Zara Floral Design Machine Woven Carpet

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Eco Carpet Zara Floral Patterned Machine Woven Carpet

1- All the processes of Zara, which is woven on old-fashioned machine looms, except for the knots, are handmade, the fringes are knitted one by one by skillful hands, and this beauty emerges.

2-The Zara collection, which takes its designs from authentic motifs, is becoming more popular day by day with the increasing interest in bohemian decoration.

3-The Zara collection, produced entirely with natural yarns, stands out with the soft and shiny texture of woolen yarns.

4- The Zara series, which has soft colors and is easy on the eyes, especially likes dark wood furniture and decoration in light tones.

5-You can choose the alternative suitable for your home among the different sizes of Zara, which is frequently preferred for living rooms and living spaces.

Pattern: Flower

Design: Modern

Cleaning: Professional Washing

Yarn Types: Bamboo

Weaving: Machine Woven Carpet

Production Place: Türkiye

Eco Carpet Zara Series Authentic Patterned Carpet is a striking example of a unique weaving technique that includes both hand and machine knotting. Considering that the production of hand-woven carpets is decreasing day by day, this piece is extremely remarkable. With ethnic motifs, peaceful green tones and balanced patterns, this rug adds an authentic and natural atmosphere to your home. 

Decoration Ideas

  • It fits ideally with modern, minimalist and bohemian style furniture.

  • Suitable for use in halls, living rooms and study rooms.

  • It offers an impressive view in the areas where guests are welcomed.

  • It blends nicely with wooden furniture.

  • It has beige, cream, brown, golden yellow, red and orange tones.

  • Various shades of yellow soften the overall look, adding a modern and minimalist vibe.

Pattern/Design: Authentic - Modern

  • It offers authentic but plain patterns.

  • It has neither completely flat nor overly dominant patterns.

  • It gives both a modern and a traditional feel.

  • There is a balanced design understanding in its patterns.

Color: Khaki Green

  • The color palette consists of green and red, creating a natural atmosphere in living spaces.

  • It takes its warmth from the red tones in it.

  • It looks bright on one side and darker on the other.

Thread Type: Tencel

  • It is produced with sensual threads obtained from the eucalyptus tree.

  • It offers a bright image due to the structure of the tencel.

  • It offers a soft and pleasant touch.

Weaving Technique: Special Loom weaving

  • It is woven with a combination of manual labor and machine knots.

  • It includes both traditional and modern weaving techniques.

  • The mix of techniques ensures it has the same characteristics as a durable and quality handwoven rug.

Production Place: Türkiye

It is produced by the labor of women workers in Uşak. It brings a new interpretation to carpet weaving by combining Anatolian weaving tradition with modern techniques. While crowning Uşak's reputation with its carpets, it also reflects the value of domestic production. Zara, where women's labor is at the forefront, is a quality and contemporary representative of weaving in Turkey.

Cleaning and Maintenance Information

  • Conventional carpet cleaning methods can be used.

  • Periodic professional cleaning is recommended.

  • Compatible with standard household cleaning products.