Afghan Design Hoca Roshnai Hand Woven Carpet

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- The patterns are completely transferred from the mind to the carpet, without the use of any guide. - Cotton and wool are used, completely natural. - Its characteristic colors are burgundy and dark blue. - Its characteristic patterns are Bukhara (Star) and Bald Jesus patterns. - It can be used in both classical and modern decorations. - It loves wood and cream tones in decoration, it can be used with almost any color tone. - The production of 1 square meter carpet takes a few weeks, it may take 3-5 months for a 6 square meter carpet to be ready for use. - There are production qualities such as Khamyap, Kunduz, Bilicik, Hocaroşnai, the quality varies according to the knot density and the yarns used. - It is generally woven by housewives, there is no child labor.

Pattern : Afghan

Design : Classic

Cleaning : Professional Washing Required

Yarn Types: Wool

Weaving : Hand Woven Carpet

Production Place : Afghanistan