Produced on old-fashioned machine tools Eco Carpet Zara Almost all the processes of the carpets in the series are done by hand except the knots. The fringes on the edges of all the pieces are knitted one by one by skillful hands and presented to you. Eco Carpet Zara Series Although the carpets in it are not hand-woven, they are largely similar in structure. For this reason, if you are in favor of a classic look and naturalness in your decoration, the Eko Carpet Zara Series, which you can reach through Halıcızade, will be your go-to. 

Eco Carpet Zara Series for Bohemian Style Lovers

Taking the patterns on the carpet surface from authentic motifs Eco Carpet Zara The series is very useful and stylish for users who adopt the bohemian decoration style. Processed using cotton, wool and bamboo yarn types Uşak patterned machine woven carpet It gives you a soft feeling while moving on it. At the same time, the softness and brightness of the color transitions help you to capture a harmonious and harmonious image in your decoration. Offering different designs produced for living rooms, living rooms and even kitchens, this special bench carpetsIt takes you away from the tiredness and stress of the day. 

What are the Features of Eco Carpet Zara? 

These carpets, which are prepared using the machine weaving technique, are produced in Turkey. The most important feature of these carpets, known as Uşak carpets, is that they are prepared using the double knot technique. The general features of the Eko Carpet Zara series can be listed as follows: 

  • Requires professional washing.
  • The old-fashioned machine weaving technique is used. 
  • The products in the series are produced from cotton, wool and bamboo yarns. 

How Much Are Eco Carpet Zara Prices?

Weaving on old-fashioned machine looms Eco Carpet Zara prices It is more suitable than hand-woven carpets in terms of In addition, carpets produced with wool or cotton yarns are more costly than models produced with bamboo yarns. Zara series, which is a very good option for those who cannot afford hand-woven carpets, is waiting for you through Halıcızade.