Zara Geometric Design Machine Woven Carpet

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Eco Carpet Zara Series Geometric Patterned Modern Carpet is an indispensable complement to modern and minimalist spaces. This carpet, decorated with geometric patterns of Scandinavian modern style, is produced using a special weaving technique on old-style machine looms. The soft blue it has is compatible with different colors as well as providing a smooth transition. Thus, it adapts to the spirit of every place. This stylish carpet, which can be used in every corner of the house from the entrance to the study, offers an aesthetic appearance and adds warmth and liveliness to your home.

Decoration Ideas

  • It offers the possibility of use from the entrance hall to the study rooms.

  • It harmonizes with minimalist and modern furniture.

  • It creates harmony with dark wood furniture and light tones.

Pattern/Design: Geometric - Modern

  • Geometric patterns created with special designs are available.

  • It fits the Scandinavian and modern style.

Color: Blue

  • The color palette of the carpet includes a soft and gentle shade of blue.

  • The calm blue tone used provides a sweet transition.

  • It can be used easily with warm tones such as orange and red or cold tones such as green and blue.

  • The blue tone, although not very lively, is an ideal option for a minimalist environment.

Yarn Type: Cotton - Viscose

  • It is produced with 100% natural herbal yarns.

  • Cotton and viscose yarns are used.

Weaving Technique: Special Loom Weaving

  • It has a special structure that gives the appearance of hand-woven because it is woven on old-fashioned machine looms.

  • All operations, except for the knots, are carried out by the deft hands of the women from Uşak.

  • The fringes are knitted one by one by expert hands.

Production Place: Türkiye

Eko Halı Zara Series is shaped by the handiwork of talented women in Uşak and presents the deep-rooted weaving tradition of Anatolia from a modern perspective. This series, designed by staying loyal to the famous carpet culture of Uşak, is prepared with an understanding that supports domestic production. This quality and contemporary weaving reflects the devoted work of women, bringing the past and the future together.

Cleaning and Maintenance Information

  • Professional washing is possible.