solid color carpet, Although it is indispensable for those who prefer simplicity in decoration, it offers versatile design opportunities for homes with various colors and countless styles. Solid color carpet models While adding elegance to homes with furniture, it shows itself with ease of use in business areas such as offices. Besides the classic rectangular plain carpet round solid color carpet their designs come to the fore as a different method of decorating houses.

What is Solid Color Carpet?

Although the word plain is too unpretentious for a carpet, plain carpets that adapt to different designs and add a fresh air to homes with various combinations are versatile in terms of design. The embodiment of simplicity and classic touch, flat carpet models, It helps you create a modern ambiance in your homes.

Solid color carpets are a minimal and simple design tool. A symbol of simplicity in home decoration solid color carpetAt the same time, it provides an elegant look with flashy furniture. Carpet, which is an important part of interior decoration, creates a modern design line with its solid color models and creates a living space in harmony with furniture, wall colors and accessories.

What are the Solid Color Carpet Models Suitable for Every Decoration?

solid color carpet It offers a comfortable floor to your homes with its numerous combinations and various models. Plain color carpets, which have hundreds of colors in their color chart, meet you with models suitable for all tastes. For a more classic and simple living space, we can recommend neutral tones. These tones are colors that add light to the space such as ivory, beige, cream and white. It also goes well with dark furniture and walls such as black, brown, anthracite and navy blue.

Solid color carpets, which are the most elegant form of minimalist designs, are designed to suit every home according to their color, texture, texture and shape. Solid color carpet types include many options with embossed and light color transitions. If you wish, you can use these products as hand woven carpets. machine woven rug as you can have.

Plain Gray Carpet Designs

plain gray carpet It has become an integral part of striking designs in living rooms. It is in your hands to catch a modern line in your homes with plain gray carpets that match both light and dark colors. Used in bright and colorful living spaces plain gray carpetIt calms the environment by giving it calmness. If you like gray, you can also evaluate different tones of gray such as silver, anthracite, light gray in the selection of plain carpets.

Plain White Carpet Designs

friend of daylight, straight white carpet designs create a peaceful environment in your homes. Appears in almost every environment plain white carpet, creates a more spacious and bright living space by reflecting the surrounding light. If the walls and furniture are dark, we recommend that you choose these carpets. If white tones dominate the decoration, you can also create a calm and bright space with a plain white carpet.

Plain Cream Carpet Models

Neither as bright as white nor as assertive as gray plain cream carpet, It is the queen of simplicity and classicism. It makes the environments more spacious without the need for a gloss. Flat, which is in perfect harmony with pastel tones. cream carpet models It can become the apple of the eye of your home. You can create aesthetic and eye-catching spaces with cream carpets by creating contrast between solid wooden furniture and dark parquets.


Plain Black Carpet Models

An ambitious part of home decoration plain black carpetadds elegance to your homes with the right combinations. With black, a sad color, you can achieve a look of nobility with appropriate furniture and accessories, and you can create assertive living spaces at the same time. Flat, especially used in large areas black carpet It adds a different style to your homes with its classic appearance. We do not recommend black carpets, which are sensitive to showing dust, to those who are meticulous about cleanliness and order, or to those who live with pet friends at home.

Solid Color Runner Carpet Designs

It is almost impossible to imagine the corridors, which are part of the way to our comfort areas, without carpets. Since corridors are generally the places in the house that receive the least light, you can make your corridors warmer by using plain and light-colored runners. 

What are the Features of Solid Color Carpet?

Solid color carpet pleases its users with its various features. Solid color carpet, which is the savior of narrow spaces by making the space to be used wider, harmonizes with all types of furniture and adds quality elegance to homes. The simplest and most modern hand-woven carpet. solid color hand woven rug It allows you to reflect the spirit of hand-woven fabric while adding a modern touch to your homes.

You can secure yourself and your loved ones with the non-slip sole feature of solid color carpet models that can be produced in various sizes and sizes. Solid color non-slip carpet At the same time, it offers you a comfortable usage pleasure thanks to its easy-to-clean base. Solid color carpets, which have a wide product range with various weaving methods, add a different atmosphere to homes with embossed patterned ones. Shaggy carpets, which are the beginning of a soft touch, are among the frequently preferred products.

The yarns used in the yarns stage used in flat carpets woven with synthetic yarns in the machine are designed with a technology that prevents the stain from sticking to the surface. In this way, you can breathe easy with solid color carpets that are easy to clean and dust-proof. In addition, for hand-woven plain carpets, bamboo, cotton and wool are generally used. While it requires a little more sensitivity in terms of stains, you can choose these materials if you like natural yarns.

Where and How Are Solid Color Carpet Models Used?

Solid color carpet models They are quality designs that are mostly used in homes and bring simple elegance to homes. It is possible to come across plain colored carpets in business areas such as offices with their plain line and suitable for a minimal lifestyle.

You can choose solid color carpets to create a plain living space on its own. If you want to get bored of the breeze of simplicity and create a more colorful space, you can change this situation with more vivid carpet colors. If your homes have an authentic and bohemian decoration solid color carpetbalances the space with its simplicity. It also has vivid colors in the corridors furnished in white and gray colors. solid color runner rug models You can give life.

Fluffy textured flat carpet models, which have soft transitions and touches without disturbing the balance of your living space, also make the floor of your home more comfortable. Solid color carpet modelsmakes your comfort area more livable by giving your home the breeze you want with various colors. At the same time, it makes the furniture and accessories on it eye-catching. solid color carpetIt also increases the dynamics of interior spaces.

How to Choose Solid Color Carpet Color?

Many factors such as the furniture, accessories and wall color you prefer in your homes also affect the choice of carpet. If a spacious and bright home decorates your dreams plain white carpet and tones such as beige, ivory, gray reflect light and make the surroundings appear brighter. If the furniture and wall colors are dark, we recommend you to choose these tones if you want to see the effect of daylight in your homes. If you want to add some vitality to all designs and achieve a balanced dynamism, you can choose solid color carpets with soft color transitions and certain patterns. Of course, vivid tones can be preferred in plain carpets, too, with tones such as red, green, dark blue, orange, you can add some energy to the tranquility in the environment and make the space more active.

How Much Are Solid Color Carpet Prices?

It is an integral part of home decoration, which makes interiors and homes warm, adds peace with its soft texture, and is also an integral part of home decoration. solid color carpet prices; The quality of the yarn used in the production may differ according to the weaving frequency, type and dimensions. These carpets, which generally have the status of affordable carpets, may increase in price when combined with manual labor. You can reach a thousand and one kinds of carpets according to your needs and budget through Halıcızade.

How to Clean and Maintain Solid Color Carpet?

The most feared scenario on a solid color carpet is spilling something and leaving a stain. Although this scenario seems more risky in light-colored carpets, the special threads used in carpet production have stain-proof properties. Carpets, which are the soft floors of living spaces that are used frequently, may contain dust and bacteria on them.

If you are a daily cleaner, the most practical way to remove dust is to vacuum with a vacuum cleaner. You can also get help from a damp cloth moistened with warm water. Apart from daily routine cleaning, special carpet shampoos at certain periods are quite ideal for solid color carpets. It is important for the carpet to be used for a long time to make sure that the cleaning product to be used is not bleaching or bleaching.

You can examine the Halicizade carpet categories for solid color carpet models that suit and adapt to any environment and much more. You can add the product you like to the cart and order immediately, and you can have the carpet of your dreams come to your home.