Zara Series Anatolian Patterned Modern Red Carpet

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Zara Series Anatolian Patterned Modern Red Carpet brings the authentic texture of Anatolia to modern spaces. This carpet, adorned with sophisticated patterns of thousands of years of Anatolian heritage, is expertly woven on old machine looms. While it hosts the energetic tones of fire red, it also harmonizes perfectly with other colors. This special carpet, which adds warmth and depth not only in the living room but also in every corner of your home, from the bedroom to the entrance, combines aesthetics and functionality. In addition, thanks to Special Loom Weaving, it is a great answer for those who want to buy hand-woven appearance and threads at economical prices.

Decoration Ideas

  • It creates a perfect atmosphere in book corners or in front of the fireplace.

  • It provides integrity with furniture with modern lines.

  • It creates a warm ambiance with a sofa or curtain in pastel tones.

  • Rattan finds a natural harmony with bamboo or wooden furniture.

Pattern/Design: Anatolian Pattern - Modern Design

  • Authentic Anatolian motifs meet with modern touches.

  • The balancing plain background allows the patterns to stand out.

  • Each pattern is inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Anatolia.

Color: Fire Red

  • Fire red adds warmth and energy to the space.

  • Soft color transitions increase the aesthetic value of the carpet.

  • Color depth becomes more evident in natural light.

Yarn Type: Bamboo

  • Made with bamboo thread.

  • Bamboo thread offers a natural shine and provides comfortable use thanks to its soft texture.

  • It balances the indoor air with its moisture absorbing feature.

Weaving Technique: Special Loom Weaving

  • It is produced using a hybrid weaving method.

  • Traditional hand weaving craftsmanship and machine weaving techniques are combined.

  • Hybrid weaving guarantees durability and longevity.

Place of Production: Türkiye

Eco Carpet Zara Series comes to life with the skillful hands of female weaving masters in Uşak, the carpet capital of Anatolia. Combining Uşak's rich carpet history with a modern design, this series continues the city's weaving tradition with a passion that has lasted for centuries. These carpets, both traditional and contemporary, are part of a unique collection reflecting Uşak's handicrafts and local skill. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Information

  • Since it is produced from natural threads, it requires gentle cleaning.

  • Instead of dry cleaning, a slightly damp cloth can be used.

  • Accumulation of dust and dirt should be prevented by lightly sweeping.

  • Professional carpet cleaning is recommended when deep cleaning is required.

  • Avoiding direct exposure to sunlight prevents color fading.