visits or spending time in the village as a family, washable carpet models it will create a stylish and comfortable alternative for you that is easy to carry and clean.

Halicizade machine washable rug You can try the models in the place you want to use after ordering, and you can easily return them after testing the compatibility with the place and ease of use.