Standing at one of the most important intersection points of Turkmen and Persian cultures, afghan rugis among the most authentic examples of not only the art of draping, but also the art of design in general. because afghan rugis known for its elongated, stretched human and animal figures in a unique style.

What is the Afghan Carpet that will add a different atmosphere to your home?

One of the hand-woven carpet types. afghan rughas a worldwide reputation. These carpets, which are generally woven by Afghan immigrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan, are a special handicraft. Afghan carpets, which have been one of the important parts of weaving art for many years, have dense patterns as well as a densely woven form. In addition, these carpets, which are mainly used in dark colors, nomad carpet Also known as

The patterns of hand-woven Afghan Carpets, which are a reflection between traditional culture and modern lines, are transferred from the mind of the weaver to the carpet, no paper guide is used, so there are small differences in each Afghan carpet. Although symmetrical appearance and geometric patterns are in the foreground in these carpets, animal silhouettes and human motifs are also frequently used in carpet designs. By placing Afghan carpets in suitable areas, you can achieve a design line that mixes traditional and modernity in your home.

What are the Afghan Carpet Features?

Generally woven using wool on cotton. Afghan carpet modelsis one of the important pieces that reflect the traditional Afghan culture. These pieces of antique value are woven together with strong colors. These colors sometimes consist of vegetable dyes and sometimes chemical dyes. Moreover Afghan carpet models Although it is woven in a rich color scale, red and burgundy are the most preferred colors.

Afghan carpets contain the design traces of the natural, spiritual and vital conditions that created them in their colors and patterns. It is also a reflection of a rural culture. afghan carpet and Afghan rug It is often preferred in halls, living rooms, entrance halls, corridors and study rooms. Considering the richness of patterns and patterns, Afghan carpets achieve a balanced harmony with the spaces furnished around monochromatic colors and tones. It creates a harmonious ambiance with wooden and walnut furniture, while creating a contrast and revealing the focal point of the space with the carpet, especially in spaces dominated by light colors.

What are Afghan Carpet Models?

Afghan carpets, which are generally handcrafted from wool, are completed with wool or cotton fringes. Depending on the quality of the yarns used in the produced carpet, the product will also have a longer life. Afghan carpet models between; Afghan Bilicik, Uşak, Kunduz, Khamyap, Knorjin, Hocaroşnai and Halmuhammedi carpets can also be counted.

Afghan Bilicik carpetIt is a model that is produced using natural wool and has vibrant colors. Afghan Beaver carpet, which stands out with its durable structure, is produced with hand-spun Kirman yarn. Changes between models are generally dependent on the material used in the production phase. In addition to hand-woven Afghan carpets, there are also machine-made carpets in order to appeal to every budget.

Hand Woven Afghan Rug Designs

Afghan rug hand woven It is seen as a modern reflection of traditional culture. These carpets, which consist of detailed designs as well as meticulous handwork, are also considered a reflection of rural culture.

The appearance of mixed patterns is softened a little by using white fringes on carpets with rich pattern content. In addition, hand-woven models decorated with various geometric shapes and small flower motifs also come to the fore with their nomadic style lines. The two most frequently used patterns are the Yıldız (Bukhara) and the Bald Jesus pattern. It blends beautifully with vibrant and heavy colors. afghan rug, It helps you to make the decoration more flashy with simple home accessories.

Afghan Machine Carpet Designs

Afghan machine carpet, It is produced in a similar way to the patterns found in hand-woven carpets. However, since it does not require much labor, it appeals to more affordable budgets. These products are often preferred due to their budget as well as their ease of washing. It adds an authentic atmosphere to the environment with its use in rooms furnished with modern and classical furniture.

If you are looking for bamboo Afghan Rug made with natural yarns Eco Carpet Nostalgia seriesIf you want to buy a washing machine washable Afghan Carpet, you can also use synthetic yarns. Eco Carpet Buhari series you can choose. Both series are produced in Turkey with Afghan carpet patterns.

In which places is the Afghan carpet laid?

It is very important that the carpets, which are one of the most important elements that complete the home decoration, are in harmony with the furniture. At this point, the patterns of the carpets you will buy should be compatible with the general structure of your home.

As you can choose to use Afghan carpet models with classical wooden furniture, matching your furniture with the colors of the carpet's patterns strengthens the harmony in the decoration. You can also choose to use Afghan carpets together in large spaces where more than one carpet must be used. In addition, you can create an extraordinary space by choosing harmonious carpet models with other ethnic patterns.

How to Tell Afghan Carpet?

Original afghan rug;

  • It is specially produced by hand weaving.
  • It has traditional motifs.
  • Vivid colors are used.
  • Pattern density is high.
  • Coloring process; Although it is generally made with plants, natural minerals and root dye, chemical dyes can also be used.
  • Although the color scale is quite wide, burgundy and red tones are more known internationally.

Afghan carpets, which have original handwork, are made of quality yarns and woven together. In addition, in order to be suitable for use for many years, it is offered for sale by making an aging appearance.

Where to Buy Afghan Rug?

Afghan carpets reflect the culture and style of a region, so it is a little difficult to buy directly from the owner. Therefore, you can obtain such carpets easily through reliable suppliers and manufacturers.

Things to Consider When Choosing Afghan Carpets?

There are several factors to consider when buying carpets and rugs. These elements afghan rug It also applies when buying. Having wide price ranges depending on the product scale Afghan carpet models The factors to be considered while choosing among them can be listed as follows:

1- Area of Use

Determining the usage area of the carpet is the most important factor affecting the product to be purchased. Because in general, carpets are used depending on people's search for a comfortable and warm floor. Therefore, carpets used in homes and offices vary. yours too afghan rug Before buying, you need to determine where you will use the carpet.

2- Color

with a wide color gamut afghan rug It is very important to choose a product in color tones suitable for the area you will use. Because the most important element that determines the energy of the space is color harmony. By catching the right color harmony in your carpets and furniture, you can impress your guests with yourself.

3- Cost

afghan rug It is a product that can be sold for extremely high amounts because it is handcrafted. Therefore, after deciding on the usage area and color of the carpet you want to buy, you need to determine your budget. Since there are machine woven Afghan carpets as well as hand woven, you can easily find the product that fits your budget.

4- Texture and Pattern

The most important factor that helps carpets to add difference and attractiveness to the environment they are in is the texture and pattern they have. afghan rug This balance is achieved with different motifs in the varieties.

5- Yarn Type

In order to choose the right product, it is necessary to know the yarn types and to choose the appropriate type for the usage area. Types of yarn in general; nylon, polypropylene, polyester and wool. Carpets made of nylon yarn are often preferred because they are durable, flexible and have a wide color scale. Carpets made of polypropylene are mold and moisture resistant.

Polyester carpets are more resistant to water-based stains as well as being easier to clean. Wool carpets are also quite flexible and durable. In addition, they are widely used because they do not catch fire easily. You can also choose Halıcızade to get the carpet of your dreams and achieve the right decoration for your space.

How Much Are Afghan Carpet Prices?

Afghan carpet prices, varies depending on several factors. These elements can be listed as follows:

  • Type of yarn used in production
  • weaving technique
  • Node frequency
  • Carpet size
  • Paint quality

Afghan carpet features It takes months to process different models depending on the Therefore, the square meter prices of these handmade products range from 1500 TL to 8000 TL. The square meter prices of machine-made carpets with Afghan patterns, produced to appeal to more affordable budgets, vary between 300 TL and 2000 TL.

How to Clean Afghan Carpet?

afghan rug In cleaning, the cleaning methods that are valid for hand-woven carpets are also valid. Among these methods, you can apply operations such as sweeping in one direction with the brushless head of the vacuum cleaner, wiping with the help of white soapy water and a damp cloth for daily cleaning.

afghan rug Washing is not recommended for hand-woven carpets. The reason for this is the possibility of loosening of the knots, reducing the service life and damaging the paint of the carpet with heavy chemicals. Therefore, it is recommended to get support from professional washing services when washing is required.

When it comes to cleaning Afghan carpets, which are machine woven rather than hand woven, a washing machine can be used. However, there are some factors to consider here. machine weaving afghan rug When it is to be thrown into the machine, 30 degrees, very little detergent and the lowest spinning program should be preferred.

if you wish Halicizade You can have Afghan carpet models with the colors and patterns you want. You can call us for more detailed information, you can even come to visit our store in Ankara and have a cup of tea and choose the most suitable carpet for your home and budget.