Eco Carpet Zara Machine Woven Bamboo Patchwork Carpet

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Zara Series Machine Woven Bamboo Carpet

Zara Series Machine Woven Bamboo Carpet adds warmth and comfort to your home by combining the elegant tones of nature with modern and authentic designs. Offering an ideal alternative for those who admire the rich details and aesthetics of traditional hand-woven carpets, this carpet has a unique structure that combines naturalness and quality. You can find traces of craftsmanship in every detail of this work, which offers the priceless workmanship of hand-woven carpets at an affordable price. The Zara series is a perfect option for those who want to both elevate the aesthetics of your home and make an environmentally friendly choice with sustainable and natural materials.

Decoration Ideas

  • It matches perfectly with walnut and natural wood furniture.

  • Bohemian style furniture creates a great combination with raw wood coffee tables and metal detailed coffee tables that are not black.

  • It provides integrity with log, raw wood coffee tables and non-shiny metallic decoration items.

  • It is compatible with curtains with mesh details and metallic parts.

Pattern/Design: Iranian Gabe Pattern - Authentic Design

  • It has a modern and authentic design.

  • It also contains Iranian Gabe patterns.

Color: Soft Colors

  • It consists of soft and soft tones of nature.

  • It does not tire the eyes and creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Yarn Type: Bamboo - Cotton - Tencel

  • It is made from completely natural threads.

  • Contains bamboo, cotton and tencel.

Weaving Technique: Machine Weaving

  • It is machine woven, but produced with a weaving style close to hand-woven carpets.

Production Place: Türkiye

It is produced in Turkey, one of the historical weaving centers of Anatolia. These lands, which hold hundreds of years of weaving tradition, offer a perfect combination of modern technology and traditional methods. Eko Halı Zara series is a series that emerged as a result of this combination, blending traditional Uşak weaving techniques with modern production processes. The details on the fringe of the carpet are handcrafted by talented women in Uşak.

Cleaning and Maintenance Information

  • Since it is made of natural threads, excessively hot water and harsh chemicals should not be used.

  • You can clean the surface with a slightly damp cloth.

  • The fringe parts should be hand washed and allowed to dry naturally.

  • Professional washing should be preferred.