Eco Carpetis a brand with rich content in terms of production and design, and includes professional machinery productions as well as handcraft. Eco Carpet Taffetan Seriesare popular carpet models that have been created by blending these two production types. When you own a product from the Taftan Series, you can feel that the ambiance in your home has changed from the very first moment.

The Modern Touch in Your Homes; Eco Carpet Taffetan Series

dominated by dark colors Eco Carpet Taffetan Seriesappeals to many different styles. These carpets, which mostly use Uşak patterns in their designs, reveal their difference by being suitable for both modern and vintage styles. Considering that living space design has become a race, Eco Carpet Taffetan Series It is obvious that he will play a key role in this race.

What are the Features of Eco Carpet Taffetan Series?

Eco Carpet Taffetan The series is also known for being environmentally friendly due to the materials used in its production. Even though the knots are tied by machines, other processes are made by the skilful hands of the women of Simav. The other outstanding features of this series, which are preferred by most users who love modern and classic design, can be listed as follows:

  • Its main ingredient is bamboo viscose.
  • All of the yarns used in the production of this series are natural.
  • It is much brighter compared to other series. The reason for this is the special paint and the processes specially applied to the Taffetan Series.
  • Its fringes are handcrafted and have the appearance of a hand-woven carpet.
  • It is mainly produced in gray and beige tones. Since it is designed with Uşak patterns, it appeals to many different styles.
  • It is an ideal choice for entrances of houses and halls. It can be noticed that it changes color when viewed from different directions.
  • One of its most important advantages is that it can be easily cleaned with special carpet shampoos.

How Much Are Eco Carpet Taffetan Series Prices?

As with all products Eco Carpet Taffetan Prices It also varies according to the user's wishes. Eco Carpet Taffetan Series When seen with the naked eye, it undoubtedly proves that it deserves the sales price determined when it is touched to feel the difference in its texture.

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